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Blog policy
Saturday. 8.2.08 12:08 am
This policy is enforceable starting from 2 August 2008

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact [email protected]

From time to time this blog do accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. But you will be able to notice the difference between a paid post and my actual personal post, this I promise you.

The compensation I had received will not influence the blog's contents or the blog's objectives. The advertisements that I had in my blog will probably do not have my consent or endorsement, nevertheless I will inform my readers if I had endorsed the products or services.

Seriously if you find that the post is hard to believe then just drop me an email or there is anything you think that I could have improve, please do inform me via email at : [email protected] anytime. Thanks. Do not hesitate to do so.

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Apologize to BiTing
Friday. 6.27.08 12:25 pm
Sigh....Sorry for the late apologize due to my PC was down(RAM is spoiled) but now it's fixed thus I want to post.

I am terribly sorry for having her text book fall into the drain.... I am even today I am still sorry about that incident although she did not asked me to pay back a new one nor did she angry about what had happened.

This is why I am much more guilty than running away someone's treasures! I felt that I owe her a big apology I believe the blogosphere will always retain this post and therefore this apology will always stay here and reminding me that I done a big mistake....

I am truly sorry....BiTing I wish I could do much more beside saying sorry to you. I hope you will tell me what else can I do for you.......

Thank you for accepting my apology....

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Friends Visited Me
Monday. 6.9.08 2:34 am
Honestly when I was emitted into Tong Shin Hospital, I was really tired and just keep vomiting.....Every breathe I took I smell unpleasant odor....Just can't stand it...

Ok so I was tired but I manage to type a few SMS and send to my friends just to inform them I was in hospital. A lot of my friends came to visit me, they bought fruits and 100 plus for me to drink. I thank them for being so caring. I am sorry for they have to see me in a very "unique" way, as the day they visit me I couldn't show my healthy face lol.

Nevertheless, they saw me vomiting and they saw how suffering I am. I am sorry to let you all see me like this but I am well now, hope you guys will never have to see me like that again lolz. They saw me had my lunch and I vomited everything out, my disgusting did not made them run away because I lock the toilet door hehe.

Well they were there to cheer me up, just like usual we joke around but I could not laugh a lot so I kept a smile. Then my mother's friend who is also my insurance agent came to visit me too, she even brought me a pack of food such as organic bread, pity I really can't consume it but I was able to take all of it in the next day =) TQ

Then the visit came to an end because the nurse had to stick my ass with a dose of medicine.....Pain in my ass made me feeeeeel so High and the medicine made me fall asleep..... With a wave of goodbye and there goes my friends, pity they have to drive back home during rainy day....

Kinda embarrassing because this is the first time I emitted into hospital. For so far my life I never emitted into any hospital except when I was a baby.

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I Get Dengue.....
Friday. 6.6.08 7:19 am
Yes you heard what I said, I got dengue for the past few days, this is why I couldn't update the blog. On Friday(30/6/08) my condition was just bad and no one knows it was dengue, we(my family) all thought it was just fever. We went to see Clinic, the doctor said it was not dengue but if the fever didn't go down after 2 days then you should have a blood test.

So the day I was emitted into Tong Shin hospital was Tuesday(3/6/08) due to I keep vomiting and no appetite. My mom took me into Tong Shin, 6am.....

There was no "real" doctor except "dressa"(don't know how to spell) to check on me. After that she asked me to go for a blood test, a pinch on my finger and they got the result. The "dressa" wants me to open my mouth widely but my throat was burning like hell and it's killing me eventhough I was trying to open my mouth as wide as I could.....

After that, admission-who-in-charge told me there is no 4 bedded room available so we're forced to take single bedded room(RM220). Whatever because I had no more energy to argue all I want is a room and plug me with glucose bottle.

It is so suffering, keep on vomiting, every smell that is not suitable to me I will vomit, can't even consume food for every food I ate it just vomit out..... so at 10am the "real" doctor came and check on me, he just touch here and there then conclude I had dengue. Wait for another part because I am tired typing now......Sorry....

I will type out the rest of the part soon after I am not that tired =)

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Education Minister Replies
Wednesday. 5.28.08 12:11 am
Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein replied that there is nothing wrong with girls' school uniform and it is not right to say this is a factor in encouraging rapist and pre-marital sex.

Well the decision of this matter is yet come to conclusion since Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein is going to ask experts within his ministry. Even I am disagree with the survey, because when I was schooling for 5 years I don't find it sexy, I find it there is difference between races beside skin colours. I even think of they along with prefects in school will always be sweaty.....

But then I like long sleeve :P no particular reason just love it. Anyway I think school should educate the students about pre-marital sex and marital sex. It should become an education since this matter had become worst than before, letting them know about the consequences, we should not be so conservative.

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Red Eye~
Wednesday. 5.21.08 10:24 am
Last 2 days I got eye allergy or infection, not sure why or how but it just came! I Just wanted to WARN all my readers about using EYE MO to cure red eye, THAT IS A HUGE MISTAKE!

If your eyes are having allergy or infection please consult your doctor. How do you differentiate? Well if allergy then your eyes just went red and itchy. If infection then you will have swollen eyes plus you will have a lot of tears discharge from your eyes. That is what I heard from the doctor.

My eye went red is due to allergy, especially dust. What the doctor prescribe to me is an eye drop bottle and a medicine(in case eye get too itchy).

Some doctor prescribed you a salt water bottle and eye drop if you get eye infection well different doctor different case. All I wanted to inform you all is there are 2 types of red eyes; Allergy or Infection.

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