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still not here...
Thursday. 3.9.06 8:06 pm
my damn now fees invoice is still not out... grr.... so slow! i hope it comes tmr so tt i can go pay it after i'm done in school tmr or sat... this is takin way too long...

oh guess wat! there was a fire at the engineerin buildin at the hobart campus. major electical failure down south, no power to most buildin n suburbs near the uni. thankfully i'm not at the hobart campus anymore. but given a choice... mayb i would rather b there.. hobart seems to have more things to do... u can head down to the pier... have GOOD fish n chips, ice cream. smell the sea breeze. i love it. remember when i was in hobart... used to take saturday walks with mum to the salamanca market (on sats only) in the mornin, then head to north hobart n then head home. n remember WALK. then mayb after a rest... walk in the opposite direction toward the casino side where the beautiful beach is.

i've come to realise how much i miss salamanca market. there was always something to look forward to on sat... head down to the market... eat nice sausage rolls or other snacks... could get asian greens from the hmongs (some mountain tribal pple from i can't recall where at the moment). not too bad indian or italian food there. n nicer shops in the city. hee.. i miss hobart... oh well...

wonderin when i'll get my own table in the honours room... soon i hope. i need it.. but first... i need the key... if not i'll always need noora or jon or erin or amy to open the door for me... i'm the only one without the keys yet! but they said tmr. so let's see shall we? hm... amanda will b givin a talk tmr for the journal club meetin.. got to go... should b interestin. she has much interest in it. so she'll make it interestin.

had a very nice surprise from my babe! :) thanks for the sms dearie... was a surprise. thought it was my dad or something.. hee... really put a great big smile on my face. i must have looked like an idiot walkin home after class coz i was smilin all the way home. hehe... i miss u...

anyway... i better go get some work done now... lalalala *goin insane*

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lazy day
Wednesday. 3.8.06 2:46 pm
din head in to uni today... supposed to b doin my work at home... but i have absolutely no mood... in a lazy mood :S

oh well... fees invoice still not out. slow slow slow. got lessons to go to tmr... might head in to uni early to check on my keys, see if it's ready. highly doubt it. but who knows i might b surprised.

i love surprises :P heeee.... come on surprise me! :P ok... i'd better go get some work done n look for some pics for my presentation... so ciaoz!

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Tuesday. 3.7.06 3:32 pm
had my first lesson today. to be honest.. wasn't too bad! 1 week down, 12 more to go for this semester. :)

went to check abt my fees invoice... supposed to b out by the end of the week, if not i have to go back to the student admin again. hope it'll be out by then.

sent out the application for the other keys with the help of christa :) they hope i'll get it by thu or fri. so we'll see... i'm still locked out of the honours room... thankfully noora has hers already. but i need a table!! n a computer... dominic is waitin for madeline to go on leave b4 he purchases those for us. thanks dominic! heee.... oh guess wat! my password couldn't log me in... great.. had to look for michael the IT guy to help me settle tt little prob. n viola it was all done!

don't think i'll b headin into uni tmr. think i'll stay home n do my assignments... or mayb i have to. i need to look for some books. i'm lazy to go into uni!!! haiz.. wel'll see tmr.

i'm hungry... din have lunch. but it's almost dinner. think i'll snack on fruits first.. lalala... *yawnz*

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a new week
Monday. 3.6.06 4:29 pm
2nd week of uni... went into uni as usual. chatted with simon for the class tmr. gettin prepared and gointhru the study group material. i'm nervous abt it manz... oh well.. we'll just see how it goes tmr.

continued settin up the O2 electrode. guess wat! the old water bath works! as did the fish pump thingy tt will b used to circulate the water. fantastic! :) should be able to start usin it by thu or fri. the fridge is in good workin order too. yeah! just have to clear out paul's stuff from the freezer. the rest of the machines can't go in yet. the tables are still not in just as yet. oh n there will b a laser thingy in the lab too! cool! it's used to to start some reactions... no idea wat the hell is goin on yet. hope it all gets clearer.

collected my keys n proxy card today. although i have 2 keys tt is not yet processed . simon forgot all abt it!! 2 keys i need: the honours room key.. (simon simon... how could u forget abt tt!?!) and the external room key for the micro room (i only got the internal. coz simon din realise it. hehe...) oh well.. i've got to wait till next week. hope noora has her honours room key. will see tmr. i need to get a damn table in the room! haiz... coz tt's somewhere i can leave me stuff when i'm teachin on tuesday. oh well.. will just have to wait till then.

kept noora company for a bit in the clinical room today. she was playin ard with her pulse wave velocity machine and gettin used to it n all. nifty little bit of gadget i must add. it is not tt easy to use coz first u must find a strong pulse on the radial artery and then the pen like thing to measure the pulse wave velocity has to be held steadily and blah blah.. oh well... i'm sure she b really good at it soon enough. :) but to b honest... these things dun really make sense to me, no interest unfortunately.

a warm day again... doesn exactly feel like autumn... it is too hot manz... give me some cool weather... this is the only thing i like abt this place. tt it is cooler than the rest of australia. bloody hell... give me something to b happy abt please!! sheesh...

i suddenly feel like eatin hokkien mee (chomp2) and duck rice (chinatown)... heeee....mayb june..

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Saturday. 3.4.06 12:05 am
it's just over a week since i left singapore and i m so not used to not msgin n receiving msgs from nick everyday... i wish there is a way tt we can communicate during the week when he is in camp. overseas sms-in is expensive, unfortunately. kinda feels weird not knownin wat he is up to n stuff. not a day goes by not thinkin abt tt. i miss the weekly calls i get from him when he's in camp. i miss goin out with him on the weekends. i miss everything!

even though i'm bloggin everyday (for now at least) and writin down how i feel. there are some things that i feel is difficult to write, to put into words. these are just things that are felt inside, only YOU will feel it. unless someone comes along and makes u feel better, writing does not. although it does help me sometimes.

it is one of things i guess... i dunno. i think i m someone who needs a lot of reassurance. i need communication as well. :(

anyway.. the Zzzz monster is comin to take over... i'm goin to sleep.

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Friday. 3.3.06 5:14 pm
THE WEATHER IS CRAZY... it is so so so HOT today... unebelievable... cannot tahan la! 29oC but feels like 40oC at home. i want my aircon...

time check for honours. at the moment, my room has a fridge (for buffers la! not food), a water bath, 3/4 of an O2 electrode (computer not linked yet), 2 chairs, 4 stools, a few tables n a shelf n more machines to fix up hopefully by monday. readings - 1 1/2 journals read as of now. too lazy to read any more for now.

time check for MLP3. presently, 3/4 of 1 presentation done (noora said it looked alright. i just need to change some to table format to make it neater and some nits n bits here n there, pictures to add in n stuff). not done: the poster, quality control case study and safety assignment. quick quick.

headin down to the city for a bit tmr.. supposed to b havin the crazy sale. but dun think i'll come back with anything. it is tasmania, launceston to b exact, we r talkin abt here... oh well...

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