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Age. 33
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Location Denver, CO
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The Convention
Monday. 2.16.09 10:44 pm
So I went to Genghis this weekend. It was really a lot of fun. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time and it seemed that we caught right back up to where we were in no time. I LARPed for about the third time in my life. I think I'm getting a little bit better, besides, it was WOD and the judges were amazing.

Also, I had my pre-birthday with the Fam. Some of my two favorite presents are the giant pink octopus that I ordered for myself (her name is now Agatha, she is a squishable) and my ipod classic, which I am listening to right now. The sound is really friggen good out of these earbuds. I am pleasantly surprised.

My parents also made me a cake (yum). It was a white cake with pink frosting and white coconut, my favorite. Also, mint chocolate chip, also my favorite.

I am back in Laramie, a little tired but still glad that I went. So, thusly, I look forward to my real birthday at the end of the week.

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Valentine's Day Revisited
Friday. 2.13.09 11:07 am
I have always had a sincere love and appreciation for Valentine's Day. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with my mom since she is the queen of all things celebratory. She always tells me that it's the holidays that are there to get us through the dark days of winter. I guess I always grew up thinking that it was a holiday about wearing red, eating candy, getting flowers and telling everybody in your life how much you appreciate them. That sounds like a great holiday for me.

However, I had also grown up in a culture of "S.A.D" (Single's Awareness Day) and no matter how positive someone is normally, it is generally accepted that you shouldn't talk about how excited you are about Valentine's Day. I strongly dislike things that I can't get excited about.

In past year, however, this has occured more as an annoyance. Why do you have to be such a party pooper? Why do I have to work so hard? But this year, I had my own little red heart shaped cloud drift over me. It was about three days ago.

I guess, before, I just never really thought about it. I didn't REALLY want a boyfriend, so why should I care if other people had them and did... well who knows what. But the older I get, the more of my friends are actually dating and I am starting not to want to be an exception. I just wanted someone to dote on. I wanted someone to embarass with a big boquet or a large stuffed animal. I wanted to kiss them and tell them that I loved them differently than I loved anyone else, and I wanted them to smile back at me and tell me the same thing.

So I prayed. I prayed about the ridiculous things that we don't tell anyone about because they're selfish and a little lame. I prayed I'd find love. So, God, he nudges me like he does and he says, "That's taken care of. Be happy." And that was it. I bought some valentine's, I taped little chocolates to them. I wore red, I smiled, and I started looking forward to Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Some Valentine's Day Pictures

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Gossip and how I do it, too
Sunday. 2.8.09 10:29 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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I found me
Thursday. 2.5.09 9:01 pm
So I was googling books I liked to see if I could find lists from people who had also liked them, but I ended up finding my own blog... I guess I have pretty unique tastes.

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Graphic Design - Church
Wednesday. 1.28.09 5:44 pm
This is a poem I worked up for my 'conceptual countdown' for Graphic Design. They suggested that we do something for an organization that we want to support, so I figured 'church' would count handily. Tell me what you think, I want to write something that actually has some impact.

10 are the people who are there
9 are the people who actually care
8 are the people who start feeling enlightened
7 are the people whose lives are brightened
6 are the people who came here last Sunday
5 are the people who will remember the sermon by Monday
4 are the people who came alone
3 are the people who wished they were home
2 are the people who think that they are worth it
1 is the person who thinks that they are perfect
0 are the people who are.

Come to Church
You’re in good company.

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Love ain't blind, it's just stupid
Tuesday. 1.27.09 4:15 pm
I came downstairs out of the promise of pizza. There were supposed to be three boxes and they were supposed to be in the ballroom, so I wafted lazily into the club fair, showing casual interest in the boothes found there.

"[Jinyu]" someone called. I looked up and smiled, waving back. Yeah, it was him. I had already decided that 'just friends' was the best label for this awkward relationship, that he was not interested in that average looking bird from late night RP and that he was really a bad choice for me anyway, but there I was, walking towards. It was like I was looking at myself from far away, meaning to reach out my long white hand to grab the back of my collar and haul myself back upstairs where I belonged, but step after predictable step, I ended up in front of the booth.

"Entomology club?" I asked.

"Student farm," he responded. I noticed there was another young lady there, she was looking at me, so I thought that I should introduce myself, but it came out, "and you are?"

She said that her name was [Jane] and I nodded uncomfortably, suddenly forgetting what I was supposed to do, because his eyes were smirking a little. I recalled myself:

"Oh! I needed to tell you, I don't think I can come tonight." He made a thesbian's frown which I mimicked with a mimed-tear elaboration. I wanted him to seem upset. I'm not sure he was.

"Well, that's too bad," he said, "Homework?"

"Oh," I melted by illustration, "You have no idea."


"So what does the student farm do?"

"We farm... we do a lot of compost, collect it from all over."

Interesting, I thought with a nod. Not interesting, I tried to interject, the only reason you're interested is because you like him. I ignored myself, "Well, I guess I could sign up."

Someone was trying to shoulder in behind me, I realized how long I had taken. I affixed my name to the roster. I'm on a lot of lists of clubs I don't go to, I reasoned.

"Well it was good seeing you!" I said. He turned back to look at me, smiling at me with a fervent wave, I waved back.

I guessed I glowed a little on my way back to my office. Man was I stupid.

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