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Age. 36
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White Girl (Italian Ancestries)
Location Lexington, KY
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Hello, My name is Fabulous.
I am:
A Gemini
A Libertarian
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My life is made enjoyable by:
Art in all forms
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Wednesday. 12.22.10 10:15 am
OMG, I feel like I'm just running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We're leaving tomorrow for Mississippi for a week and there is soooo much left to be done. Our friend is in between apartments right now so that worked out really well for us because he's going to stay at our house and take care of it and the dogs and whatnot but that also makes that much more work for me to do to leave the house decent for him lol.

The christmas party this past weekend was AMAZING (new profile pic is from before we left for it) and I couldn't have imagined I would have had such a wonderful time. The company party was in the Keeneland (horse racing place) barn which isn't really a barn but was so beautiful with the christmas lights in the rafters and whatnot. The area with the lights was where the appetizers and first drinks were and I ate so many of the mini KY hot browns that the guy would come over to us with the tray as soon as he came out lol. But seriously, they were DELICIOUS. They were in the little pastry shells yoiu make mini-quiches in and there were filled with bacon and cheese and yumminess. Then off to the most fabulous dinner they've ever had and entertainment by comedian Greg Morton (who I happen to have seen at our local comedy club and adore). Then we went to this awesome bar complex downtown for the drag show and then we went upstairs (same bar) and danced until we couldn't dance no more..and then we danced some more anyhow lol. After the bar closed we went to my friends parking garage for work and went up to the rooftop and had ourselves a little after the after party party and finally finished out the evening (morning lol) at IHOP. It was soooo much fun, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. Plus I looked forever for an outfit and I ended up throwing the perfect thing together last minute and I felt so fly lol. Anyhow, I spose thats it for now. I have so much more I want to talk about I just don't really have the time right now. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!

EDIT: I decided to add a couple photos :)

Us before we left for the party:

Party Deserts!

Z & D(me) in the HC = LOL

Me & my Bestie, I wish this would have turned out better!

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Thursday. 12.16.10 10:17 am
I'm so excited, I can finally access nutang on my phone! That is all lol.

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I'm just so fly!
Thursday. 12.9.10 12:08 pm
I have been working on getting my old figure back for over a year now and I am so happy with the progress I've made I just had to share. I actually weigh less now then I did before I even got pregnant with my son and I'm 15 lbs away from my goal weight, that is 60 down!! Check check ch-check it out!

Anyhow, so literally as soon as I was finishing up my blog yesterday SK called me up and totally flipped shit on me. Granted I did do something insensitive, but it was totally was not my intent and I didn't even think of how it could be sensitive or would affect her at the time. I was already kind of emotional from dumping everything out into my blog and when she called and was instantly screaming at me it just sort of pushed me over and I ended up crying and telling her she doesn't even know with all of what I've been dealing with, which isn't a good thing because a lot of what I'm dealing with I can't discuss with her or pretty much anyone else but when you add in how things have felt lately with us I almost don't want to anyhow. I love her to death but she is so judgemental of me, I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean to be but it still makes me feel like shit and definately doesn't encourage me to open up to her. We got off the phone on an OK note but I hope this doesn't cause more problems and awkwardness between us. She's supposed to be a friend-date for a friend who works with my husband to their company christmas party so at least that will make her unable to avoid me, we're both so passive agressive it would be easy to simply stop talking to one another and I don't want that. Aside from that fact that she means a lot to me, her family does too and they all mean a lot to miles. Oh well, I'll just take it day by day I suppose...not really much else I can do.

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Where are you?
Wednesday. 12.8.10 12:01 pm
Where are you, girl I once was? I often wonder if you're hiding or possibly lost or maybe all together gone. Did you move on to the life you were meant to live or did you curl up and die in the floor while I wasn't looking? I miss your smile and your laugh even more. I haven't heard you singing like you were alone in the world in years. I wish you would come back wherever you are... Is it not bad enough that so many "friends" have dissappeared from my life, but to lose myself is just too much. I'm trying so hard to maintain the christmas spirit but the fact that it's even a struggle is what made it really hit home that you are gone.
I don't want to spend christmas with my brother in Pennsylvania and without my Mimi at all. It doesn't feel like christmas at all. I just feel so ALONE. I never have anyone to talk to about anything much less the burdens I have been carrying. Sometimes it just weighs so heavy on me, I feel like I could collapse under the weight. And all the stress of what's in our family's near future..it literally makes me nauseous. I can't believe I'm even saying as much as I am on here, I've been holding so much in for so long it's like if I even think about speaking of it I tear up and then have a panic attack.
I think I've lost my best friend and I'm so upset with her over it that I'm just letting her go and when she finally thinks about someone other than herself and realizes how much she's hurt me it will be too late because I already feel like it's too late now. And me and my other friend, SK, haven't been as close lately. I don't know why, we haven't had any problems, but we just seem to be growing apart and things feel forced between us but I don't want to lose her because I do love her I just don't know how to bring us back together when we are going in such different directions. Me and MY have been good as always but she's just so b busy and I'm so poor and we live so far apart that it's hard to make time for hanging and her situation is complicated right now so BFF time is next to impossible to get. With all that already in place I don't want to just dump all my burdens right on her as soon as we do get to see each other and lately that's how it's been irregardless. At least I have my nutang for when I start overflowing with emotion, it always helps bring it back down a little.

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100 Facts...sort of..,
Tuesday. 9.7.10 11:58 am
I got to 7 and couldn't think of anymore. Apparently I am the lamest person on Nutang. I just deleted my 7 too because I didn't want to intensify my lame-ness an dmost of them would have done that. Whoot.

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Thursday. 6.24.10 9:51 pm
Marc's surgery is tomorrow.
Miles has been having butt issues for a few days now and is on a very restricter diet and I had to leave a list of do's and don'ts and I'm being all panicky about it.
Stress is so lame, I wish I had the time so it here and vent about it but I have to be up in a few hours taking marc in. UUuuuughh. I cried today while watching the girls but luckiles all 3 of the tots were napping. I really really hate stress. Not to be all hippie-ish or anything but why can't life be all sunshiney days and easy breezy days.. Anyhoot I hear marc coming and he weirds me out always reading over my shoulder lol.

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