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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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All entries for 2006
12/26/2006: My 3 day weekend.

12/23/2006: Gift giving.

12/22/2006: Mind of Mencia


12/16/2006: Where have I been?

12/09/2006: Only the minimum.

12/08/2006: untitled

12/07/2006: untitled

12/05/2006: Public restroom experience.

12/04/2006: Closer to my goal!

12/02/2006: Baffled.

12/01/2006: Where has my week gone?

12/01/2006: Why me?

11/30/2006: Wash your hands.

11/28/2006: Something is very wrong...

11/25/2006: Do you dream in different languages?

11/22/2006: Sex, deception and Taiwanese vs. Japanese.

11/22/2006: Psychos, houses and mother-in-laws who can be considered psycho.

11/20/2006: Big trucks + me driving = 90% change of accident

11/17/2006: Blogmad.net

11/16/2006: WTF!

11/15/2006: Angel and Vic Zhou

11/15/2006: Vengeance is best served slow.

11/14/2006: There needs to be a time limit rule...

11/13/2006: Mars.

11/10/2006: Where is the rain!

11/09/2006: The cleaning ninja!

11/08/2006: Confession is good for the soul.

11/07/2006: Over priced movies and kids.

11/06/2006: Marie Antoinette.

11/03/2006: Uneasiness

11/02/2006: Dirty looks...

11/02/2006: Menopause Fairy where are you?

11/01/2006: WOOT!!

10/31/2006: All in a name...

10/31/2006: I feel the love!

10/30/2006: Personal space.

10/29/2006: Finally done!

10/29/2006: Password protected recipe.

10/28/2006: Almost there.

10/27/2006: Appropriate gifts.

10/27/2006: untitled

10/26/2006: Behold the power of QVC!

10/25/2006: Do you want fries with that?

10/24/2006: Random thoughts.

10/20/2006: Fickle and can’t seem to learn...

10/18/2006: I want...

10/13/2006: Finding happiness in hectic times.

10/11/2006: Being responsible SUCKS!!

10/04/2006: And then there was none...

09/30/2006: Only to be single...

09/22/2006: Free at last!

09/14/2006: My mom always did tell me not to stare at people...

09/12/2006: Manga, homeless, Jun <3 and lack of sleep.

09/10/2006: Karma.

09/07/2006: His ears must have been burning.

09/06/2006: Bangs head against wall...

08/31/2006: Hot water.

08/22/2006: No pain, no gain!

08/17/2006: Mixed feelings...

08/15/2006: Buyer beware and why I dislike UPS!

08/09/2006: Hobo Stew.

08/07/2006: Oh to be so close and yet so far away...

08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

08/05/2006: In need of a maid...anyone willing to work for free?

08/04/2006: Say WHAT?!

08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

01/09/2007 8:00 AM

As many of you know I’m going to be moving soon because my mom is selling her house. She is dreading this since she’s already taken out a 10 grand loan to do some remodeling and it still hasn’t updated everything like we thought it should. She knows the more she sinks into the house the less her profit will be when the time comes to sell it in a few months. For people who, like my mom, have lived in the same house for over 20 years and are unsure of what little things to do will raise the value of the house, but also not cut too much into your profit when selling CashHomeBuyers.com is a great site to at least look into.

Even though the company is relatively new and the site is a bit on the “simple” side it works well. They give you three different ways to get a quote from a professional in your area on their home page as well as their Contact a Local Affiliate Page. The company is straight forward and does not put anything on their site to confuse or mislead you. The biggest downside I can see is that since they are new they may not have someone in your area. I know they do not have someone in my area, I checked for my mom, but I’m sure once this company catches more attention it will not be long before no one will have a problem.

One of my favorite sections of the site is the FAQ Page. This is where they go above and beyond. They do not make you e-mail or call them to find out a simple question like many other real estate sites do. You can tell they have put a lot of thought into any kind of question someone might have and given a straight forward answer that will not have loop holes they can weasel more money out of you. You don’t see the question you have in mind? You can find their e-mail and phone number information on the About Us Page.

This site is not just for people who want to sell their property quickly and with ease either. It’s also for those who have their real estate licenses and are interested in joining the company can find more information on how to join can find the wanted information in the Investor Page. People who live on commission normally are always looking for another way to put more possible work into the cycle so they will always have a good money flow. Finding a good lead source can sometimes be even more difficult then it should be. What, only a short introduction with minimal information found on that part? If you scroll down a little you find a link to their real source of information; their letter to any interested party in joining. This informational letter not only tells you more about the company, but also tells you more about Scott Patterson the President of Cashhomebuyers.com and CashHomeBuyers.com.

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01/08/2007 12:28 PM
The weekend of self-control.

