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Kicked him right in the face
Sunday. 11.8.09 5:59 pm
Not much of interest has been going on with me lately. Doing homework, college applications, hanging out with friends, managing to waste hours every day, etc. It's no-shave November, which means the fact that hair seems to grow on my face asymmetrically will be glaringly obvious by December.

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out.

I don't know how I feel about colleges right now. Take MIT for example. I DEFINITELY want to go there. But do I want to go there for undergrad school? Would it be better for me to be at MIT for the rest of my academic career, to go there and then to somewhere else for Grad school, or to go somewhere else and then MIT for Grad school? I dunno if I want to pay for 6+ years of MIT. But, yeah. Part of me dreads getting accepted, so I can try again for Grad school and get my best degree from MIT. Part of me is just excited to go no matter what.

Also, if I don't get in to MIT, what's my secondary choice? Clemson in particular is confusing me; a TON of my friends are going there, but I've always been half-opposed to the idea of going where EVERYONE in South Carolina seems to go. I'm sure I'll have no problem being accepted. I just want to stand out. And meeting new people is kind of exciting. So I'm completely torn.

I feel bad because I'm not giving much thought to the other great schools I'm applying to, like Brown or Cornell or Virginia and Georgia Techs. Actually, there are more that I just don't remember. Fantastic.

Too much!

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Random Update
Saturday. 10.31.09 3:45 pm
I missed 4 days of school being completely zonked out by inflamed tonsils, massive head aches, fatigue, etc.

Last night I went to Ryan's for a double movie night and the first sleepover in quite a while. We watched 28 Days Later and The Shining. Both fantastic movies. Jack Nicholson owns.

I'm completely confused because I thought there was some sort of scene in The Shining that had little dancing figurines (like on a really ornate clock) that started bashing each other with hammers or something of that nature, but it wasn't in the movie and I couldn't find mention of it on the internet. Am I just crazy?

A nurse had to squeeze my finger for almost 5 minutes because I wasn't bleeding enough to get a good blood work. It was kind of strange.

School work is probably going to drown me now. I need to get on my college applications, get on my bed room, and do this final draft for the IA that I hate with a single-minded passion. Ugh. I lost a whole week.

Parasite Eve is a movie from Japan around 1996. Saw it on youtube. It was pretty cool. Neat premise, decent execution.

Now to study for a test I heard about by chance.

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After using Mac computers
Sunday. 10.25.09 2:18 pm
for several weeks, I admit that they SEEM to run better than PCs (but I haven't really gotten to test them extensively, seeing as how my teacher is crazy). I would like to point out, however, that there is a difference between a healthy use of keyboard shortcuts, which I've found in PC computers, and a UI that breeds a complete dependence on the keyboard. Seriously. You cannot do ANYTHING without holding down some command key or another. On a PC you have to such keys, plus one more that I don't count because it only brings up the start menu (good!). They are labeled Alt and CTRL. Mac programmers don't even have the decency to refer to their "Option", "Command", or "Control" keys as such, but instead with these freaky symbols that, at a glance, have nothing to do with the keys they represent.

Bah. I'm sure you get used to it eventually, but in the meantime I'm looking through menus in programs and all the shortcuts look like ancient hieroglyphics. And is it too much to ask for a RIGHT CLICK? I feel like I should just learn to type completely one-handed so I'm always prepared.

Other than that, my only issues are things that are simply different than the PC layout, not especially better or worse. I'm sure the Dock would be more intuitive to me if I hadn't grown up on Microsoft.

Oh, and I think I have strep throat or something. -rolls eyes-

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Shut down the Guilt Machine
Friday. 10.23.09 8:50 pm
Quote from Twisted Coil by Guilt Machine. Technically it's not a band, just a project. One album. A handle of some very good songs, and some filler. Very artistic, very "out there". So progressive it hurts. My favorite song is called Perfection? (yes, that is a question mark). It has 3 distinct parts, the third being a reprise for the first two. Beautifully written and performed.

A few nights ago I saw Paranormal Activity with the guys. At first it seemed that we had the entire theater to ourselves, so we talked loudly, giggled madly, and sang a rendition of Day Man. But then people started coming in so we got quiet.

Pretty OK movie. Scary at the price of plot. I can deal with that. I was worried that I'd actually lose sleep over it, but I only scared myself for about 5 minutes when I got back.

In the parking lot, John and I were walking towards the rear door of the Red Raver because Kyle had shotgun. He opened the door, and even though I was standing a bit behind him, I dashed for the opening because it was cold outside and I wanted to get in first. He caught me, though, and we struggled mightily as he tried to sit in the seat and I tried to worm behind him to the seat next to him.

I ended up with my head in the leg space with John sitting in his seat next to me. We couldn't stop laughing. He was like, "Why did you DO that?"

"Why did you try to stop me?"

Newsflash: I just watched The Proposal. It's now 11:33. Haha.

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