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Thursday. 4.5.07 10:12 pm
I'm watching a piece on Judy Garland and I am enjoying it immensely. ^-^ Ah, I love it! I love her. *sigh* No words can explain...do you know what I mean? I just love the classics. As I've said before, I'm such a romantic. XD Totally. Gone. Hahaha! Ohhhh...I. Just. Love. Her. I love it! I just keep sayin' it over and over agian. >.<'' Hah.

Don't forget, I have 30 sec. clips in My Media mod over there. -----------> Donald O'Connor, Gene Kelly, chorus. Oh, and I have the full version of Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky and Anna Tsuchiya's Zero. The latter is in English. ;)

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Something I wrote...
Wednesday. 4.4.07 10:09 am
yesterday in my cellphone while in the bathroom at a resturant. Shut up, I wasn't doing the nasty. =P

"Things in my household aren't for real, aren't true/truth. It isn't that she has moodswings, more like she never lets anything go. Almost like she has her guard up continuously, against anything that might hurt her, including me. Which is kind of the way I work, too...I suppose." End of unsent text message.

I kinda get tired of it, you know? Tired of having my emotions run ragged from her side. I get pumped, elated and deflated. I hate it. It's like she's lying all the time. You think she's happy, laughing one moment and she's angry the next. Feeling guilty about something and it turns around to be your fault in something else. She makes you think she really likes you and then/but then she hates you. Like that. *sigh*

Okay, about my haircut yesterday. There are people who's job is to wash hair, right? Well, I got this woman who started washing the front of my head and I obviously thought she'd get to the back later. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, wash, towel. Nothing. She didn't wash the back of my head! She pushes me up and I go to the chair on my left. My mother is across from me reading a newspaper. She looks up and asks, "So fast? Wow!" then "Clean? Is it clean?" The woman is standing right there so I kept my mouth shut. My mother asks again and I give a small smile, polite smile that says nothing. The womans sees and eyes my mother and me.

Her: Oh, kids these days are really sensitive! You can't scratch their heads, they don't like it.
Me: *soft laugh* Ah, I don't mind. *smile*
Her: Oh, well...you see her head. It's very sensitive. You have to tell her not to scratch her head. Because the more you scratch it, the skin gets torn and-and People like her can't do that because their scalp is dry and it'll get bad. Blah bla blah...
Me: *inside* Hello? 1.) My scalp is WET, you just washed it--the front, anyway. What the heck are you saying?
Her: Oh, let me try again/try this on her. *pulls me back to her station* Here. This has mint in it, a minty feeling.

So she starts pouring this stuff all over my head, cold narrow strips like ketchup on a hotdog. I start feeling what she calls the 'minty feeling'. Only it isn't minty, it's alcohol-y, it has medication in it. I was like, WTF? I had to sit there with that stuff on my head for 5 minutes, chanting 'wash it out, wash it out!' Grrr...>.>

To the actual hair cutting part: The guy did a pretty good job. He was quick, most of the time was spent blow-drying my hair. Only the thing was, I hadn't noticed he had a foot problem so I was leaning against the back of the chair. He had to bend down to trim the bottom of my hair and finally, he pushed me to sit upright so he'd have a better time of it. I feel bad...>.<''

Anyway, to clear up any misconception: my hair is still about mid-back in length, bangs are eyebrow length. Oh, and in response to ranor's thanks: Heehee, I always make sure I spell things correctly before posting. Well, most of it, I miss things. =D

Aw, latah.
the Dot

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Tuesday. 4.3.07 10:34 pm
First of all, I'm up to $9.90! One-Zero, here I come! Thanks, you guys. ^-^

Second of all, here's a special pluggie to...
The-Muffin-Man, The-Muffin-Man, The-Muffin-Man, The-Muffin-Man, The-Muffin-Man, The-Muffin-Man, and *gasp* The-Muffin-Man
for fulfilling his promise of seven comments. Woooooot! d=(>-<)=b The plugs for the rest of you special people are below. ;)

Third of all, I haven't gotten sick yet. If I don't get the symptoms by...Thursday, I should be out of the danger zone. ('-^)=b Wish me luck.

Fourht of all(yes, I know that's a lot of 'of all's), I cut my hair today! Bangs in the front, trimmed a couple of inches in the back. I had bangs before, but I cut the rest of my hair short with it--below my chin. This is different and I have to say, I like it! =D

I wish I had a picture for you...you'll just have to make do with an example. Uh...I believe a girl on the new PCD reality series: Search for the next Doll has the same hairstyle. Chelsea is her name, I believe. Like that, only on an oval-faced Chinese teen. ;) Oh, and I can dance. She can't. XP Haha!

Well, nighty-night!
the Dot

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It's official.
Sunday. 4.1.07 1:01 am
My mother has the flu. And I'm gonna get it, too. *sigh* No, no, don't contradict me. We live in a one-bedroom apt. and there's one bed in the bedroom. Put two 'n two together, capisce?

And...I need to get to the museum at 9:17 tomorrow morning. I'm going to be doing a lot of talking in between yawns in a raspy voice barely heard over my tummy's growling. Wonderful.

