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I am
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Still water
Monday. 6.27.11 2:17 am

I was in someone's beautiful and lush backyard. The grass was a deep green and the sky a light blue, sprinkled with clouds. There were many people there, dressed somewhat nice. More casual than formal, but nice. There was plenty of room in the backyard for everyone, yet we huddled closely to what looked like a tub raised on a high platform.

There were to be baptisms today.

You could feel the excitement in the crowd. There was joyful chatter as everyone sipped from their drinks. Someone went up on the platform and stepped into the tub. Pastor Rey followed shortly. He gave a short but delightful speech, followed by the actual baptism. He gently lowered her head into the water and back out again. Everyone cheered.

I was next.

I started walking up the platform and I noticed the sky had begun to change.
'We better hurry. It looks like a heavy storm is coming,' I thought.
The clouds had darkened and began to cover us in darkness. A view I had only seen once before re-emerged above me; the clouds went left and right, and back and forth, tossed by what seemed like heavy winds, despit their abscence. They seemed low enough to touch.
I quickly got in the tub. But something was wrong. What is this? It was almost as if it had been stuff with raincoats, yellow raincoats, to where there was hardly any water left in there. 'Oh well, I don't have much time,' I thought, as I did my best to fit into the shallow watered tub. Pastor Rey went down the platform. I sat up. 'Where is he going?' I see Nelly, his wife, walk up the platform. By this point, it was so dark, it looked like nightfall. She put her hand on my back and began to speak.
"I'm here to baptize Aldo today, though I wasn't sure about doing it. I mean, he didn't tell us about alot of things, one of them being married, not mention everything he's done, but here I am..."
"Wait, WHAT? I'm not married!" I said, but no one seemed to have heard it.
She then lowered me to baptize me, but my body must have barely reach an inch deep in the water.

There was no more space and water.
I could not get baptized.

I sat up after struggling a while, trying to get wet.
Everyone was heading back inside the spacious home.

"Wait!" I yelled. "Let me please, at least explain myself."
I ran, dissappointedly dry, after everyone.
As I walked up the wooden steps, I peered inside the marbeled high ceiling home. There was so much joyful chatter.
"Wait!" I cried out. People glanced at me for a second.
"I just wanted to explain that I'm NOT married and I'm not sure where that came from, but I wanted you guys to know that I've really been trying, but... it looks like you aren't even paying attention to me. Are you?! No, you're not..." Everyone had heard about two words into my sentence before turning back around and either continuing their conversations or proceeding deeper into the sand colored brightly lit marble home. I still stood at the wooden doorway... Rain began to fall.
The song Avientame by Cafe Tacuba starts to play.
Why that song?
My dream continues on into nonsense that I can't remember. But now I know it's a dream.
It feels different. Looks different.

I wake up.

The song is still playing in my head.

The slab of stone, known as my heart, weighs heavy in my chest.

I look at the clock. 10am. I missed church.

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Sunday. 4.3.11 12:50 pm
I had a dream last night.

It was the strangest dream. I was in some sort of weird location where there were building connected to buildings by bridges since water flowed in between the buildings, and this small cluster of buildings was on the edge of a cliff. Actually, it was as if someone had decided to build this small recreational center of buildings clustered together on top of a waterfall! At some point or another, we were given parachutes, just in case. I remember looking down at one of the water flows that ended at the end of the "street" (I guess) and seeing nothing but greenery down below. As if there was this beautiful rainforest down below. And I decided, why wait? I let everyone know I was going to use my parachute now. I went around to go fix my parachute right, which took longer than I wanted it to. Then I somehow got lost. I finally found Cord, a friend of mine, and he knew where it was so we ran there. Oh. And we ran down one of the "streets". So yes, we ran on water... I finally got to the place where people were waiting for me to jump. It'd gotten darker by now, but that wasn't going to stop me. I was looking down at the end, ready to run and jump....

Then I woke up.

But that rush of freedom hasn't left.

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