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*~ Love simply
*~ Live the day like there is no tomorrow
*~ Live without regrets
*~ Dispose of your rubbish carefully
*~ Reduce your usage of plastic shopping bags
*~ Love the world, be charitable
*~ Respect Cross-cultural relationships
*~ Respect same-sex relationships
*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Count me in
My 21st Birthday!
Thursday. 3.24.05 4:38 pm

My bros and I at suppertime, notice the new hair??!!!

GO GIRLFRIEND IT'S YA BIRTHDAY! GO GIRLFRIEND IT'S YA BIRTHDAY! :P hehehe sounds funny coming from me...but if others were saying it and cheering me on that's another story. ;) It has generally been a good day. I have been running around non-stop and haven't had the chance to let it sink in. It doesn't feel like I am one year older (???) It will prob hit me on saturday when all my fam, friends and so on will be there to celebrate with me and get legless.hahaha. But I am hoping to keep so sort of sane manner... see how long it will last ;p

But today was nice, warm..i got the day off. hahaha! I mean what better reason to take the day off? I have not took a flex this month and feel I deserve a bit of "me" time. So I went to the HOuse of ernest to get my hair done. HELLA posh place in PERTH!!! All these rich, snobby ladies flashing their credit cards just to get a a spa, mud wrap, highlights, manicure etc and coming out like it didn't improve very much! lol! Why do ppl spend so much money on these things? I know it makes u feel good, then again it sucks when u have to spend hard earned $ on a service.

I'm happy with my haircut, it's much shorter than before,but my family say they don't see any difference. hahaha. They always say that. Maybe one day I will go the shaved head like Fernando..then again he would kill me :p I also went to buy some MAC cosmetics which I don't usually splurge on... Quite happy at the end of the day :) And to top it all off I got to see my bf....we went grocery shopping together to get some supplies for sat night's party. Felt really nice...just to hang out there hEHEHE.

Then come night time at 11pm my family all went down to China town to have supper. It was great! Very filling! :/ I didn't get any presents this rnd...but I am so happy to have received so many birthday greetings, sms, friendster, email, e-cards :) I felt so loved and remembered that that is enough to make my birthday the best! We took a few photos at Billy Lee's restaurant and went home. What do you guys think of the new hairstyle? :)

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My political rant for the moment
Tuesday. 3.22.05 10:22pm

Petronas Twin Towers - a significant figure in KL city

I was appalled when reading the recent articles concerning Malaysia, my country of birth, which I still have a love for. I just could not believe the way how the Chinese Malaysians are still being treated. Even though we are in the modern era ‘Post-Mahatir’, I would finally expect equality among the groups. But no…we chinese & Indians are still considered second class citizens! Malaysia is always going to be an Islamic state period. Here is a statement taken from human-rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz, “the "Islamisation" of Malaysian society and politics has gone too far, and is eroding the country's once-liberal traditions”.

Now Anwar Ibrahim is out of jail, I fear there is not going to be much hope of Malaysia becoming a more democratic country. He is a well-known Islamic politician and if he was to regain power, what hope is there for Indians and Chinese? Maybe it’s because I am in Australia and I read about these articles, I get so furious how human rights are so disgusting! And now I am Australian…and many would say these matters do not concern me. But it concerns me as a human being and a fellow Chinese… not as a Malaysian.

Working at DIMIA has allowed me to read these issues and be aware of what is going on. How can a country that is so modernized in its technology, economy, intelligence and have hard working citizens – can have such a poor political system and rising corruption rates! It is multicultural nation, why can everyone recognise each others’ differences and live harmoniously instead of dictating others! I’m sooo mad! Plus it is ‘Harmony Day’ here in Australia. It shows that we value everyone’s differences and actually celebrate it! I appreciate being here in Perth, but then again I wish I could make a stand, for my chinese bros and sis out there in M’sia.

In Malaysia I will not have a chance to voice out such an opinion…I would probably be beaten or put in jail. :/ For just saying what I feel. The Chinese will never forget the day in 1969 of the bloody racial-riots between the Malays and the Chinese. I was not born then, but my parents recall that horrific day, they were only children at that time. When will there be a time where all citizens in Malaysia are given equal rights? That is the day when Malaysia can truly show their true potential as being one of the greatest nations in this world! I truly respect those Chinese who still choose to stay there – work hard and who are so tolerant, you are the reason of Malaysia’s development and you should be proud!

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Family first..
Saturday. 3.19.05 3:58pm
mood: laid back

It's great to have my big bro back in perth! We just had our traditional yumcha session the weekend that he comes back, nice.. but now I'm feeling like a big piggy! My bro made a comment today which made me feel really good about myself, he says I'm looking nicer. I KNOW it is NOT normal for a brother to say that, cuz we usually kid around. But I think he is accepting me as an adult and giving me a good word. I don't take good words all that easily...I tend to say "not i'm not...there's so many other beautiful girls out there" instead of "thank you". *blush* Im just average. :) Happy being that way...for once in my life!

My family is doing stuff together again! It can never be complete or nothing will be done together unless the last member is back in perth. When kohkoh is not here, we are going on about our lives, never have sit down meals like we used to. It's nice to sit down to a meal and chat about stuff. :) My bro wants to get a new car, maybe a BMW 5 series...and I'm hell excited :p Not that I'm one of those girls who look for guys with nice cars, but I would love to be able to drive one myself ;) A lot of girls often get the bad rapt about liking guys only with HOT cars...but that isn't the truth! We wanna take it for a spin ;) hehehe. Then again there's the occasional bitch who likes to milk her man. NOt saying I know anyone personally!

