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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. asian
Location Torrance, CA
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oil sykes from bmth

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by randomjunk
Thank you haha. I only changed it because my old one broke and I couldn*t find the picture I used for it again.
by middaymoon
I dig the new profile pic, suits you well

by randomjunk
Nice to know you still visit, middaymoon.
I still exist
by middaymoon
mostly as a lurker

by randomjunk
Good at the moment! How are you?

by AmbyrJayde
how goes it?

by randomjunk
Hi AmbyrJayde

by AmbyrJayde

by LostSoul13
I do, too, RJ

by randomjunk
I love and miss the little community we had here.

by monkeymeister
Someone mentioned livejournal/xanga and i was like “what about nutang”

by undisputed
yes. yes it does.
oh hi
by nik
Oh wow this thing still works?
by PureRidiculous
i came.i blogged. thanks for being there for me in my formative times. I think being formative right......now.
by Helena
I remembered my password AND i*m still on the island!
Monday. 4.9.07 2:20 am
happy eeaster!
i had egg gum, and a chocolate bunny! from my mom. [easter bunny]
today i went to church and gave a talk. thenn when i came home my easter basket was here. so i took pictures with my buny because im bored and have no life. then i took a 4 hour nap!

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obsessed with this song
Thursday. 4.5.07 12:42 am

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The day after April1
Sunday. 4.1.07 3:47 am
Is opposite day! haha
opposite as in, you say something but you mean the opposite of what you say.

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Un long dimanche de fiançailles
Monday. 3.26.07 4:55 pm

A Very Long Engagement

This was such a good movie. It's just that i didn't like the ending.
It's about a boy and girl who fall in love and he asks to marry her before he goes off to war. [world war II] He was sent to the front like trenches of the war, and he becomes on of 5 other soliders sentenced to die. Instead they all survied the front line and his fiancee finds that out. So she then spends years and years trying to find her lover.

If you want to see the movie, stop reading here

She eventually finds him but he has amnesia. =[ Her long suffering and waiting came to an end where he doesnt even remember her. The good part was that she still was just happy for the fact that he was still alive. It was such a long movie too.
Her love for him was so strong. ok i didn't cry. i didnt even cry in the notebook. only movies i cried in were mighty joe young and the nutty professor.

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School Over Boys
Sunday. 3.25.07 12:25 am
hmm nothing new has really happened. Other than the fact that i've been mysteriously attracting a lot of guys. Honestly i do nothing and yet.. i don't know, it's just happening. My mom thinks its because i'm not looking for anyone, so that why i notice. School is a really good distraction. Plus it's more important to me right now. So i pick school over boys. oh well they can just deal with it because i have a future that i plan to achieve. I think it's fun to have a crush and someone to just be crazy about. But right now. no.

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Being the bigger person
Wednesday. 3.21.07 10:50 pm
i said sorry to Tina [emans "ex-gf" ] . I It was sent through a message though on myspace. hopefully she gets it and forgives me. this whole thing is ridiculous! we shouldn't even be mad each other. well actually im not mad at her. i never was, and i hope she realizes that this is all Emmanuels fault and not mine. It's dumb how we never talked to each other before about this. But girls like talking trash [refering to her and her friends]. yea so i think this is finally over. i said sorry to her and i said sorry to eman. im oficially over. are you happy dialted?! im done with this stupid guy who i would cry over all the time. now i can pay attention to the other 6 =]. haha

**dialted you're name is actually mentioned in here. **

oh yeah thanks iki for the wal mart thing, i'm going to drag my mom there with me now haha

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