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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



Derrick's Playlist
The Beauitful Life
Tuesday. 10.6.09 10:54 am

The Beautiful Life

The drama about a group of young high fashion models,
making their way through the cutthroat world of modeling.


Watch the trailer now right now.

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Tuesday. 9.29.09 1:04 am

Done alittle "self-reflection", on what happened recently.
A state of an unpleasant and difficult situation.
Its such a mess or should i say a huge mess.
Basically, everything is so dramatic.
Simple issues became complicated and stupid.

On the other hand school hasn't been good. Not at all.
Admin staff called home and my Brother. Got fucked up damn bad.
After much "lecturing" by my Brother.
Got emotional and disappointed at the same time.
Sometimes i just hate myself for being too playful.
Lack of discipline and motivation.

Im surrounded with the most nicest people on earth,
and im surrounded with the most ridiculers, immature and plastic people.
We always have a choice, make the right friends.
Don't mix with the wrong ones just because you want to be fit in.

On the News headline, the Tropical Storm Ketsana raged across Philippines.
At least 140 dead and tens of thousands homeless.
I heard from a friend from Bangkok that its raging across bkk today.
Seriously i hope it doesn't.

Alright on the brighter side, Liting's 18th Birthday celebration will be held on the 2nd - 4th of Oct.
Finally some gathering with everyone i hope.
Okay, its time for me to get some afternoon rest,
will be heading down to Looque Modelling Agency for my interview at 5pm.
Gotta thanks Marcus Ac. Thank you!

Have a pleasant week ahead.

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Happy birthday
Friday. 9.25.09 4:58 pm

Happy 18th Birthday Boonchew,
may every moment spent in your life with happiness.


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Get right
Tuesday. 9.22.09 7:21 am


You're looking just a little too hard at me,
standing just a little too close to me.
Got me thinking what is it you do for me?
Tripping over it, a little more than I should be.
So let yourself go and get right with me.

Brian's 21st Birthday is done with, Happy Birthday!
Katherine's 18th Birthday is done with, Happy Birthday!
Reza's Bithrday is done with, Happy Birthday!
Marcus Khoo's Birthday is done with, Happy Birthday!
Liyun's Mom Birthday is done with, Happy Birthday!

Next up, Kenneth Leong's, Boonchew's and Liting's Birthday.

Ugly Truth made my day.

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Be yourself
Friday. 9.18.09 8:31 am

Be yourself like your past never happened, be yourself like your first breath is taken at this instant.

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End of Prelims
Tuesday. 9.15.09 8:20 am

Alright Prelim is a total messed up.
Skipped my Art, English, Accounts and Chem papers. Sighh
Seriously, i dont know what was I thinking.

Anyway my dootsteps is filled with some many flyers.
Its always the same adv regarding about selling our flats in Holland.
I always wanted to move out from here and live somewhere far away.
Oh well, its not for me to decide anyway. Eventually is my Dad who decides.

I'm satisfied today, cause i had Subway for lunch :)

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