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Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
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Slept 4 hours straight (night) (Aug 5-6, 2014)
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7/3/13 - 8
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Thinking about puppy names
Sunday. 7.20.14 8:15 pm
So, I saw the puppies this weekend (horrah!) It was so nice to be surrounded by a whole little of puppies all at once. There was one little guy I really fell in love with (naturally) so we'll see if that ends up being mine. I have two more weeks to wait! Which means that I am going to Kansas, finishing a website and finish a group project all in that time. I am... D-: !!

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6 days till puppy day!
Monday. 7.14.14 8:39 pm
Just so you know... puppy is coming to town. I get to see them in person for the first time on Saturday *runs around screaming*

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No "nos"
Sunday. 7.6.14 12:03 pm
Our neighbors, the Millers and the Johnsons, were engaged in what we call a “generosity war”. As much as we don’t talk about it, everyone knows that you can’t refuse a request (that is, a neighborly request). Anything anyone asks of you, you are to give ‘with a generous spirit’. Well, generous spirit aside, the Millers (or the Johnson, I can’t remember which), had asked something of the other family that was just... too much I am not sure any of us noticed until we saw the Johnson boy resodding the Miller’s lawn. Then we saw the Millers pulling up and reapplying the Johnson’s roof. That was when everyone heard about the sprinkler system, the trips to the hair salon, the new truck in the Johnson’s garage and, of course, the puppy. That is why, when Mr. Johnson walked across the street to the Miller’s house with a bright and perfect smile on his face, everyone else’s face was pressed up against the window. What we he going to ask for next? Most people had bets on asking Mr. Miller to dig a hole for a pool, but I secretly hoped that he would put an end to it and ask for some books or something. That was the only way to end something like that. You had to ask for something small, and then everyone knew you weren’t trying to one-up each other anymore. That was just how things went.

“Get out of the way, Honey,” my mother hissed, “I can’t see.”

“Mom!” I complained, “If you do that, I can’t see, either.”

“Oh my god… there he is. I can’t hear from here. Do you think anyone can hear what he’s saying.”

The doorbell rang. I groaned and got up from my place on the loveseat. My dog barked viciously and then calmed down. I went to the door and opened it.

“Hello,” I said, looking out.

There was a boy at our door. He was a little dirty, but I could recognize his face from school. They lived at the edge of the village and they never asked anything of anybody. He looked upset and his face was stained with tears. He took a piece of paper and handed it to me. He had obviously written it himself, the letters were all strange and I almost couldn’t read them.

“To the Whites. We are the Halifaxes. We know that we shouldn’t ask you to help us, but we have fallen on some pretty hard times. You have always been nice to us, otherwise, we would have asked someone else," I read aloud.

“The truth is, our father is sick. The doctor says that he could live if he had the money to pay for the surgeries, but that they don’t have the money or the time to operate without it,” I continued.

“Oh no! Janice, don’t finish that letter. Don’t you dare,” my mother said, suddenly looking up from the window.

I looked up at her, puzzled, “It says, ‘Can you help pay for it’.”

“No!” my mother howled.

“What?” my father said, coming in from the kitchen.

“She asked it! She asked it. I can’t believe this. We don’t have the money for this? Honey, how are we supposed to do this?” my mother wailed. The Johnson/Miller feud seemed to be utterly forgotten.

“What is it?”

“The Halifaxes are asking us to help pay their medical bills,” my mother groaned.

My father frowned deeply, his face was trouble. Finally, he shrugged, “We’re the Whites. Whites are generous people.”

“No, honey. Please. There has to be another way,” my mother whispered rapidly.

“I don’t know what to say, sweetheart. It IS neighborly. We can’t say ‘no’.” my father said, “Tell you father that we accept.”

The Halifax boy ran down the street.

“I’m going to have to get a part time job,” my mother raged, “Do you remember the last time? We can’t afford this!”

“We can’t afford not to, Heather,” my father said, “Calm down. We’ll figure it out.”

I peaked out the window, “Mother, milk!”

“What?!” my mother said, pressing her face against the glass, “I can’t believe it. After all the hours it took them to re-sod, and the car… I can’t believe it.”

My father chuckled, “I’m driving over to the Halifaxes place. Janice, you want to come with?”

