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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
3 years later and thats today
Saturday. 9.14.13 11:56 am
I have been doing tarot reading for more than one year now. My readings have impressed and left a deep impression on certain people. I am proud with my own skills and I am certainly continuing to improve my skills.

Recently, I have been predicting things during tarot reading. Some didn't even make sense at all and that sent friends scratching head. However, recently these predictions come true. Friends were shocked so were I. It really reinforced that I can do tarot reading! Woohoo!

But today however is a double shock. Today is my friend's engagement and friends are invited. I knew she is getting married some time this year since she told me it is gonna be some time this year. She never revealed the groom to anyone and so when my friends attended they were so shocked to see the groom is our close mutual friend. No one knew about it! We all had heart attack.

I went OMG for several minutes in public. I just could not contain my surprise. It was unexpected. When dud they go dating? How did it happen?

But my ultimate shock stemmed from a premonition I had for the groom. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you would remember I went to Japan with other 28 people. During the quarantine period, I had a premonition about this guy. I saw him clearly in the images reel in my head. I was so excited that I almost exploded because I was dying to share the news with him... But I did not do it immediately because I felt our friendship was constraint due to some factors and I was uneasy with him on a certain matter. I actually decided to keep it a secret...

Until I had lunch on the same table with him coincidentally on the same day of my premonition. He sat opposite me. I was in a conflict if I should tell him or not but I did because I felt it was right to do do.

So I asked him delicately about his plans after our Japan trip. He replied he may further studies and get married. I told him that he will get married but not studying. And he will be married within three years from today's date. My neighbour, he and I just laughed off at this prediction and I told him it may not even happen. I told him I could even tell him the wedding theme colour! But I did not reveal because I was afraid to affect his future. I could not see the bride's face though because he already said he has not found anyone yet.

That prediction was in 2011, between 19 and 22 October. If I counted, it fits my prediction. Granted, you could say it's a coincident, but I could not handle the news that I contacted my psychic teacher for advise. She just replied coolly 'I am an Oracle.'

What? Sigh... She didn't get to tell me more because she was away. ARGHH!!

Anyways, yes I do get goosebumps when my own readings come true. Some psychic friends would say I am showy or I enjoy bragging how surprised I were but enjoy torturjng myself in the provess. And I can tell you it is not really true. I am just surprised how good my premonition skill is. And I am also afraid of certain predictions coming true...

Man... What if I predicted lotto numbers....

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Fb or home?
Tuesday. 9.10.13 7:48 pm
It was never my intention to humiliate a friend, but I was given no choice.

Out of kindness, I lent some money to my friend in 2010 despite having financial crisis at that time. Knowing the pain of financial instability and almost had no food to eat during my job hunting days was easy to empathise with this friend.

So I lent her some money with total flexibility in returning it. She could just return it when she has a job with RM10 per month.

I kept in touch with her and really felt sorry for her that she could not get a job that she likes or want.

But... sometimes she pisses me off. During her financial crisis period, she had asked me and some mutual friends out for tea and I asked her what's the budget and she replied RM10. But when I asked her to return RM10 she said she got no money.

I was so angry that I didn't spoke to her for a year but only brief sms.

So when in 2013, I decided to get back my money again since I found out she is now quite stable financially despite the occasional jobless period.

Recently, I met up with her at a shopping mall and asked her about her condition and I asked for my money back with just RM 10 . Well, she said she could try working out the amount because she got not enough of cash since she's quitting her current job... Ok that's fine with me.

But what pissed me off the whole day was... Here's what she spent during the entire duration I was with her for lunch.

RM90 for a book

RM40 for lunch when mine is just RM23

RM6 for some bubble tea

RM60 for a nail polish.

And so when we were in her car, I tried pushing to get RM10 and whatever balance and she replied... "I don't think so I can pay you now... let's see end of the month la."

How hot I were in the car that she tried asking me to stop screaming. How can I not scream?

I brought up this topic with another mutual friend of ours and painfully I realised she never even bothered to repay me.

What's with the smirk "Oh... you are one of the lenient ones..." when I asked her to pay me back?

So with the advise of the mutual friend, I sent her a sms demanding for my money back with the breakdown of the things she spent in our last meet up.

Well, at first, I don't want to write the breakdown... but what kind of impression do you get from someone who owes you money telling you "I must have my fav bubble tea everyday?" Mind you, the bubble tea she orders is around RM5 minus GST.

Ok granted. She could have saved up those amount to splurge on herself... but what kind of impression do you get when she says "I cannot afford to save up RM1 per day" when I told her get a piggy bank and put your coins there whether for me or your daily bills.

She replied with apologies and how unintentional of her for getting me upset... and she will pay me back. Right. Empty words...

Again? Right. I'm going to ask her next what reminder methods does she want me to use? Knock on your front door? Mind you, she lives just 15 mins away from my house and her family members would love to see how she is humiliated (sigh...) . Or the easiest way: posting on her FB wall?

I'm thinking of the FB wall which saves me cab fare to her house.

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Chernobyl Diary
Sunday. 9.8.13 10:43 am

My family watched another cheapskate horror film. And I was screaming with an eye closed.

Mum was asking why was I screaming and in fact why must we scream when watching horror film?

I answered that scream is a must factor for every horror film. (HAHA).

Chernobyl diary is a sad horror film. Nobody came out off that location alive.

And it made me ponder that having some kind of superpower like Superman comes very handy.

If only I got telekinesis... then I might just become a character in Dragon Ball...

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Thursday, September 5, 2013
I was very reluctant to follow mum on her company trip to Malacca. But later she revealed it's my birthday present.

Right. It's a fully paid trip by her company and I have not really explored Malacca.

So why not? I'm still a committed freeloader. HAHA.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013
I'm now on a strict diet due to my poor health. I'm not allowed to eat cakes, mooncakes and even bread except for wholemeal.

After much begging the doctor, he allowed me to have only a slice for my birthday.

So what cake should I eat now?

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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Aw... my cousin has just given birth to a twins! They are the first twins in my family line!

I'm so excited and at the same time I feel so old. Ugh.

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