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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Tuesday. 11.13.07 8:55 pm
I am going to name my next two kitties Laplace and Fourier.

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I don't understand
Friday. 11.9.07 9:53 pm

The guy isn't dead yet, and... well... it's creepy.


Wonder woman doesn't have an ass, she is an ass.

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Weight loss.
Friday. 11.9.07 12:55 pm
Is it just me, or are weight loss commercials insane?

The new slimquick with hoodia commercial, the one with the woman on the couch is entertaining.

It shows how she snacks and goes from being medium-normal sized to large sized.

The funny thing? Her thighs still aren't anywhere near each other! Maybe it's just me, but most people that aren't sticks have thighs that grow inwards instead of outwards. So here she is, this woman that's supposed to look like she's in the "obese" category of BMI > 30, shaped like a giant lump, with thighs that don't touch.

Go figure.

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A separate thought regarding yesterday.
Tuesday. 11.6.07 3:02 pm
I'm sure as anyone who has seen V for Vendetta knows, there's the little poem thing that starts "remember remember the 5th of november...".

I've noticed that since then, around the 5th of November, people start spouting it off, like it's a mantra or something. Because the state of affairs in our nation can totally be summed up by something most people have only seen in a movie.

How the hell is it that someone can be expected to be taken seriously about an opinion while quoting a movie?!

What does it say for people trying to make a statement when they all spout off the same thing, THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN COME UP WITH, and more than likely didn't KNOW about until they saw a movie?

Maybe it's just me, but massive spouting of something that was introduced to a majority of people via a movie screams mind control/The Man/other conspiracy theories...

Not to mention that V for Vendetta wasn't that great of a movie...

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Did you know that people think they sweat more than normal?
Tuesday. 11.6.07 12:55 pm
Yes? You've been watching TV, and have seen the ridiculous commercial?

You think you sweat more than normal, you need our product!

Not: You've been diagnosed by a doctor of having "overactive" sweat glands, but the doctor didn't see it bad enough to prescribe deodorant, like fat people who aren't fat enough to be prescribed Orlistat.

Stupid marketing.

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Friday. 11.2.07 5:01 pm
So I was going to take a walk to Kroger and CVS to buy cheapened Hallowe'en goods.

Not even 1/4 of the way there, I walk past a gas station with a Red Man truck parked outside.

Odd, I think, they couldn't possibly be giving out samples.

But I was wrong. Dead from metastasized oral cancer wrong.

I figured, what the hey, I'll sign up for a free sample. I go up, give the lady working the truck my ID, and she gives me a survey to fill out.

I don't chew tobacco, so I can only answer the "I don't dip" questions. I try to fill out surveys as honestly as possible, and if it asks for something I don't do, I reply with what I'd do if I did it. She notices I write that I'd like peach, but they only have wintergreen and regular. I say wintergreen, even though I detest it.

I figure, oh, I'll get a small pinch in a mini-tin or something, they wouldn't give it to me loose, I hope, that'd be creepy, and I doubt they'd give me a full tin like I could buy in a shop, they'd lose money.

Boy. Was I wrong. Dead from lack of nutrition caused by inability to eat caused by missing teeth wrong.

Not only did I get a full sized container of chewing tobacco, I got FIVE.

So I scrapped my trek to Kroger, and came back to laugh. And also post.

Now I need to find someone that does use Wintergreen Long-cut chewing tobacco...

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