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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Here my tip to preventing being really freaked out after u comment a guy's pants and he asks u out when u just comment him and u don't know him or his name: Never make the first move or better yet, don't tell him he got cool pants. My friend had to learn it the hard way. I rather hear her talk about his pants all week long than to see her really freaked out now. It was freaky!!! my friend and I walked into the mall and we saw this guy going down the escalator with really really cool pants. She kept saying that he got cool pants and yea, we lost him for a while. We went around the mall and we saw him again and yea we pretty much was commenting about his pants. She wanted a pic of him in those pants but she's not interested in him. I walked into H&M and tried to get a pic of him but I chickened out! I lost him in the store and when I walked out of the store, I saw him standing while my friend was sitting on the bench nearby. And then pretty much when she commented his pants and I don't remember what happened from that point. We went downstairs to get smoothies and he came out of nowhere and asked my friend out and she's creeped out. She doesn't know that wierdo, she doesn't even know his name! She just commented like 5 minutes earlier and saw him. And I pretty much went to buy our smoothies and next thing I know my friend freaked out! She wanted to leave and we did after I got and paid for the smoothies. She's pretty much not the same person as when she left school complaining about the random snowball attack yesterday afterschool that hit her. We don't know if she was targeted, just random or mistaken identity. Or it was intended for me but missed. I don't know exactly what happened then but take it from someone who's experienced, DON'T COMMENT A GUYS PANTS UNLESS HE IS CUTE AND DON'T LOOK LIKE A WIERDO OR IS THAT GUY!!!!! He's wierd.

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steelers suck!
Monday, February 6, 2006
Steelers cheated! DAMN STEELERS!!!!! SEAHAWKS 4 life!!!!
*Well I'm not much of a Seahawks fan but I rooted for them!* GO PATRIOTS!!!!

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stupid chuck e cheese
Wednesday, February 1, 2006
The stupid person who was standing at the door won't let me and Jessi in! He said that we have to be 18 and older!!! We got in last week without any problems! They wouldn't even let me go b/c I was one year too young! This is not Dave and Buster's! It's Chuck E. Cheese!!!! Maroh and Arnold along with two of their friends wasn't even allowed in! Arnold is 18! Sheesh! That guy last week didn't care! He let us in! (I think it's b/c he thought Jessi was hot!) He is such an asswipe!! ASSWIPE! So me and Jessi couldn't be kids no more!!!! I don't know why Maroh was going to Chuck E. Cheese.

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happy chinese new years eve
Saturday, January 28, 2006
yes chinese new year is less than an hour away. Before I celebrate and begin wearing bubble wrap and a helmet, I'm gonna reflect on some recent events in this past week. Starting Monday, I officially moved out of my room and I'm currently displaced. Right now, I temporary live in my sister's room until I permently move into my new room. Tuesday, obviously, I was complaining about the issue with the chinatown buses. I was right about Arnold "forgetting" my present. That selfish sob! Don't ever doubt me. Wednesday, I stayed after school with Jessi and my crush happen to knocked on the door and I opened it. He was acting really strange but he talked to me. He asked for my cell number, scared that hell out of my friend and was checking his email. I heart him soo much! Thursday after Key Club meeting, me and Jessi went to Parcel Plus to buy stamps and we had a lot of time to do nothing so we decided to walk around the shopping plaza and decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese. We spent an hour at Chuck E. Cheese playing games and Jessi sucks at Skee Ball. U r suppose to roll the ball but Jessi threw the ball. That ball was not light! It was heavy and she threw it and it went everywhere. It almost broke the scoreboard like one of my other friend did years ago. We cheated in whack a mole but we're not telling u how. It was so fun being a kid again and it was a fun day! Friday was too much in a rush. The Ride-On bus left b4 I got to the stop and I thought maybe the Metro will be here in 5 minutes. Who knew the Metro bus never came and I was running late to work! Then I got on Ride-On route 38 and it takes up to an hour to get to Montgomery Mall! I was running almost 2 hrs late!! DAMN buses! I wanna go back to Chuck E. Cheese! This time it better have a ball pit! (the one we went to has no ball pit) Anywaz it's getting late and I'm going to bed. I <3 him soo much!

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What do u think?
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
I was watching the news about the "Chinatown" buses yesterday so I ended up finding a new topic and talk about about it. I was watching the news story about the investigation into the Chinatown bus and I happen to keep hearing how unsafe the bus is. After hearing this person talk about how she almost died b/c their bus caught fire, it made me realized that those people are the morons that cause all this problem with the safety violations! I ride on those buses everytime I go to New York. Personally, I think those "Chinatown buses" are ok except the fact that the bus ride is not very comfortable. They are always on time and they cost cheap. I just don't see what's the big idea. Sure, they drive pretty fast but they get u to ur destination on time. They stop at a very convient area compared to Greyhounds that drop ppl off at the bus station and sometimes it can be a hassle if u want to go somewhere like say Chinatown. You'll have to get out of the station and then wait for a taxi and it might cost u a chunk out of ur wallet just to go to Chinatown. It cost $20 for a one way ticket on the Chinatown buses and it'll get u to the spot w/out any hassle. If u ride Greyhound, it pretty much cost more than riding on one of those buses. All the people on the news talked about is safety, safety, safety. If u want to be safe, here the best tip of all: Don't ride the bus and don't talk about it. Whenever I hear someone complain, I don't really understand why they ride it in the first place. And when people complained that the bus driver don't or understand a lil English, they make it such a big problem. There is a way to communicate and it works is by being mute. Point, nodd and smile is the best way to communicate with those bus driver. Those people who work for the company will communicate back and point and nodd. There's nothing wrong with getting to places on time or earlier. The "Chinatown buses" gives u a ten minutes break to relax, get up and move around so ur legs don't get stiff or achey and use the bathroom and get food. You don't get that when u ride Greyhound. I am just tired of hearing everyone say how bad the buses are but u show do some thinking. I couldn't stand hearing ppl keep saying that or reading an article when ppl complain 24/7 so I gotta say something.

If u agree or disagree with me, leave a comment on my page and I'll get back to u next time.

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I see how it is...
Friday, January 20, 2006
Why don't u ppl just admit that u don't wanna talk to me? I called 2 ppl during my break when I'm not busy but they don't wanna talk to me. U ppl know how hard it is to find a time when I'm not busy. I guess this world doesn't need me anymore. I have no one to talk to during break and I'm very bored. I had a break for I dunno how long, and I cut it short b/c I felt left out and alone and I just wanna get back to work. Dairy Queen makes me so eager to get back to work. I can't find time to balance school, work and people. When I'm available to talk to or feel like talking to someone, ppl keep making excuses. When I'm busy or unavailable, they call and bother me at work. Like one time at my old job at the theatres, ppl will not stop calling or texting me. That almost cost me my only job b4 I applied at DQ. Thanks to them, I got yelled at by my manager. Why can't ppl learn to stop bothering me at work unless it is an emergency. What I mean is don't call me when I'm on duty or working my ass off unless it is an urgent crisis or emergency. I won't bother picking up the damn phone when I'm working unless u ppl keep calling me non-stop. I definitaly will not pick up the first call or the second. If it is a third or fourth call, then I will pick up. This means one after another.

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