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Wednesday. 10.14.09 9:40 pm
I've done this for a while, but it always still amuses me when I catch myself at it. If I'm in a room with one light on, I always blink both eyes right when I switch it off. Like I can flip the lights with my eyes.

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Monday. 10.12.09 12:28 am
Great movie. Best of its kind that I can remember seeing, ever. An amazing blend of Sci-fi, gore fest, meaningful romance, humor (slapstick and otherwise,) and bad-assery. It was a feel good movie about the zombie apocalypse. I am not being sarcastic. It actually made me feel good about humanity.

There was one scene with such a bitter twist that everyone in the theater got super quiet. Ryan says one guy behind him said, "Oh, shit!" under his breath. It was tragic.

Before the scene ends, the entire theater is laughing again. And the joke is completely in good taste, especially considering what had just occurred. I was stunned. And giggling madly.

On another note, on the way to the movie John was digging around in his console-pocket-thingy in the car, and apparently stabbed himself with a pin. Upon digging around carefully with a penlight, I came to the following conclusion:

"John that wasn't a pin, that was an X-acto knife!"

Yes. There was the sharpest blade known to man sitting under a mass of CDs and other car stuff that his mom left for him. Don't ask me why, but we about ran off the road from laughing. I love those guys.

I plan on taking advantage of the free Zune Pass trial, but not until I have a sizable list of songs and albums I want to try out, AND when I can get Zune to sign in to my account.

Funny story about that. I took about an hour and 45 minutes yesterday looking for ways to remove Zune completely from my computer, because I figured the glitch was something that was in the registry or something. Every time I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, it would just pick up back where it had left off. Obviously, there were some pieces left over.

When none of the fixes worked, I looked for programs that would fix the registry itself. The first one I tried scuttled through about half the files on my computer before telling me that I would need to buy the real version for it to actually DO anything. The second one worked nicely. I love freeware.

So, everything that Zune knew about me was reset. Most of the album art was restored automatically, so that's OK. It forgot all my song counts, so the playlists that are limited to songs under 20 plays are now open game. And, most annoyingly, it had to re-learn my Zune device, which means that I had to delete all the content on it and re-sync it as content that my "new" computer recognizes. I'm sure there are doubles of something that I missed, but I haven't spotted them yet.


The Little Mermaid is definitely a magical movie.

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Thursday. 10.8.09 8:44 pm
Me: Dude.

Me: This is awesome.

Me: I have a giant shirt poncho.

Katie: . . .

Katie: I'm glad for you.

Katie: I think.

Katie: o.O

Me: 4 shirts and many, many safety pins.

Me: Coupled with my giant NHS foam fingers, I have immortality.

Katie: So if I knife you.

Katie: Just hypothetically.

Katie: Will you not bleed?

Me: I'll bleed purple and gold.

Katie: Will you die?

Me: And then a sword will erupt from the wound and stab you.

Katie: ...Will you die?

Me: No

Katie: Oh.

Katie: Okay.

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This is the morning of our love
Tuesday. 10.6.09 9:39 pm

And the Word became Flesh by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I swear, I must have edited and updated this 5 or 6 times. Making the shadows and the words just right...But now I'm fairly sure it's done, and I'm happy with the product. I could get used to black and white. Or maybe white and black. It might be better, that way.

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An intense song from Disciple. Not much going on with the lyrics, but the sound of it is pretty awe-inspiring. The vocals and the simple rhythm. Great stuff.

As you can see, I'm feeling pretty inspired right now. That art piece came out of nowhere last night when I was about to go to sleep, and I didn't get it right until earlier today. I'm quite happy with it. And the music came on my Zune today in the car. It was quite nice.

Also notice that I changed the image in the corner. You like? Haha.

My Video Productions teacher was complaining to me that I didn't have enough color in the graphics I made. I had half a mind to whip out my cell phone and show her the twin themes that are completely greyscale. But I didn't. Because it wouldn't have helped, and she probably would have taken it away.

TODAY WAS NERD DAY. We're having spirit week, and today was the day that everyone was supposed to dress up as a "nerd". I took things very seriously. My costume entailed:

-My jeans were belted up at my belly button, and rolled up past my ankles.

-A shirt that I bought in MIT that resembles this one but with an i to represent the imaginary numbers and just better looking in general.

(Snorg Tees has some pretty good designs, though I hate to admit it. Threadless forever!)

-A fanny pack with a broken zipper. I put my pocket watch and keys in the pocket instead of my jeans pocket, so I had the cord hanging there all day. Sweet.

-A jumbo pen hanging from the fanny pack strap. This thing is about a foot long and still writes.

-A toy Yoda head that is used to store loose change. I put my lunch money in it and hung it from my belt loop all day.

And, finally, a neon yellow hat that says "SAFETY PATROL" on it that I've had since 5th grade.

On top of that sweet costume, I completely changed my body language to what I thought would match a spacey kid with low self esteem. I hunched over, waddled a bit like a penguin, kept my arms still when I walked, opened my mouth, and looked at the ground all the time.

Plus I said some really strange things to people I didn't know. The administrators loved it, but the students just gave me funny looks. Win.

Tomorrow is late start. I shall sleep now and do my homework in the morning.

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