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Go Wings!
Sunday. 2.10.13 3:26 pm
Forgot to mention that I've been watching Hockey for several years now. Never really watched it before meeting Jenn, so I just adopted her team, the Redwings. Hockey is amazing. I'm really surprised it's not a more popular sport. It's WAY more exciting than football or basketball. (I didn't mention baseball because just about anything is more exciting than watching baseball).

We had a great game today after a back to back. 2 wins in a row! If we can just get all our players healthy we might have a shot this year even without Lidstrom.

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Long time no see...
Sunday. 2.10.13 7:12 am
Wow it's been a long time since I've poked around this place. 3 years I think, going by the timestamp on my last entry. Let's see... what's changed in 3 years. Pretty sure I was working as a programmer the last time I posted. I'm still a programmer, but at a different (and much better) job. The last one got shut down by the FBI/DEA for shadiness involving selling regulated drugs over the internet. So that was an interesting day.

Shortly after that I got a much more enjoyable job at Slickdeals.net. It's a job that pays well, I get to dress however I want, (mostly) make my own hours, and we recently got a ping pong table. I'm apparently good at ping pong. Didn't know that.

That's most of what has changed in my professional life. Now for the personal stuff. I'm happy to report that Jenn and I are still together. It's been... almost 8 years I think? I guess that's one way you know you're in it for keeps when you completely lose track of how long it's been. We're still living together in Vegas. She's got a great job at United Healthcare, and if all goes according to plan we're getting married (at the courthouse) in a few months and will be trying for a baby shortly after that.

The idea of my impending fatherhood is... intimidating to say the least. I mean I'm looking forward to it, don't get me wrong. I'm just nervous. I guess that's normal. I'm mainly worried I won't be able to balance time properly. I already feel like I work too much, and I'm afraid when you throw a baby in the mix I'll either work too much or too little. And then of course there's all the normal worries about breaking the baby or screwing them up somehow.

I guess we'll wait and see how it goes. First thing's first... we have to get in the habit of keeping our house clean.

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