I shrugged. I might as well give it a shot.

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Invisible Woman - Part 3
Monday. 6.30.14 12:47 am
“I can’t do this anymore!” Jennifer shouted as she ran into the lab, “Forget the PhD, forget the whole damn thing, I just can’t live hiding like this anymore!”

Small faces popped up over computer screens. Jennifer groaned.

“Can anyone tell me where Mike is?” Jennifer asked.

A few hesitant hands pointed towards the break room in the back. Jennifer stomped past the lab computer and into the break room.

“Did you hear that, Mike?”

“Yeah, you want to complain any louder, Jennifer,” Mike groused, “We’re all getting sick of you.”

“What? Because mine isn’t ‘bad enough’,” Jennifer snapped.

“Professor Blake is completely invisible, Jennifer,” Mike said, “Completely invisible. We have no idea what kind of effect that can have on her.”

“No effect. None. Even when she teaches lectures, nobody cares.” Jennifer grew quiet, “And what about Katrina.”

“It’s not like we covered it up,” Mike said, “Everyone knows what happened to Katrina.”

“Do we? Do we really?” Jennifer demanded in a loud whisper, “She is still screaming in my head.”

“Jennifer, you can’t think about that,” Mike replied, “Just… live your life. See some good in all this.”

“What is good about having a-“ she looked over at the lab. All the little faces turned and began to type furiously. She pitched her voice lower, “What is good about having a New York shaped hole in your arm, Mike?”

“You could cheat so bad at tag,” Mike chortled.

Jennifer stood there processing this. Finally, when the image of her placing the invisible portion over her eyes, looking through it towards the other side where her prepubescent playmates ran screaming away in full view, Jennifer groaned. “Mike!”

“I’m just saying.”

Jennifer sat down.

“What is all this about?”

“Pete saw,” Jennifer said.

“What!?” Mike asked.

“He just reached over a ripped… ripped it off,” she said.

“Well, that’s Pete for you,” Mike said, “But he won’t tell.”

“Sure, but people have to know eventually,” Jennifer said, “It’ll spread all over the scientific community and then we’ll be locked in testing… for years.”

“It’ll give you enough time in a lab to finish your PhD,” Mike replied.

“Thanks,” Jennifer groused.

“Don’t think about it,” Mike said, “Things are going to go the way they go. I can’t imagine that we can do a whole lot to change that.

Jennifer listened, but didn’t go.

“And as far as Katrina… Well, I don’t think anyone will forget Katrina.”

Jennifer smiled, “I just hope, wherever she is… she’s happier.”

Tears flooded to her eyes.

Mike saw them, reached towards her and then stopped, waffling his hands out in the air.

“No, it’s okay, Mike,” Jennifer sobbed.

Mike threw his arms around her and Jennifer cried into his shoulder.

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The Invisible Woman- Part 2
Saturday. 6.28.14 11:47 am
Read my whole Twitter page, today. I had thought I was going to have to cull a herd of whiney adolescent garbage (which, luckily, I already did). What is awesome is that I actually have been using Twitter to collect inspiring thoughts, quotes and sayings for the past five years. I am both humble and encouraged by the result.

For Middaymoon. Not really answering your question, but inspired by it:

Jennifer and Pete sat in a chain diner, awaiting their food. Jennifer had been looking forward to seeing Pete. Pete, a large man with ginger hair, had been a close friend of hers since childhood, and even though they were studying in different states, the two of them talked almost every day. But now that Pete was here and was he was drilling her about the invisibility of Professor Blake, she was starting to feel a little nervous.

“You do realize that Professor Blake’s condition doesn’t many any sense,” Pete told Jennifer over dinner.

“Pete… just knock it off, okay?” Jennifer said wearily, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Well, does she get sunburned?” Pete demanded.

“Yes, Pete. Elvira gets sunburned.”

“She does? How do you know?”

“Because she gets sunburned all the time, Peter! It’s all her running around everywhere without... without clothes.”

“Professor Elvira!” Pete said with horror.

“Oh come one, not everyone is as gay as you,” Jennifer snapped.

Pete jiggled his shoulders and settled back into his chair, “My being gay has nothing to do with the scientific ramifications of this debate.”

“It does with how you would feel if you saw Elvira naked.”

