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Gimme a call
The rollercoaster begins again.
Monday. 3.19.12 8:59 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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The unknown.
Saturday. 3.17.12 3:33 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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21st Century Young Women
Wednesday. 3.7.12 9:09 am
I've become great friends with all
(but one)
of the girls who work here. =)

Marriage and boyfriends have come up in
casual conversation multiple times
and I believe it is a topic that will occupy their minds
for a while (albeit short) yet.


They are my age, that is,
early twenties (only!)
and their families are pressuring them to get married.
Two of them already have wedding dates
and husband-to-be
arranged for them. =(
I feel torn and sad for them.
"Do you love him?"
The answers were these:
"No, I haven't even reached like yet.
Just acceptance for now."
"I just met him again the other day after a while and...
unfortunately, what little hopeful spark we had is gone.
I don't know what to do."
I cannot really say anything
for I am not from this country
and though I understand both viewpoints (traditional and modern)
it is not me going through this
so I know whatever I say is biased in some way.

I've overheard some of the girls talking
and it seems that 23-24 is an age
most of the young people get married.
"He's 24 already and still not married!"
exclaimed one of them.
Yet they do not seem so happy themselves to be getting married
but it is the norm.


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What happened to Friendship?
Tuesday. 2.7.12 8:06 pm
Or rather, our perception of it?

Why is it okay to just let people come in and out of our lives
so superficially?
I understand if you're in the train full of strangers
you probably wouldn't introduce yourself to all of them.
You say hello (if at all)
and that's it.

But sometimes great friendships start in the train,
or elevator,
or another country,
or a website ;)
and I feel that if we keep being so superficial about everything
and fake in every conversation,
those friendships
or bonds
will never form.

The reason this came up
is because I've become pretty friendly with the employees at my hostel
particularly this one girl who speaks the same dialect that I do
who isn't a local but is working there for several months
but I've been noticing a sort of...
distancing that she does when we're in a group
careless(maybe) negative words, looks, body language
versus the friendliness she exhibits when it's just us
and taking the things she's said into consideration...
about how she doesn't want contact info for
anyone she's met and become "friends" with
even if they clicked and she was saying how much she would miss them.
I get the feeling that she doesn't want to maintain any sort of "friendship"
and I don't mean this in particular to myself
just a general feeling about her.
So I'm just going to back off from being too friendly with her.

I think whatever is wrong with our generation
isn't just in America
but all over the world in areas with money
and the ability to luxuriate beyond the necessities,
there is a lack of real communication skills
and this perception that friendship is superficial.


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It is COLD.
Sunday. 2.5.12 11:52 pm
Whatever I thought this city was before...
"cold" has been redefined.

The sun is out
but the winds are so harsh
that you barely feel any warmth
standing under sunshine.


I am retreating back to my hostel even though
I'd much rather have some fun today.

Took an exam this morning...
Results come out in a few days
and I have no idea if I'll get to continue
on to the next rounds.

If I don't get accepted at all...
I'm wondering if I should even try for the other schools.
If I don't...
well, that just means I can enjoy this vacation
instead of worrying and studying and stifling myself
from doing tourist-y and fun things.

=) It's all good either way.

Cross my fingers
and toes,


Of 2012?!
Feb SIXTH??!!
(Here in Asia, at least)

Where the heck did the time go...

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Arrival was uneventful. =)
Saturday. 1.28.12 12:12 am
@moon: You do what? Why not what? My Twitter? *pokes Randy*
@Nuttz: Thank you, nuttzy dear~
@random: It was a very good flight. I watched a movie and five episodes of Downton Abbey Season 2. I'm looking forward to finishing the season on my flight home. =D

Yes, I arrived without incident
which is a very good thing. =)

My first plane had nearly every seat taken except for a few in the back.
The second had only a handful of people in each row,
some with no one at all!
Struck me as odd before taking the season and location into consideration. =P

My first interaction with the locals was very reassuring
and occurred in the crowded metro:

(I'm going to call it the metro from now on because
1 - Don't know if anyone would understand me if I said "subway“
2 - I think that's what they call it?)

A mother with two young girls,
one was sitting in a seat and the other standing,
who saw that I was standing while trying to keep my suitcase upright
and offered to me her daughter's seat!
I don't know why I was surprised, but I was.
Happily so. =)
She told me they were getting off at the next stop.
I replied that I was too, thanked her and refused the offer. =D

Very reassuring-->that I could be accepted & included in "we"
rather than seen as a foreigner who looked out of place.
Right before I left the States,
my cousins were telling me cautionary tales
about what happened to those who didn't seem to belong.
I don't think I should have that problem. =)
Of course I'll still be careful just in case!

I arrived at my "home" for the next few months
with barely any drama.
I say barely because I did get lost, but I knew there was a landmark nearby and used that as my compass. ;D

I stayed in the rest of the day and the next
because I had some loose ends to tie up
that I hadn't finished while I was in the States.
I left only to buy dinner, breakfast, and lunch.
D = squid with onions and chow mein
B = small dumplings/buns, hard-boiled egg, tofu with soup
L = dumplings!
No dinner because I was kind of jet-lagged the second day
and took a nap...until 9pm. -.-;;;
Didn't sleep much last night.

Today is my third day.
I have not finished those loose ends
(which are very very important)
because of that stupid nap.
Which means I will be staying in today too...
I had been hoping to join the tour this morning
but no luck on that.
Maybe I can go tomorrow~ =)

Alright, diary done!


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Leaving the nest...
Thursday. 1.26.12 4:46 pm
...this once anyway.
I still go back IN the nest when I return.
Bah humbug.

At airport waiting for my next flight
which will finally bring me to my destination.

So yesterday, my parents accompanied me to the airport
(first real family-like thing with parents EVER in my memory)
It was strange but not that strange...
which was strange.
But it didn't really bother me THAT much.
Nor did going on a plane and in airports by myself.
It's strangely natural--the airport/plane thing, not the parent thing.

Anyway, I posted something
on my Twitter account
yesterday while waiting at the gate.
But then realized I can't really use Twitter
to keep an account of my adventures.
So I think NuTang will be good for that.
Let's see how good the internet is over there...

If you guys want to know my Twitter handle despite that:
ask randomjunk
or invisible
or Thaitanic
or anyone else I can't remember who has it.
I would put it here but I can't remember it anyway...=P
I still use it sometimes in the States. =)

This airport's WiFi SUCKS
my phone can't get on. =/

Gotta find my gate.

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Tomorrow Tomorrow~~~
Wednesday. 1.25.12 12:40 am
I'm leaving the United States of America tomorrow. AHHH!!!

Even crazier is the fact that YOU-KNOW-WHO IS OKAY WITH IT! Un believable. It's crazy. But true?! Yes! Wowzers.

@Randy: Thanks so much! I love ya!
@Renaye: Thank you~
@Queen Zanzi: No circus, but it feels and looks like one sometimes!
@Muffy: I don't blame ya. I'm not exactly all caught up with you either...;P I need to but I've got so much on my mind right now...>.< Bad excuse, I know. I love ya?
@Lynnie: Sorry, can't tell ya or I'll have tah kill ya. I will tell you that...I'm off to fulfill my dreams and I'm just getting started. Is that okay?

Am I ready? I don't know if I'm ready.
Are my things packed well? Don't know if I'm missing anything. 0.0
Packing list, anybody? Good for a few months?
Huh? Huh? HUH?

Shaddap Silver.

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