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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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A small revelation.
Monday. 10.29.07 4:08 pm
It seems that if we were to yell at everyone that annoyed us, there would be much less tension and grudges.

It seems that it would put any transgressions out front, and also serve as venting towards the person that annoyed us, as to what they did.

Since people would not want to get yelled at, they would fix their abhorrent ways, and the world would be a better place.

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Whotube? Youtube!
Thursday. 10.25.07 10:39 pm
So in my playing of Beautiful Katamari, I decided to see if the OST was anywheres on the intarwebs.

I found Danketsu on Youtube. It's a someone-made-it video... but still kinda weird.

I have "ami desu, mami desu, amimami desu!" stuck in my head. Grr.

I'll give it that it's a nice video.

In my searches... I found things. I'm sure everyone's seen the many interpretations of the Haruhi Dance, done by Evangelion Models, by some Crazy Chick all about Japan, and even a Megaman version!

I'm also sure everyone's seen the prisoners doing Thriller.

Have they seen... Prisoners doing Haruhi Dance?

Then I found the Algorithm March done by prisoners.

Here's the original Algorithm March.

It's from the people that do Pythagoras Switch.

I totally need to find people and learn to do it

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I did it. :/
Thursday. 10.25.07 2:12 pm
I spent 60 dollars on a school-licensed product.

I'm glad I didn't spend 80, though.

It's the best hoodie ever, it is soft and soft and thick and warm... did I mention it was soft?

Hopefully it will stay this nice forevar.

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A funny.
Tuesday. 10.23.07 8:30 pm
Dave and I were talking to dinner, and overheard a guy say "s-l-double e-p", and then a girl ask "what's that?"

Oh, the future of the world

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Sunday. 10.14.07 8:55 pm
So I felt the need to bake a cake.

I take the time to grease/flour the pan, all of that, and I bake the cake.

It smells AWESOME. Just like Dave's mom's cake, the ends were small and the middle rose properly.

I let the cake cool, and went to dump it on a plate. Guess I didn't let it cool enough, because it BROKE when I was dumping it!!! T.T

I cut the broken part and made cake-sammiches with it, cake on either side, icing in the center.

I left the intact part in the pan, I'm going to let it fully cool, and then see if it falls out.

Stupid oven.

Actually, I wondered if the fact that the oven isn't clean, thanks to burnt chickens and other things that have been there FOREVER and aren't even recognizable, they are just pure carbon now.

OK, another funny. I was in Walmart, and I saw White Person. He says "hey! it's a black person! you're not supposed to shop at walmart!"

To which I reply "of course I am! It's the only place black people are allowed to shop! I'm sure the cashier always has troublesome black people come through all the time! Look at him, he's starting the smile, it's TOTALLY true!" And White Person and I start laughing, while the cashier goes "WHAT???!"

It was entertaining.

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Sweaty armpits solved!
Saturday. 10.13.07 1:59 pm
Whenever I have a nice semi-toasty mug of coffee, my armpits gush like a girl who's just broken up with her boyfriend.

So it's not the deodorant... it's my coffee habit. Gotta remember: don't drink coffee if i'm going to wear something I don't want to sweat in.

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