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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
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dear god get me off the couch
Sunday. 5.9.04 7:59 pm
i can't tell you how tired i am of sitting on the couch. i have been here since wednesday. i have not been this excited to get back to work in a while. sean stopped by today to entertain me. he just sat on the couch and watched tv though. like i haven't been doing that all week. mike tried to make gumbo but it didn't turn out very well. sorry honey. i got bored and took some pics of my left foot. here it is. i picked the light green tape around my foot because i thought it looked cool and they didn't have orange. apparently, my doctor and his nurses bet on which color people pick.

yes karen i painted my toenails.

this is the ass ugly boot i have to wear for 3 weeks. i can't believe it has to be this ugly. it looks like a platform shoe only there isn't anything under the toe so i don't put any pressure on where the they cut out the nerve. YUK!

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foot surgery went well
Thursday. 5.6.04 8:49 pm
i had surgery on my left foot yesterday. my doctor said it went as well as he could have expected. this is the second time i am having surgery on this foot. the first time was to remove a nerve that was pinch between two bones. this time my doctor wasn't sure what was wrong. once he was done he told me that some more of that nerve was trapped between the bones. so he cut it out. now more of my foot will no longer have any feeling. fun!

so now i am stuck on the couch for 4 days. i am only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom. i can't even go upstairs to bed so mike and i are camping out in the living room. mike has been taking great care of me but i am getting totally bored. there is only so much tv i can watch.

yesterday my toes and heel were still numb for the local they gave me so it didn't hurt much when i had to move around. today all that is gone. my foot has started to ache and it hurts like a bitch when i have to get up to pee. luckily i got this cool cane to help me walk. i wouldn't use mine last time because it made me look like a crippled old lady so mike found a cool one for me online and ordered it. i am so vain! anyway, i have to pee again so i am going to brave it. wish me luck!

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busy weekend
Monday. 3.22.04 3:17 pm
mike and i had a crazy busy weekend. saturday we checked out plasma tvs for our livingroom. we are probably going to get the 42 inch Sony plasma/hd tv. mike also wants to wire other rooms in the house for audio so i can listen to music or the tv from the kitchen. we also played soccer saturday night. i volunteered to play goalie for the first half and sucked it up again. we lost 8-5.

on sunday, we hiked up little si. here are my pics: it was beautiful but incredibly tiring. i think i made myself sick. sunday night my throat was soar. today, i can't swallow without alot of pain. going to the doctor tomorrow to see what the problem is. i am also going to have my doc check out th ebig toe on my right foot. I hurt it playing soccer a month ago and it still hurts. my guess is that it hurts because i haven't stopped playing soccer. oh well.

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lunachicks win 4-1
Wednesday. 3.17.04 9:37 pm
what a shock! the lunachicks won tonight. i can't believe we totally dominated the game and we played against a pretty good team. i had a pretty good game myself. i put a corner kick into the goal which totally ruled. i was aiming for the wall cause i never make the goal when i try for it and surprisingly it went into the top corner. woo hoo! I also got beat up a bit during th game. i got elbowed in the mouth, banged up my knee, and was tripped a couple of time. i also blocked a free kick with my but right at the end of the game. ha ha. austina was a monster on defense tonight. she played great. i think she even surprised herself.

after the game, i was packing up and the next team was getting ready to take the field. they were totally short so i offered to stay and play another game. how stupid am i? i thought i was gonna barf after about 2 minutes. anyway, we lost that game but not by too much. i had a great assist but couldn't score again. oh well you can't win them all.

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i love winning
Sunday. 3.14.04 10:50 pm
we won tonight 9-4. i scored 1 goal which totally made my night. susan tied up the keeper and then passed to me so I basically got to walk the ball in. mike thought i would choke and slam the ball on the wall but i was a pro. the best player on our team carlos was totally on tonight. he scored 3 goals in a row and i think it really broke their keeper down. without carlos, we probably wouldn't have won tonight. he told us he isn't going to play next season because alot of the other teams have gotten upset that he is so much better than them. all i have to say is "suck it up!"

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team bowling fun
Friday. 3.12.04 1:09 pm
yesterday was a very fun day. we all went on a work team bowling trip in the afternoon so my work day was really only a few hours in the morning. i had a banner bowling day (for me) 100 in my first game and 103 in the second. whenever i break 100, i'm a happy camper.

Here is picture of me winning $5 from Mark in a bet over whether or not I'd pick up a spare.

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