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Age. 0
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. full Mexican
Location Mexico, Mexico
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November 2020

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November 2020

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lucky day!!!!
Saturday. 11.24.07 12:05 am
listening to: franco de vita
watching: the computer .... because my new tv does not have cable conection
mood: retarded
it seems today is my lucky day!!!! after dunno how much time I was trying to change my nutang avatar and I can not do it untill now... I'm not Michael Jackson anymore and finally start to be me.

thanks nutang!!! Im glad to be here now...

in other bussines, my work goes grate, I'm doing some projects and hope not had to lost them like the last one...

now, i'm in Delicias city with my parents, thinking on what do I have to do to have an acceptable comunication with my boyfriend I know that I´m the problem.... I'm not going to go with the witch (some of my friends go with one of those persons who had special powers to tell you future).... that's for sure.

thanks for your comments ..... since now

[email protected]

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Monday. 11.19.07 8:22 pm
the last 2 days I'm doing nothing... here in Mexico, we have "bridges".

in "bridges" we are not going to work on monday (or friday) when one festive day cames in a labor day (any day of week) , so we have one of those this days, for the revolution (we celebrate this tomorrow so today (monday) all mexico is laying down....

I'm laying down too... I don't have nothing to do, and everyone in home (include my boyfriend) wants to be at home... I'M SICK OF IT!!!! i want to get out of here... may be a Margarita Presidente by chillis could be grate, or go to movies. All day I was praying for some one tell "I'm boring, let's do something" and nothing, no one said nothing at all, when finally I said that I was boring, all said "naaaah, if you want to do something, is better you fill all your blogs... and let's see when you finish... I just going to fill hi5... maybe I can make a slide or something... we will see what cames to my mind....

here, now are 6:40pm may be the day finish soon...

[email protected]

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Thursday. 11.15.07 12:05 am
mood: tired
I learn something today.... I CAN'T COMUNICATE WITH NO ONE!!!

no one nothing never

im in a serious problem

[email protected]

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Sunday. 11.4.07 12:49 am
mood: drunk
listening to: ana torroja


now I'm drunk... I have one page of all that pass in last week... but now that I think well... may be that is noting... I just almost hit a doctor on face, and feel bad... really bad... now, after a good weekend with my boyfriend and missing him a lot... I can say I'M HAPPY TO BE HERE... VIVA THE BEER!!!!


[email protected]

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crazy happiness
Monday. 10.29.07 1:55 am
mood: happy
watching: discovery home and health
Im happy the pain for a moment is gone... my mood is much better than yesterday.... still angry with me 'cause I'm waiting the pain again... so... constantine's syndrome is killing my mental health... i will be doing the best for me... i will go to sleep with a glass with water and my pills next to my bed and very happy not to feel pain for tonight (hope so)....

love my less pain....

i'm happy tonight

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dammn me
Sunday. 10.28.07 2:56 am
mood: sad, angry
I was wrote something today for this blog... and I tought it will be able to see it now... and guess what... it is gone... I can't even remember what was wrote, so I have to start a new one, with my complaints to me for not to learn in a good way how can I make a new entry for my own blog...

now pain is killing me again and I can't do nothing untill medicine can found the place when hurts... it's almost impossible? come on!!! act now!!! I have to sleeep!!! tomorrow I may being awake without my consent for my parents to assist at "family breakfast" at 7:00 o clock in the morning.... it's grate, funny to see all the family toghether and make jokes, when you were sleep all night long.

please medicine.... i need to sleep

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