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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

im off
Sunday, 7/27/03 - 6:09 pm
to chicago...i will be returnin august 12...i kno i kno..youll miss me..ahaha...im leaving now..the flight is at 500..la la la..nutang will still roxor muhahahaha..ill be online a little..not much tho..im out ..peace

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Friday, 7/25/03 - 11:06 pm
i went shoppin today!lol..we went to my moms work rite quick then we went to the mall...we exchanged my dads jordan carolina ish..and then we were gon get him the All star game jersey of bonds..but he didnt want it..i woulda took it tho..lol..then we went shoppin! fo rme! lol i bought a Rocawear shirt and shorts..ecko shirt..and a niiice phat farm jacket..i aint got a pic ..but you'll see me rockin it at school fa sho dirty....so yea..im talkin to my ate Ria ..shes so funny...lol..

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Thursday, 7/24/03 - 2:25 pm
hahaha..am i that interestin,..i havent been bloggin serious besides that one pw protected..well heres one for my fans lol...hmm..yesterday..a priest came and blessed our new statue of mary in the backyard..then he stayed and ate breakfast..he was talkin about how hard it is now in the philippines..he sed ppl could be workin so hard all day and all they get is 150 pesos..thats 3 dollars a day! and one hamburger is half there salary 79 pesos..aww man i really feel bad..and some ppl get 1000 pesos a month but thats onlee 20 bucks! people here in the united states i think we take advantage of what we have..we shud be glad for all food we could afford..and the clothes..i mean im so lucky that my mom and dad both work hard and have good jobs..my dad has had carpal tunnel and he has foot spurs yet he still goes to work and work hard..why? to support us..bekuz he noes what its like to be poor and well..he doesnt want it to happen to us..im so lucky i have food on my plate..not just food..but home cooked meals take out food..restaurant gourmet food..i have a nice home...clothes on my back,...and the clothes on my back are all designer....we dont noe how good we have it in the united states..we take it for granted....its not my place to tell you what to do..[and im onlee 13]but im just tellin you..enjoy what you have ...and if your readin this be thankful you have a computer and internet access..most of all dont take anythin for granted and show respect and appreciation to your parents..without them you wouldnt be here...or have it as good as you do now...

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la la la
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 3:42 pm
ok want the passwerd?ask me..too bad ahha jk..i didnt see bad boys..err..and i onlee have 220 songs..errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...lol..blog later peace

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password protected...ask me!
Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 3:18 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 1:38 am

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