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Your are listening to...
Wednesday. 11.5.08 10:28 pm
Your are listening to rammstein, german heavy metal band. I knew this band thanks to a internet friend that show me the track Amerika, I was so fascinated! Making fun of people of the United States! YEAH UNITED STATES NOT AMERICA, AMERICA IS A CONTINENT. It was fo funny. So I listened to that song all night long I didn't get tired.

With the time I started leaving that song. Just that song only. A year passed and I saw a videoclip in MTV, it was about rammstein perfoming in the mtv awards with their song "Ich will", I liked it again, but wasn't too sure about it. Then a few months passed and guess what? Another video! This time was Mein Teil, a nice video to watch. Then of course I bought the cd! I was really afraid that this lyrics in german meant something pretty and not ugly, because I like ugly stuff. And they were ugly, I was so happy. Thanks to them I started a german course, but I quit it when I got into the university. I just did 1 year of german. Anyways that year hepled me understanding what I was singing. I'm not a singer but I like SHOUTING and also walking in my house singing and adding a different tone to the songs xD.

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MMO Game
Tuesday. 11.4.08 8:53 pm
it's just like any online game but with blood, and dead bodies.Some people think that this game isn't interesting, but I think you should give it a try. The game is for +18 ( for boys I suggest girls, they are all naked at the begining! And Kruxena race body shines all the time.)
They have 4 different races, each one has different jobs ( once you get to lvl 9 then you can do a change of job), with some nice skills and also some nice character voices they are very funny specially the one of the hunter xenoa xD.
This races are:

Kruxena: They have one big arm and they walk dragging it ( I mean the arm), when you leave them without doing nothing they touch! Specially the female she touchs her b00bs. And they also look everywhere, yeah they think that they are pretty.

Turan: Blond dudes, they are humans, very good healers, they can revive ( depends the job that you choose of course). They run like anime characters and they have very nice sound voices ( when they make some spells or something). Their dancing is hilarious.

Bartuk: Orc, their dancing it's really funny too. I don't know too much about this race, only that they are very strong. They have a spell where your hand cover your eyes and you start running everywhere like a maniac.

Xenoa: New race, little kids that wanna have fun, this one worth it, xenoa male hunter has a really funny voice specially when he shouts "FIRE!" in spanish it would be like " "FAIA". They look small but when you get closer....BOO.

Here I will leave you the different hair styles and faces that you can use. When you get into the game faces and hair aren't too much visible so this can help you a little more:


Check that webpage for info about hairstyle and faces.

Another interesting feauture it's nightmare monsters. This monsters appear just for a few hours from 23:00 to 2:00 ( game hour). When it's 23:00 the place gets foggy and a creepy music starts playing. Watch out for nightmare monsters, they are agressive and very powerful ( if you are lvl 10 and a nightmare monster is lvl 10 nightmare will win they are too strong).

They have a beast posession system. When you kill and kill monsters without diyng you will turn into a monster. But this only happens when you get done some quests, and you need to be lvl 23. More info here: http://www.playrequiem.com/game/uniqueSystem01.aspx

Some stuff you need to understand before you begin the game:

-Do not fall off mountains or anything similar you can get killed!
-You will need some help with nightmare monsters, they aren't that easy.
-If you want your weapon to shine then reinforce it. The blacksmith will ask you for a simple xeon. You can get this simple xeons by putting any item ( armor or weapon) in the item reduction area ( item reduction blacksmith)
- You should start in crescent, it's easier I think.

For more help with quest, and info here's a link: REQUIEM WIKI

For downloading the game without registering:ftp://ftp.gravityus.com/RQclient/full/Requiem_3.0_20080826-1537.rar

The game is very heavy: 2.7 GB

Official webpage: www.playrequiem.com


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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Video trailer:

Video introducing new race Xenoa:

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The bionic girl
Sunday. 11.2.08 12:29 pm
Ok ok, here it goes. Bionic girl image:



I hope you like it :)

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nice comments = showing some gore
Saturday. 11.1.08 6:04 pm
Ok I have one more work of mine. But it's very how can I say...bloddy, and it has some metal parts, also a bloody background. So I will do this: If you like my work and want me to show more pictures post a comment saying yes, that you want to see more pictures like those I show after I put this entry, ( I advanced a little so...more macabre :P ).

Now, comment! Want more gore? more blood? more macabre?

If your comments are positive then I will show the picture.

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