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Age. 46
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Scots-Irish-German mix
Location Newmarket, Canada
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Sunday. 11.23.08 1:24 pm
My new meds conked me out from approx. 9:10 til 11:20! I had a really hard time staying awake!! I was afraid that I would have an episode of sleep apnea (which I am prone to...) but nope... just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... all throughout the morning.


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Survey time..
Saturday. 11.22.08 5:39 pm
Lasangna for supper.

A To Z Survey from Quizopolis.com

A - Available - Nope... I don\'t want to go there.
B - Best Friend - Colleen Feeney
C - Crush - Liam Dolan
D - Dad's Name - William
E - Easiest Person To Talk To - Coll
F - Favorite Band - Blink 182
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms - Mm.. worms
H - Hometown - Right now? Newmarket
I - Instrument - violin
J - Job - none
K - Kids - none
L - Longest Car Ride - I guess Toronto to Niagara Falls
M - Milk Flavor - strawberry
N - Number Of Siblings - 5
O - One Wish - I wish that for once, I can be respected and not spit upon?
P - Phobias - wind, spiders, bugs
Q - Favorite Quote - \"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere\'s Johnny!\" from the shining
R - Reason To Smile - Colleen and I waking up together...
S - Song You Last Heard - Something on HSM
T - Time You Woke Up - 8:30am
U - Unknown Fact About Me - I am ambidextrous
V - Vegetable - potato
W - Worst Habits - swearing
X - X-Rays You've Had - hand, legs ...
Y - Your Favorite Food - pizza
Z - Zodiac Sign - Cancer

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Quizzes... I hope they turn out.
Saturday. 11.22.08 4:57 pm
Hey... I realize that that last post was kind of like in a bad sport. So, I am validating that crapola with quizzes... you can tell I am bored. .. I think.


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ME: Hahahahaha!! Lol that quiz was hilarious!!

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ME: Rawr!

what colour suits you best.
blue. you are cold, pay for heating!
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ME: Huh?!

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Saturday. 11.22.08 4:24 pm
mood: annoyed and a bit disappointed
listening to: ....
watching: HSM 1

Hey. I am here at SweetBirdofParadise's house for her birthday party... it's going ok.. for her.. me? No. I stepped in catshit. Actually I am doing well despite that. lol

Colleen and her father are watching High School Musical.


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Thursday. 11.20.08 3:47 pm
watching: nothing....
listening to: library sounds
mood: in paiiiiiiiiin!!!!

Hi again. I have several (read 2 or 3) canker sores right now and they hurt like anything!! Aaargh!! I get them when I'm worried mostly and I have been worrying a lot lately over the way Christine treats me.

Today is my bff Colleen's birthday. She's the big 30! =) Does anyone know how to generate invite codes? Because I know that she is a well deserving woman. =)


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Winter in Canada has come! =p
Saturday. 11.15.08 2:17 pm
watching: aha.. there are new spinners in the library... hm
listening to: library sounds
mood: good.. I actually like the rain lol

Hey... raining out. Snow tomorrow. Ice. Accidents galore on Davis Drive. (Oh, in case you were curious, here is where I am.) Brigitta was the home owner previous. The new owner is Elroy or Heather or.. both.

Well... soon we are off to what used to be Great Books on Main and our local coffee shop Everything Chocolate.

Woo.. exhausting day.. =D

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