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Screw this
Thursday. 7.22.04 1:10 pm
Well I am pissed to say the least. My latest entry has been deleted... Great... I had a great entry too... that really pisses me off... I mean, maybe I should backup all my entries? I mean I understand that the server crashed and all...

Whatever, I'm discouraged now. I don't feel like bloging anymore, I should just have a real journal... maybe use word or something to do it... I dunno... I've just lost all confidence in using this site... Whatever... I think I'll go do something more constructive than this...

Ok, so some people think I am in the wrong for complaining? Well I mean that's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if I write entries in ms word and save them or if I write them on paper, they are in no danger of just... disapearing like they did on nutang. Even if by some evil force, my computer did crash, all my entries (along with all my important files) would be safely stored on mybackup drive. So yeah, what I am saying is that maybe online journals aren't such a grand idea after all, especially if you want to keep your entries and what not.

What I have realised throughout all this, is that none of my entries stored on this website are very secure at all. This security is something that I feel is very important when I am writing things that I would like to keep for a very long time, if not forever. Anyways, I just don't feel that storing my entries on nutang is very reliable.

So perhaps my solution will be to use the old pen and paper method of journal... or maybe I'll just use word... Actually I'll prolly just end up using word and posting them on nutang too... that way nutang can't screw me over again... In fact, I think I'll go back up all my entries right now.

I'm really not saying nutang is a horrible site or anything. I'm just saying that I was a fool to trust this site with my entries.

This is crap

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Saturday. 7.17.04 2:36 am
So the other day I was getting out of the shower... and I had to pick out some cloths to wear. Well I didn't get any boxers... but I really didn't notice. I began putting my shorts on when it hit me... I was wearing no boxers... This couldn't be good... could it?

I must have stood there with my shorts half way up for five minutes. I was puzzled to say the least. What if I went against the grain? What if I said screw society and screw their underwear too!? Would that make me a bad person? Or would the real crime be conforming to society and putting on my boxers? All this was rushing through my brain like river of thought... This was no easy decision by any means.

So really, why do guys need to wear any underwear at all? I mean women have to do it because of jerms and what not... but not guys... Guys don't have to worry about that stuff. I mean boxers are just like a pair of shorts anyways. So what is the point of wearing two pairs of shorts? That's preposterous, not logical at all.

These boxers... they have been holding me back my whole life. I can see it so clearly now. They are the source of all of my problems. They are the reason I'm not confident, they are the reason I feel uncomfortable, and they are the reason for all of my failure! I must break free of these villianous shackles! I say no more! Men should wear underwear no more!

Well to make a long story short, I wore the boxers. What was I to do though, they intimidated me. They manipulated me into thinking I needed them... just like they do every morning now... Deep down inside, I know it's all a lie though... and someday... I will triumph over them.

AntiChangeLoser: lol i'm wearin no boxers as we speak!

I say cast off these false abominations!

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Tug-O-War With A Twist
Wednesday. 7.14.04 10:30 pm
So yeah, there I was, just laying on the bed face first. You know, trying to get some shut-eye in the middle of the day, so you lay face down to avoid the dreaded light that pierces through our window. Next to me was Ashley, she was doing the same thing, just for different reasons. See, she teases Hank (one of our dogs), and he takes pleasure in mercelously biting her. Oh well, I just angled my head and put my right arm over my ear so I would be saved from Hank's growling and Ashley's giggling.

Well my sleep was interupted by a sharp scream; I quickly arrose to investigate. I couldn't have been prepared for that which I was to behold after the scream. What I saw, was hank half laying on Ashley, and half laying on the bed. His body was crowched, in his tug-o-war possitioning. Ok, that's normal... or so I thought. The next thing I noticed was what he had in the clutches of his jaw, Ashley's left butt cheek. Yeah what I smart dog, he knew just where to get her. After he paused for a second (mostl likely startled by Ashley's scream), he swung his head from side to side, growling. This was a typical dog tug-o-war technique... it was interesting to see him use it on Ashley's butt though... very interesting indeed.

Anyways, it turns out he completely ruined the shirt she was wearing. There were wholes all over it, definately ruined. Luckily her skirt survived completely unharmed. Oh, and Ashley was alright as well, I don't even think there was a mark on her butt. She does have a nice butt though, so I could see why Hank would go for it... I mean, if I was a dog, I would have done the same thing I suppose. All in all, I would say Hank got the better of her this time.

The lesson learned? Don't let your dog play tug-o-war with your girlfriend's butt. She might scream and wake you up

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Happy Birthday Ashley
Tuesday. 7.13.04 2:54 am
ZigJustice2021: Ashley you are 18!
AshleyFinalle: lol
AshleyFinalle: yayyyyyyyyy
ZigJustice2021: happy birthday!
AshleyFinalle: hehehehe
AshleyFinalle: thanks angel
ZigJustice2021: ... they grow up so fast
AshleyFinalle: hahahahahhaha

So yeah, it's Ashley's birthday today. It's a great day, she has finally turned 18... She's growing up so fast... I mean it seems like only yesterday, I was changing her diapers. She went through school so fast... it all just seems like a blur. Now she's all grown up and in college. I love you Ashley! Happy Birthday!

an embaresing fact about Ashley:

This is the Origin of Ashley's nickname, Poopie. As told by Dave Robles.

"Well when she came home from the doctor my mom was giving here a bath when all of the sudden she took a dump ....mustard yellow. that's why we call her poopie."

Hurray for Ashley!

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Beautiful Conversations
Friday. 7.9.04 3:30 am
AntiChangeLoser: ohhh not yet...remind me sometime lol
ZigJustice2021: LOL
ZigJustice2021: i'm reminding you now
ZigJustice2021: go
ZigJustice2021: now
ZigJustice2021: immediately
ZigJustice2021: post haste
ZigJustice2021: ya!
AntiChangeLoser: Auto Response From Kollin: Kollin's not in right now but what you can do until he gets back is...STFU!!!!
ZigJustice2021: riiiight
ZigJustice2021: fagg
AntiChangeLoser: shitheadd
ZigJustice2021: fAG
AntiChangeLoser: shitheaD
ZigJustice2021: fAg
AntiChangeLoser: SHITHEAD
ZigJustice2021: I HATE YOU
AntiChangeLoser: I HATE YOU TOO
ZigJustice2021: WELL GOOD
ZigJustice2021: yeah so what's up
AntiChangeLoser: not much, you?

It's these intelligent conversations that we have with our friends, that will be remembered forever. I mean who could forget a heart warming conversation like that, between two friends... it makes me wanna cry it's so beautiful. Never has more meaning and intelligence been so apparent in a conversation. Me and Kollin really have a special relationship.

It's great to have someone you can be so serious and open with like Kollin. It's almost as though every conversation we have is filled with such meaning... it's inconcievable... it's like every word has such importance, that it effects the very exhistence of our universe.... no exageration

or maybe I'm just bored and have nothing better to post

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Tuesday. 7.6.04 6:47 pm
Qu4dM4chine: let us rejoice!
IronysADeadScene: *parties*
Qu4dM4chine: lol
Qu4dM4chine: *takes pants off*
IronysADeadScene: yeah buddy
IronysADeadScene: *gets an erection*
Qu4dM4chine: lmao
IronysADeadScene: hahaha

One must be careful when e-Partying. Things may seem fun at first, but just like real parties... things can go wrong... and often times lead to sex. We won't go into where this conversation went... but trust me when I warn you, take caution when e-Partying... no one wants to get another person e-Pregnant and half to take care of the e-Baby for the rest of their life...

Please, make the right choices

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