Good night all.

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An unfestive break beginning...
Friday. 3.30.07 8:39 pm
Heeey. It is now officially SPRING BREAK! And yet why am I not celebrating?

Nyeh. Don't wanna get into it. Don't wanna THINK about it. >.>

Anyway, I'm not sure if I told ya'll this, but I know I mentioned it in the shoutbox once--The-Muffin-Man 'heard' me. =D Remember how my uncle dropped my phone into that bowl of soup? I've been using my mom's 4-year old phone ever since. Well, last Friday, it slipped from my hands and crashed to the floor. Yep, you got it. I no longer have a phone. Yet again. It broke in half. It was a flip phone so now the screen is --->here<----and the other half with all the buttons is--->there<---. ^-^

So, I'm am returning to that stupid cellphone store and getting a new phone. Well, it'll be the soup-splashed one, but new. That's the most important, right? NEW and UNBROKEN. USABLE. Yay! I'll have to go get it on Sunday...

...right after the field trip. Right. I teach English on Sundays, right? We're going on a historical tour that is given in English. Hopefully, my students can keep up...>.> *sigh* I doubt it. Which means I'll be talking A LOT.

Heh, I just used the right three times, one after another. XP Oh, and my mother's sick. So I'm basically her nursemaid.

Her: "I'm hungry!" "I'm cold..." "Argh, I'm hot!" "...I'm thirsty..." "My back hurts."


Latah, alligatahs. (^-')=b

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Wednesday. 3.28.07 9:09 am
My mother got her award last night. ('-^)=b And I turned into campaign manager for the night (as her 'fan' called me) or as I called it (in my head) her little Bo-Peep. While the lamb ran around pulled by her 'fans' to get their pictures taken, little Bo-Peep was given the run around with a myriad of tasks and staying at the sweet animal heels at the same time. Even if they weren't orders, they were important and someone had to see to it. Such as: my mother's glasses, purse, and cellphone's whereabouts--they were misplaced several times during the night and I had to go retrieve them every time.


BTW: I have bubbles at the bottom of my feet. Er, I called them bubbles when I was little and now it's an affectionate nickname, but the appropriate name is BLISTERS. ^-^ How fun!


stumbling on the edge of her heels to her seat, forever yours,

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Monday. 3.26.07 4:59 pm

Back after the busy weekend. So, I went to visit my grandpa's grave yesterday. You're supposed to go before May, I believe. Anyway, we went with this...'club' that my grandpa had been a member of. Family organizations/associations accroding to last names, ie: Wong, Lee, Ng, etc. So that meant about 2 hours on a bus with senior citizens and my mother. Wasn't bad. The real treasure was when we all finished our business at the gravestones and came back to the main stone. A whole crispy pig! Yes, you read me right. Yummy...*slurp* it was good. And the pudding-cake thing was good, too. Mmm.

But other than that, my life has been the same old-same old lackadaisical routine. *sigh*

My mom's geting another award tomorrow night so I have to go wash my hair soon and pick out an appropriate outfit. Oh, my hair is so long! It's up to mid-back in a ponytail so i guess it would be almost waist-length if let down. I really want a short cut, like a bob or a boy-cut. But! I can't because I have dance and we need to have our hair long enough to go in a bun so anything shorter than shoulder-length is out. And besides, I'm not sure if I'd look good in a boy-cut...>.>

Gotta go. What should I wear tomorrow? Something that says i'm-the-daughter-of-that-woman-who's-gettin-an-award or...
the Dot

--I forgot to add: I'm thinking of bangs. Trim the bottom a couple of inches and get bangs. Think Caroline from ParaKiss, like that. ;)

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Friday. 3.23.07 4:14 pm
Intellectuals: Listen!

1.) @ Nuttz: I HAVE NEVER BEEN MISTAKEN AS MY MOTHER'S YOUNGER SISTER. I am too gorgeus in my own right to be. She justs wants to be my older sister, who wouldn't, right? It isn't until they find out our relationship that they say we look like sisters. Maybe they're just payin' her a compliment, eh? ;D No, we do look alike, very much so, but I wouldn't cross out the possibilty of fake compliments, either.

2.) I have no translation to offer you as of yet. >.< I was read to by my mother last night and I am no longer sure of my memory for all the details of that story. Instead I give you this:

Wisdom's Daughter
by H. Rider Haggard

I had been searching for Wisdom's Daughter by India Edghill when I came upon this piece of work. Forgive my newfound language of words for my style of writing is always affected by the writer I last read. The link I have given above is the book in it's entirety--214 pages total if printed. The link below will bring you to a geocities page with a wonderful synopsis.


It's a truely fascinating story, especially if you're a fan of history and more specifically, of Egytian/Grecian literature. I have found, in what I've read so far which are only fragments of chapters, paragraphs that caught my eye in the little time I had, that it reminds me of...I forget. Nevermind.

I'll get that translation to you soon enough, meaning sometime after my mother returns from her party and whether she'll be in the mood or not. For your sakes, I hope she will be. It's a very funny story. ^-^ For those of you who can read Chinese, I leave you with the pic one more time:


the Dot

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