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Baby Kaleb (Keep an open mind!)
Tuesday. 7.17.07 3:15 am

Has anyone been keeping up with the Baby Kaleb story? Am I the only one who hasn’t jumped to mob-like conclusions?

Seriously not cool. I know that family is suffering, but that’s no reason to take it out on the babysitter.

There is NO proof that the babysitter shook the baby. Seriously. The woman has a business, hasn’t had previous complaints (otherwise she probably wouldn't have a business anymore), and being a daycare worker she’s probably learned that it’s... um... bad ... to shake a baby?

Seriously people. The baby has bacterial meningitis. And last I heard, that can’t be caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome! And it certainly could be responsible for a lot of the baby’s other problems (trouble breathing, coma, mental retardation). Including the problems that point to Shaken Baby syndrome, since one of the symptoms is seizures.

Don’t be so quick to judge people just because some person (*cough*mother in pain*cough*) jumps to her own conclusions without proof.

I’m not saying she’s innocent, but I’m saying it’s not fair of this mother to ruin the woman’s business and life (she could get her kids taken away over this) just because she assumes that the woman shook her baby.

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Cool programs (recap/repost)
Friday. 7.13.07 1:39 pm

This is basically a repost of an earlier entry. The first time I didn't have pictures of these programs, and now I do. There is one new program that I found that's pretty cool. I found it by looking for Vista features that you can get on XP.

Link --> Qttab

Screenshot --> Qttab screenshot

This program allows you to have tabs while in Windows Explorer. (For those who don't know, Windows Explorer is what you use whenever you're looking in folders like My Computer, My Documents.. etc). It also adds some interesting features, such as the ability to browse folders without opening them. (see the screenshot.) And the ability to see mini previews of pictures.

Link --> Google Reader

Screenshot --> Google Reader screenshot

Google reader is a nifty way to read hundreds of blogs without having to search for them. It packs them all into one page, which you can visit on your google account, and updates them every time you visit. You can add blogs to the list, or you can select a "bundle" of pre-selected blogs in certain categories. I myself have a bunch of tech blogs listed, because I like to find out about new and interesting applications. Which is how I found out about all the cool toys listed below.

Link --> Launchy

Screenshot --> Launchy screenshot

Launchy is, in simple terms, a command line program launcher. What that means is, it's a text box on windows where you can type the name of a program, file, folder, browser..etc that you want to launch/turn on, and launchy will do it as soon as you hit enter. This program is really great for people who hate scrolling through the start menu to try and find what programs they want to use.

Launchy is a smart program, too. It will "guess" what program you're trying to tell it to launch based on what you type and how many programs match. For instance, on my computer, typing "fir" and hitting enter will launch firefox, because that's the only thing on my system with anything similar to that name. This works for any browser you want to launch. If there are several choices similar, Launchy will show a list of options (exactly as you'd see on your taskbar when you type in the beginning of a web address) and you can choose the appropriate one, or just finish typing the name.

This program also several built-in plugins. For instance, you can enter searches straight into launchy. Simply type in the engine you want to use (it supports, google, wikipedia, yahoo, and a whole list of others) hit tab, then type what you want to search for and hit enter. Presto! Launchy opens your browser (for the moment, it defaults to IE, but hopefully that will change in the near future) and automatically put your query into whatever search engine you selected and show you the results.

You can also visit web pages in the same manner. If you simply type in the web address (you can use www.whatever. Launchy will automatically fill in the http://) and hit enter. If you just type it in, it will use IE, but if you want it to use another browser, simply type in all or part of the browser name, hit tab (launchy will auto-fill the name of the browser, as long as nothing else is close to it) and enter the web address. Hit enter, and it'll open the selected browser and take you straight to that page.

Launchy comes with a lot of cool skins, and is a really sleek program. It has little to no cpu usage, and will hide offscreen until you need it. The default way to call Launchy is alt-space, but you can change the shortcut from launchy's menu.

Link --> ObjectDock

Screenshot --> Object Dock screenshot

Object dock is another awesome program that can really speed up the way you use windows. At it's basic level, it's a customizable short-cut bar similar to the one used on Mac OS. You can add any shortcut you want to it and launch the programs simply by clicking the icons. This program, if used correctly, could easily be a replacement for your windows taskbar. (I don't even use my taskbar anymore.) You can add a start button to it to open your start menu, and the OD website has hundreds of very beautiful icons you can download to replace the ugly windows icons. It has a paid version, but for the average user, the free version is all you'll really need.

I've been told this program can be heavy on the ram, so if you don't have a lot to spare, you might want to look into similar alternatives. I've been told there are a couple similar programs that have less of a drain. But if you have plenty of Ram, like I do, this one is probably top of the line. Has more features than the others that I've looked at.

Those are just some of the things I've been playing around with the last couple of days. Hope you enjoy them.

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