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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Psychological movies phase/
Friday. 10.22.10 9:42 pm
First of all, thanks for the feedback, you all! My head is clear of questions now. Although I think my feelings while writing the previous entry was still fresh, which was why it was v. emotionally-wired.
middaymoon : i now think he really was just settling for kissing lol
randomjunk : I don't think so. I haven't heard from that guy in a week and we live in a facebook-embedded world ! lol
unicornasaurus : Yes, I think you're right! I guess I was just surprised at how different his approach had been lol That's good that you appreciate long-term relationships now though :)
midnight : Not all, but most (of the ones I know) lol which is sad... and funny.
jinyu : As I've said to random, I doubt it haha Nice to imagine he's tormented with that thought though haha
zanzibar : That's funny, i thought he had a girlfriend too! Yeah, maybe it was just the mood he created. I just didn't see him as that type of hi-bye kind of guy. But looks are deceiving, I guess :-/
the-muffin-man : Haha I'm not promising daily chronicles of my life like before lol but i think i will be regularly posting. And by regular, I don't mean once a year :) Yea I thought I was done with the whole clubbing scene but man, peer pressure...look where it got me haha

Anyway! It seems like years since the last entry lol and I have moved on to -->
I've been having a psychological/thriller movie phase and I've collected a list of the ones I will be watching this halloweek :D

[u]Recently, I've seen:[/u]
The Secret in their Eyes
Donnie Darko
Requiem for a Dream
Shutter Island
Inception (Well, everybody's seen that)
The Machinist
The Usual Suspects
Twelve Monkeys
Perfect Blue
OK, don't be a genre douche and tell me "but wait they're not psychological". They're overlapping, somehow. lol

[u]And I will watch:[/u]
Jacob's Ladder
Hard Candy
Funny Games
Mysterious Skin
Martyrs (deff watching this with someone!)
Visitor Q
A Serbian Film

Have you seen any of the films I haven't seen yet? Any films you think I should see? If so, feedback? Should I watch or not? No spoilers please thanks! :D
Ooh, and I've just caught up with Fringe! Man, it's so good I'm having dreams about alternate universes ! 8D

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And they say women are complicated...
Sunday. 10.17.10 10:47 pm
OK guys are soooo confusing.
Last night, I was in a club with friends and friends' friends. I kind of grew out of this scene after some bad experiences but hey, where the party's at...
Anyway, long story short: I was dancing the whole night with this guy; everything seemed cool between us; he bought me drinks, he wasn't perverted touchy-feely like most of the clubrats, I wasn't even trying to monopolize him or anything, like I would leave him and see if he actually wanted to dance with me and yea he initiated stuff. We actually had decent conversations in between the dancing and at one point, we did kiss.
So here's the confusing part: When the other people were telling him to leave, he left with them too. No conversation enders, no exchange of numbers, just a quick hug with a "nice meeting you". Which left me all like, what the fuck?
I mean, this is typical (expected) club behaviour but what I don't get is why the build-up? Why buy me drinks? Why stay with me? I feel cheated out of the whole thing since I (as my friend put it) "invested" in staying with him the whole night. Basically, I felt like my efforts were wasted when I could've looked for other people who'd be more appreciative in the end. I mean, I thought he was being appreciative but that 180 turn in the end caught me off guard. I'm not looking for a one-night-stand like some loose girl. I just don't get it. Forget cellphone numbers; a simple "we should hang out again" would've justified his actions and satisfied me.
It's not like I "like" this person. I just met him for crying out loud. It's more of a pride thing. I get it if you're just not into me but why lead me on? So what's the deal with that? Guys?

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Donnie Darko for Dinner
Wednesday. 10.13.10 7:15 pm
Mmm, Jake. :)

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Lonely Hearts Club
Monday. 10.4.10 1:05 am
Suffering LSS lately, specifically the riff for Pictures of Matchstick Men by Status Quo. Been discovering more of progressive and psychedelic rock these days & using them as background music for the studying :)

Check out Opeth's Harvest if you're into prog death metal. This is one of their tamer songs though, and yes, there are growling when it hits the 6th or 7th minute?

Finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted last week. Pretty cool stories, as expected of him. Unforgettable ones were Guts and Exodus. A warning for the faint of heart, Guts can get pretty graphic and Exodus may be traumatic for the sensitive.

So, I have this theory that in my past life, I was born in the late 50s and spent my teenage years as a hippie in the 60s/70s era, experimented with bisexuality, married a rocker who looked like a young Francis Rossi, baked special brownies for the kids and OD'd on acid. :)

A side note: Psychology is my major right now, and I have an (arguably weird) fetish for hair (fauxhawks/fro's/dreads/sideburns/goatees/bed hair). :D

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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