When my boyfriend usually is in one of his moods where he doesn’t care about saving and is willing to let me spend money to my lil’ hearts content I spend it. I know better then to ask twice. This weekend was all about my self-control though since my boyfriend was in one of those moods. I have never felt such pressure and anxiety before. The three stores I have credit cards for and have almost paid off were having killer sales. Not to mention the fact that I also had a letter from Gottschalk worth another 15% off.

My boyfriend and I decide to meet up at Chili’s for dinner and use the gift card. I got to leave work a bit early so I got there about 20 minutes before he was supposed to arrive. I waited 10 and then decided to take a booth since they offered and hell why not right? Well my boyfriend ended up having to work a bit late so there I sat waiting for him for almost an hour before he arrived. We had the BEST server, Kristen. After making sure I was settled, got me something to drink and my chips and salsa she pretty much let me be. I mean she was ninja quiet. There was more then one time where my drink would be half full and when I looked to my side there would be a fresh cold one waiting for me. It was nice to have great service. XD

My boyfriend and I rarely order appetizers. It’s usually not really worth it considering the meal usually fills us up. This time he asked me to order some though and within minutes of hanging up with him she was over to see if I was ready. I asked her about how long the appetizer would take and she said about 10 minutes since I ordered the trio which has chicken. It was perfect since he was about 10 minutes away.

By the time I left, my boyfriend left first to check out the silverware at Gottschalk, we had used a four seating booth for 2 hours. I am normally a big tipper if the service is great. I’m such a picky person about my waitress/waiter that if they can meet up to my standards or even get close they deserve a lot. My boyfriend still believes that 15% is the standards. <_< Needless to say he’s never had to serve anyone before. He looked at the tab and said, “Not bad we should only have to pay about 20, but I’m going so you decide how much.” Which basically means, “I’m leaving, please don’t give her a 50% tip.” I didn’t, but I did give about 1/3. We took up a large booth for 2 hours and gave great service. She deserved every penny.

Gottschalk’s was horrible. I hate picking out silverware since what I want is always expensive. My boyfriend and I are not “hosting” people. We do not throw parties, invite people over, etc. We live in our own little world where people rarely come into. It’s not a life for many, but we like it. :) A battle within me raged since I knew I could have easily convinced my boyfriend to buy the expensive silverware. Do we spend 100-170 bucks for silverware that’s just for us when I really want a computer? It took a while, but in the end we picked out some of their inexpensive silverware. I’m not too fond of the feel, but I like how large the large spoons are. They are deeper then most which is what I always look for.

We head down to the beauty area to find me a mirror. I need a small one for my cubical badly. So many times something has been in my teeth and no one has said a bloody word to me. <_< It’s smaller and not what I wanted, but it will serve it’s purpose so “eh”. When we were standing in line there is looks at me with those puppy dog eyes which I knew meant he wanted honor and to go home. I told him to leave and to turn on the heater so I could exercise when I get home. When I was done I turned around and what did I see? Naturalizers...on sale...oooohhhhh I wanted these clogs they had so badly. They were on sale for 40 bucks too and I could put them on my card. I call up my boyfriend who gives a little sigh and asks if I really want them. Want, hell yeah! Need...not really. I have shoes, I could live without, but they were soooo cute and on sale and did I mention they were cute? I set the shoes down though since he was right I may want them, but I want a new computer 100 times more. I would be spending 100 bucks on two pairs of shoes when that could go for my computer. With a sigh I head home and grab a Café Mocha at some java place that did not taste as good as Starbucks and was more expensive! >:(

The next day was no better for me. It turned out that we didn’t buy enough silverware so I had to go back, but since I was already there I figured I’d stop into New York and Company and Victoria’s Secret and make a credit card payment. I left VS without doing it since it was a mad house and I could just mail it in. I did make my NY & Co. one though, but it was like hell. They were having sales galore on everything I liked; slacks, blouses, their jeans I like, etc. There I stand a few feet away from some amazing prices clothes calling for me to “just try them on”. Whispers of “Your card is almost paid off.” and “It doesn’t hurt to just window shop.” filled my head as I eyed the clothes around me. A few times I almost wavered and edged towards the clothes, but I quickly came back to my senses and stayed in line.

I am so glad the experience is all over and done with. I shouldn’t need to go to the mall for a long while now either. Normally I have no self-control what so ever so I’m very proud of myself for not window shopping, which always leads to actually buying at least one item, and for sticking to my plan which is to not spend until I get my computer. I haven’t even ordered Tramps like us (Japanese title: Kimi wa Petto - No I have no idea why in America they are considered tramps. <_<) volume 8 even though I REALLLLLLLY want it. I mean volume 7 left me at such a horrible cliff hanging spot and I just gotta know what’s going to happen next, but damn I just really want a new computer! Anyone willing to give me 2 grand so I can buy the computer now and order KWP vol 8 at the same time? XD

The “dumb things” test Kuri-chin did in my quiz section, link to the right.

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