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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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First Day in Adelaide
Thursday. 1.12.06 11:55 pm
It is a long trip from Hong kong to Adelaide, because we transfer at Melbourne. Although not the longest trip in my life, it is longer than my recent trips, e.g. Sydney, Japan, etc.

It took 9 hours from Hong Kong to Melbourne, Qanta's in-flight service and environment are much better than before, at least their breads are no longer hard and cold (sorry, the breakfast one was still hard as a stone), the food was acceptable, and had many choices of movie. However, I am more like Cathay pacific and JAL.

Some of the drink powders were not allowed by the custom, they didn't throw in the large bin that they usually do, but in a drawers. I don't want to think this way, but I doubt they will drink it instead. One thing I don't understand, in which way it'll affect Australia if the drink contain milk powder and made in malay?? Is it because as I drank it, and the excrement will affect the country?? And what'll they do to the drink, I believe it will affect Australia too if they bury them. I think Australia Government should do some promotion to let travelers know what they will do to those captured goods, and how they will affect Australia.

We passed Custom, and took 45 mins from Melboure to Adelaide, i was disappointed when I look through the flight window, it was all yellow-ish lands and trees, and I couldn't see any high rise building. I worried where I can find a place to live?

Adelaide is even hotter than Sydney, it is Januray, the hottest month of Australia, but I couldn't breath because of the hot. A university staff pick us up from airport to the place we'd live, she drived the bus around city and introducing the city, I was too tired to listen and talk to her. That was no much on the street, this was the other things that worried me. When we arrived the service apartment, they told us that the room was not ready, and asked us to leave the suitcases there and come back later (crying, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy), but I have chance to see the real Adelaide, finally. It is a beautiful green city (just too hot), and see the parks everywhere.

Felt so tired after the long trip, natalie brought us to Chinatown and Central Market, we walked around and find some funny shops. Actually they are organic grocery, and they sell rices, beans, flour, etc., you can pour whatever you need in bags, and pay in cashier. I raised up in 80s, I went to market with mum when I was child, but I went to supermarket in the last 10 years, and I haven't see this kind of grocery for long time. It may not be strange or interesting to some people, but it is new to me.

I was too tired to walk, so we had lunch and bought some necessary stuffs from supermarket, and back to the apartment to get the key. It took us some time and energy to move the suitcase from the reception to the apartment we'd lived, anyway, we arrived and sleep till evening.

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FIrst Post Of 2006
Monday. 1.9.06 11:04 pm
This is my first post of 2006.

Why is it on the ninth of Jan?
Oh, I was too tired to type and nothing special happened.

I'll leave HK this wednesday, worried that I can't meet my cusine before that, as we contacted too late, and she hadn't pick up calls last few days. However, I got her call finally, and I actually woke up by her call 11 this morning. We met at CWB 3:45pm.

I had a late night and didn't wash hair as I am not plan to go out. I was too tired, so mum wake me up by call, but I lay on bed for longer. My hair wasn't too dirty, so I leave it, but find my nail broken in a stupid way. When I lay on bed and wondered should I sleep 10 more mins, I moved my beg and kicked to my finger, so my nail broken. It is hard to explain to you, as I find it weird too, but all you need to know is it hurt.

Anyway, I arrived CWB to meet Phoebe and had lunch, then we walked around Sogo, and had dessert, we took some funny pictures with our mobile. It is a good day, thanks.

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I hate I'm doing this
Sunday. 12.25.05 11:43 pm
I hate I'm doing this!

and i did it again!

just ate some snacks, even i aint go to bed soon, but it is very late ...

sigh! find i am getting fat after back HK

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The coldest day for winter
Thursday. 12.22.05 10:38 pm
Winter Solstice, literally the coldest day of winter. And today is 10 C¢X, we went to watch Harry Potter and the goblet of first movie this afternoon. We arrived Shatin at 1pm, and lined up 1 hour for tickets, there was 4 lines, but looked like 2 lines when we arrived because of a group of students not lining probably. I don't want to be mean to those hongkoners who study in international school, but would you please think of the others, pay more attention to the others, you are not the only one want to watch movie, and the other people used extra time to line up because of your imporper, selfish action. And please don't bring the chair along when you are lining up, becasue you'll never take it back.

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WIsh you have a merry christmas
Sunday. 12.18.05 4:16 pm
wish you have a merry christmas - christmas CD collection



kenny g 's playing christmas carol by his saxophone, sure it is certainly, no doubtfully good. from [we wish you a merry christmas] to [the twelve days to christmas] to [jingle bell rock] to [ave maria], all x'mas favourite music provided, but... as kenny g 's playing skill good as good as ten years ago... seems there is no different by listening his x'mas or jazz or classical or whatever...


by listening this album, i guess i dun need to go to mid-night mass this x'mas eve, it makes me feel i am listening choir in church

* personal favour: heroe, si tu me amas, ave maria, en aranjuez con tu amor


singing same song as diana krall - [have yourself a merry little christmas]


that is really really not bad by listening chinese instruments to play x'mas music, [joy to the world], an even wham's [last chrismas]

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I am getting better
Monday. 8.29.05 11:19 pm
I am getting much more better.

I am getting much more better.

I am getting much more better.
(repeat 10 times)

I drank chinese herbal medicine for two weeks, and I am getting beter. However they are really bitter and I need to go to toliet 3 times a day, mum said this is 'detox', and made me eat more than usual (I don't want to gain weight). The medicine is so amazing, my back pain improved too. Actually I didn't notice that until the doctor asked me about it, then I moved my body and find it was gone. It is better than see orthopedist, as he can only give me injection, gel, and an appointment with physiotherapy.

However, I feel so cold in this HOT SUMMER day, and I reckon I got sick because of the air-conditioning in shopping mall, it makes you freeze like walking in freezer, and makes you feel like you are those frozen meat in freezer.

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