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Let My People Go
(a) Clean room
(b) Do homework
(c) Update website
(d) Find Trent Reznor poster
(e) Buy microphones
(f) Finish East of Eden
(g) Practice piano
(h) Buy/search for violin
(i) Get a job
(j) Go to doctor about suspicious looking, possibly malignant mole
Trent Reznor, a living god!
Friday. 8.20.04 3:40 am

Need I say more?

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Yo-Yo Ma
Thursday. 8.19.04 4:46 pm
...is my lover.

By the way, my eyes are badly swollen. I can barely open them.

Where's my damned ipod?

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Garden State...
Saturday. 8.14.04 3:45 am
...fucking rules! Natalie Portman and Zach Braff are awesome. I love this movie and also the soundtrack. Marry me, Trent.

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Saturday. 8.7.04 4:09 pm
I did a search on how many people liked Bob Dylan and was shocked to only find that six other people listen to him. I think he's really good, but I guess all you other people do not.

I hate how celebrities are jumping on the Kerry/Edwards bandwagon nowadays. I bet some of them aren't even going to vote, they're just doing it for publicity and/or well...no just publicity. Is it just me or has America's youth become increasingly politicaly active in the past month or two? Why now? Why not before? Is it because now you actually care about what is going on in the world rather than sitting at home watching MTV in your lavish house as you'd do oh say...five months ago? Or maybe you became active after September 11th. Are you telling me it takes a terrorist attack to make you actually care about what's going on outside of here? Folks, people aren't just being killed because of the whole Iraqi mess, why don't you open your eyes? Let's look at Africa. Why Africa you say? Well, just look at it. First of all there's AIDS, starvation, and extreme poverty. Then, there are the numerous civil wars going on in the countries because of disputes about leadership and borders. Thousands are being killed, and even more are becoming refugees in other countries. But you never see that on the news, do you? The last thing I saw was a bunch of preformances at the DNC...

That's all for now folks.

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Let Nader Debate!
Thursday. 8.5.04 4:44 am
I keep having these weird thoughts. I think about every little detail of...everything. Past memories, thoughts about the future, getting paranoid about the future, thinking of stuff I have to do, you get the point. Sometimes I think I have ADD, or that disorder where you have too many thoughts at once. When I get bored, my mind goes into overdrive. It's really a dangerous thing. The sad part is that 70% of the time I am bored. I wonder if anyone has seriously died from boredom...I could understand if they did. They'd probably had an ulcer or too much stress. Then I tell myself to calm the fuck down and get rid of these thoughts. It's really hard to have no thoughts at all. Didn't someone say that once you've gone completely thought-free that you've reached nirvana or enlightenment? Weird.

Anyway, banjo update time: Still no banjo. Violin update time: Still no violin. These are the next two instruments that I would like to learn how to play. My cellphone is still broken. I think I was going to get a new one or something.

I keep on dreaming about my old school and past classmates. It's weird because I used to be best friends with this girl and now I keep dreaming about her even though I haven't spoken to her in like two years. Last night I had a dream about my old 8th grade class. We were in some designing room and we had to design an outfit that had to be judged by some...judge. I picked some orange t-shirt and a turquoise oxford. I don't really know why it went into that much detail. People always say dreams mean things. I guess they do sometimes, but other times they can just be a load of thoughts you've had or something. They don't necessarily have to mean anything. My dreams predict stuff. Before the show Spongebob Squarepants came out, I had this dream that there would be a brand new character that was a yellow square. Lo and behold a few months after I had my dream, this new cartoon came out. It was quite freaky. Then, another time I had this dream about a beach and there were really large waves. There was a particular look the beach had, there was like a wall of sand behind it and shit. Then like a couple weeks later there was something going on at a beach and it was on Kron 4, and it was literally the exact same beach I had dreamt about. Exactly the same. Weird.

I'm feeling like a gold fish in a plastic bag. Seriously. I have this feeling that I'm encased in my tiny little room. That everything is the same old boring thing. I really need to get out. Even when I do go out, like to the movies and whatnot, it still feels like I'm in the same damn movie theatre I've gone to every time. I need new stuff. I'm seriously going insane. I'm going to try new shit now. I have to. Or else I'll die.

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Tuesday. 8.3.04 3:03 am
I dropped my cell phone in the toilet and I had to retrieve it with my bare hand. It isn't working anymore. On a nonunsanitary note, I saw the Village and the Manchurian Candidate today. The Village was okay...I thought it would be more scarier and shocking, but it lacked in those areas. The Candidate was alright...it was a little too predictable and Meryl Streepe's character was a bitch.

I'm trying not to lose my Irish knowledge. I've been practicing a few phrases here and there...but the Irish Center is closed for a while and my teacher is in Ireland. I haven't had lessons lately. I might consider taking Irish lessons at New College, but I don't know if I want to spend $300 on it. I want to get the dual citizenship thing for Europe and Ireland. I also need to renew my American citizenship...aherm.

Anyway, I'm too tired to rant about anything tonight.

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