“Isn’t she old?”

“You’re old,” Jennifer snapped.

The clinking and clashing in the kitchen roared at the door opened and faded as it shut. The smell of burgers and fries proliferated the air. Jennifer turned her head up to try and see the heavenly concoction fly by.

“Is it ours?” asked Pete.

Jennifer shook her head, mindlessly rolling up her sleeves. “I can’t wait until it get here.”

“You still have that bandage on,” Pete said.

Jennifer sighed, “Oh come on, Pete. Just stop.”

“Stop what. Is your tattoo really that bad?” Pete asked.

“Yes,” Jennifer replied, “It’s really that bad.”

“Let me see,” Pete begged.


“It can’t be any worse that the ones I’ve seen,” Pete chortled.

“No, it really can be,” she said pulling her arm away. Pete grabbed her wrist, picking at the bandage. Jennifer slapped him, hard.


“Don’t look under my bandage, Pete. God!” Jennifer snapped.

“I’m sorry!”

“Boundaries!” Jennifer said.

Just then, the heavenly scented black tray veered in their direction. The waitress jostled the tray as Jennifer and Pete frantically cleared the table. Pete looked over at Jennifer’s arm and then looked down at the table.


The waitress seemed distracted. She looked at the tray a second time, “You guys weren’t the wings, right?”

They both shook their heads.

“Then I wonder who ordered the wings?” she said, puzzled, drifting away.

“Your… It’s not taped,” Pete said.

Jennifer looked at her arm, or rather through her arm. They could both see the fidgeting shoes beneath the neighboring booth through the New York shaped hole in Jennifer’s pale arm.

Jennifer ironed the tape over the hole.

“I’m so sorry,” Pete said.

“If you tell anyone! ...” Jennifer sighed.

“I didn’t know,” Pete said. “I-“

“No” Jennifer said, “I’m not answering any questions, I don’t care.”

“But Jennifer.”

Jennifer shook her head, “Freaking boundaries, Pete.”

They both sat in silence for a minute. Jennifer raked her fingers over her face.

“I’m sorry, Pete. This is great, being here is great,” she said, “Let’s talk about you for a while. How is Greg?”

Pete glowed, “Well…”

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The Invisible Woman - Part 1
Friday. 6.27.14 12:56 pm
Being naked in a crowded park on a hot Sunday afternoon, especially in the body of a woman, is something that would, to most parkgoers, seem bizarre. Luckily for Dr. Elvira Blake, full time invisible person, no one could see that she was naked. After an accident in her lab earlier that year, Dr. Elvira Blake had been learning to cope with the disability of invisibility, and, to everyone’s surprise, had done so quite well. She did not go to great lengths to hide her invisibleness, the irony of the statement was simply too unendurable. She was, as it were, a woman whose body could not be seen, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

So far, other than a few digestive issues, Elvira had not actually sustained any real agony at the hands of her disability. In fact, nakedness had become a freeing state: a way to hide from people she didn’t want to talk to, a way to appear absent and still get work done, and a way to enjoy a summer day apart from leering eyes. She was now free to practice bizarre yoga moves (although it was difficult to see whether or not she was accomplishing the feats) and to practice the myriad of tasks she had been embarrassingly bad at without sustaining the judgment on onlookers. She was, as she put it, "clothed in the social senses and naked in the joys of freedom". Even when she did help people see her, clothed in spectacles, dowdy blouses and sensible shoes, she was no longer looked at a person for her face, but simply what she chose to wear.

Someone sat down on the bench next to her. She got up and moved away.

The park was lovely in the morning light. Streams of light fell upon the packed dirt, dirt that crunched and crackled under feet, paws and bicycle tires. She looked up at a sea of bikers passing by and waved faintly. They did not wave back. She laughed a little at herself. The people around her seemed a bit disturbed by her disembodied voice, but how could she blame them. They did not expect to not see the only invisible professor in town as they went down the bicycle path. Elvira stepped forward, her unshod feet joining the masses and they passed to and fro.

Suddenly, she felt a rough hand on her shoulder. She crouched a bit, a jolt of terror running through her heart. She saw no hand on her shoulder, no visible person behind her at all, but she heard a voice next to her ear say, “I can see you.”

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