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Well that's just nuts
Monday. 10.19.09 10:28 pm
Out of all the things I've had to cry about, I cry for a guy who I don't even know personally, who I didn't particularly like when I heard of him, and who technically isn't even dead yet.

I was sitting there looking at his facebook page. We weren't friends and it's private so all I can see his is profile picture. But it's enough.

He was someone everyone at Boys State knew OF, even if they never met him face to face...he ran for and won the Vice Governorship. I didn't like him because...oh, I dunno. I didn't like his slogan or something. I'm picky. It's not like I didn't personally like him, just not his campaign.

Now his parents are deciding whether to keep in on life support or not. BAM, there it is, take it or leave it. What the hell.

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One of my favorite instrumental pieces. It reminds me of a book I read a long time ago called the Transall Saga, I think.

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Saturday. 10.17.09 4:15 PM
Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. It started off on a bad turn...I was working on my IA at sometime between 3:05 and 3:50 (I was confused) and decided I would take a short nap. I set an alarm on my computer for an hour later, and went to sleep on the bed behind me.

Apparently, that alarm didn't wake me up. MOM woke me up at 7...and I still had about 2/5s of my paper to write.

Thankfully, the teacher purposefully set the due date on TurnItIn.com to 10AM, so I was able to skip my first class, finish my paper, turn it in electronically, and then make to my second class and turn it in physically.

After that, though, it was a pretty sweet day. Probably because it was the end of a terrible week.

AND THEN, I went to Dance Rawr Dance in Charlotte. I only knew that Family Force 5 was going to be there, and they certainly rocked my socks off. There was another band there called Queens Club, or something, and they were pretty cool. Cash Cash was a bit annoying, though they were certainly energetic. The third band (right before FF5) was Breathe Carolina, and I was severely disappointed. It was this sort of combo of dance and screamo, which isn't terrible in and of itself, except that every song they played was nearly the same: Same throbbing one-two beat (Which is probably because the drummer barely kept in time when the drum part got any more complicated,) same singing/growling duo, same basic theme (UGH), and completely lame lyrics. It's easy to get a crowd jumping with the beat, but you could at least TRY to write decent lyrics. They described everything in their songs as "fuckin'." Trash-tastic. They even put the word in a Miley Cyrus cover. IF SHE DIDN'T, NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

But I actually got my butt off the balcony and went down into the crowd to mosh and jump and go nuts for FF5. It was simply a blast. I got the remix CD of Dance Or Die, which is OK. Plus I got this sweet shirt. Yes sir, that is metallic foil. And it's REALLY soft. :D

Today, though, is my crowning joy: I beat AIDS Microsoft. The more I dug into the Zune problem, the more I found that there were several issues on my computer that I was ignoring or hadn't noticed, like the User Account page being blank, a missing Search function, Internet Explorer apparently having no version (the field was just blank), Google Chrome not being able to update, Windows Update not working, etc. As it turns out, they were all connected. Through 4 days of searching forums, I narrowed it all down to the wuapi.dll file. It was where it was supposed to be, but I couldn't register it. I admit that I did some extra searching before I realized I could just download the correct file and replace the broken one.


But I did that, and POOF! Most of the problems vanished. The Microsoft Update site still stops and says that the website is having issues, but at least now it registers that I do, in fact, have the correct files registered on my computer.

I never called Tech Support. Suck that, Mom.

And now! I sign in to Zune, link my player, start my Zune Pass trial, and rock out to some Disney tunes.

EDIT: Microsoft tried to sucker punch me with a little glitch that occurs if the address line on the credit card is different than what you put in when you sign up for the Pass, but I tracked down the issue and, luckily for me, remembered that my mom tends to abbreviate "south" to "s" in the address line, while I don't. Retry>Fix>Success>waPOW!

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Wednesday. 10.14.09 9:40 pm
I've done this for a while, but it always still amuses me when I catch myself at it. If I'm in a room with one light on, I always blink both eyes right when I switch it off. Like I can flip the lights with my eyes.

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Monday. 10.12.09 12:28 am
Great movie. Best of its kind that I can remember seeing, ever. An amazing blend of Sci-fi, gore fest, meaningful romance, humor (slapstick and otherwise,) and bad-assery. It was a feel good movie about the zombie apocalypse. I am not being sarcastic. It actually made me feel good about humanity.

There was one scene with such a bitter twist that everyone in the theater got super quiet. Ryan says one guy behind him said, "Oh, shit!" under his breath. It was tragic.

Before the scene ends, the entire theater is laughing again. And the joke is completely in good taste, especially considering what had just occurred. I was stunned. And giggling madly.

On another note, on the way to the movie John was digging around in his console-pocket-thingy in the car, and apparently stabbed himself with a pin. Upon digging around carefully with a penlight, I came to the following conclusion:

"John that wasn't a pin, that was an X-acto knife!"

Yes. There was the sharpest blade known to man sitting under a mass of CDs and other car stuff that his mom left for him. Don't ask me why, but we about ran off the road from laughing. I love those guys.

I plan on taking advantage of the free Zune Pass trial, but not until I have a sizable list of songs and albums I want to try out, AND when I can get Zune to sign in to my account.

Funny story about that. I took about an hour and 45 minutes yesterday looking for ways to remove Zune completely from my computer, because I figured the glitch was something that was in the registry or something. Every time I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, it would just pick up back where it had left off. Obviously, there were some pieces left over.

When none of the fixes worked, I looked for programs that would fix the registry itself. The first one I tried scuttled through about half the files on my computer before telling me that I would need to buy the real version for it to actually DO anything. The second one worked nicely. I love freeware.

So, everything that Zune knew about me was reset. Most of the album art was restored automatically, so that's OK. It forgot all my song counts, so the playlists that are limited to songs under 20 plays are now open game. And, most annoyingly, it had to re-learn my Zune device, which means that I had to delete all the content on it and re-sync it as content that my "new" computer recognizes. I'm sure there are doubles of something that I missed, but I haven't spotted them yet.


The Little Mermaid is definitely a magical movie.

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