Plus I scored tickets to go watch the new movie 'Miss Congeniality 2'...I love Sandra Bullock, I would luv to be her! hehehe. She's just so laid back, funny, pretty and confident. Or maybe it's her characters on screen. But I would have to skip uni for that on monday...hmmm...decisions.. hahaha of course FREE MOVIE!!

Work ain't too bad anymore, I can handle things much better...manage ppl. And it feels good. :) Being alone in the Finance section this week has also made me a stronger player. My supervisor sees it in me ;) Can't wait for pay increase on Mar 24th! My birthday!! hahaha! I think this yr is gonna be a great yr...for everyone... *wink* Have a great weekend pplz!!!

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Can't get to sleep!
Tuesday. 3.15.05 2:44 am

You Will Die at Age 85


Congratulations! You take good care of yourself.

You're poised to live a long, healthy life.

Hopefully this is true ...

Don't you just hate it when you are in bed, tossing and turning, trying to find the best possible position to fall asleep. But no matter what position it is, it is not the physical that is bothering you...it is those ANNOYING thoughts! I must have stayed up for about 2 hours last night, kept up by possible situations and equations of how to make life more easier, calm doubts, and stress over failing myself. I did not get back from uni till 8:30pm and had gone to work at 8am yesterday. So it was approx 12 hours of physical and mental work...

But why am I complaining? I think about my friend Gail and how she has to work 12 hours out at the mines. Maybe cuz she is paid well for her hard work...whereas I don't have many rewards. Does anyone have any sleeping tips? How to calm one self to sleep? Well after the 2 hours of tossing and turning, I gave up fighting my thoughts....and wrote them down in my diary, cuz it was time to let them out! I also had chocolate in my other hand...and even though it was unwise of me to eat choc at such a late time...it certainly helped :)

This 20 yr old feels up there with the 40 yr olds. :p I mean my peers are married, having babies..geez! And being so serious! A lot of my friends speak too much serious stuff and are just getting old and negative and depressed. Pllluuuezzeee guys don't let life get you down. These days when I am feeling stress I take notice of the simpliest things (friends, sunny days, sleep, tv, food) and it makes me smile :-) Like my last entry, I re-read it and it just sounds so "old" "grumpy" and not like me... I mean the complaining bit was 100% me...but the negativity destroys us inside...

My bro is coming back this Fri and I'm so glad!! Hopefully I will be cheery then :) You know he said my little bro (18) needs taking care of and I don't need it cuz I'm independent!!! I have been independent my whole life - forced to - cuz I'm middle child!! But I wished there was someone to look after me, and care for me like that, doesn't everyone wish for that feeling? Sometimes I feel like I could've been the oldest...heehe! I just realised it is very unfair in families with 3 or more children.. :/

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Building a voice
Saturday. 3.12.05 8:52 am
mood: energised

There is one thing that people know about me and that am a quiet, too nice, too polite, too lienient a person. But with this new job, comes responsibility and the authority to kick people in the butt when they miss handle money. My supervisor has told me that I shouldn't feel bad for chasing people up, making them stay behind at 5pm to correct their mistakes of taking public money. It is ok to become assertive, it is ok to have a voice and make a difference.

I am developing that skill of being assertive and I don't give a FUCK when people don't like me or not. I am kind but I am also STERN. ;) I just can't stand it in these environments how people assume a new person is a timid person, who knows shit all! But I showed them. Now many of them look to me for advice, help...and I am willing to give. I'm glad to have this new found knowledge and it feels damn good - to be important. To have a specialized knowledge within an organisation :p

Some may try to push on their work to you...asking you to correct it. But the best way is to shove it right back!!! Cuz it's their shit and their supervisor can deal with it. Hehehe. In a big organisation - you look out for yourself! Not for others, always have records to back you up. That's my advice to you. Have a strong shell, keep personal stuff within. ;) Therefore they have no opportunity of breakin u or bringin u down. I have learnt a lot in the past couple of months.. and I hope everyone appreciates the change. Thank you :)

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Wednesday. 3.9.05 6:31 pm
Whenever I try and 'chill out', it is still something to keep my busy and active. I look at myself now and I have been so busy I have dropped my gym membership, I miss out on tv!! NO! I'm losing in touch with friends! I am constantly having to sigh and stress out over little things that I shouldn't necessarily worry about. :/

I wonder if I was to take a holiday would things change...one lady in my office went on a holiday and she came back just as STRESSED as she was before! I don't understand why DIMIA won't employ more people to delegate tasks, cuz at the mo I'm doing 2 positions! One I'm not properly trained in. It's just ridiculous!

I skipped half my lecture at uni yesterday, cuz I was dead tired from work and just wanted to relax. I watched 'HITCH' with my boo...and it was soooo funny! I loved it! Just kept laughing :) Which kinda made me relax...

I'm currently organising my 21st bday party and that is even more frustrating. I could never have the occupation of wedding planner, plarty planner, mc etc... Now I know how disorganised I can be. :p Ehhh..I'm just gonna hope for the best and see if anyone will show up.. hahaha.

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