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*~ Be happy, think positive, SMILE!
*~ Love simply
*~ Live the day like there is no tomorrow
*~ Live without regrets
*~ Dispose of your rubbish carefully
*~ Reduce your usage of plastic shopping bags
*~ Love the world, be charitable
*~ Respect Cross-cultural relationships
*~ Respect same-sex relationships
*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

Ayu - Another nutang bud, luv her
site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

ShaShaBoo - she mah home girl..hehe
nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
Advocate against killing of Baby Seals!
Saturday. 4.16.05 4:21pm

I just got a email forwarded to me from my cous in m'sia, it was about the clubbing of baby seals. I was just soooo upset over the powerpoint slide that showed the baby seals being dragged away from their mother and clubbed to death for a sport!! It fucking disgusts me that people can be so fucking cruel! It seems that on the internet there are many sites supporting this sport and it really sickens me to the stomach that humans can be such barbarians. One guy said that he would kill baby seals, cuz the feeling of hearing a suffering animal screming is calming.... How can you STAND some FREAK like that???

They are often skinned alive, and this actually LEGAL in Canada!!! I thought Canada was a good country like Australia, but infact their animal rights are non existant especially for the clubbing of poor, defenceless baby seals! I know you guys must think I'm on one of those moods against where I fucking complain about the world today... but I don't give a shit... becuz this is serious stuff and it is happening right now! Stats show at least 300,000+ baby seals will die this yr...

If you guys feel as passionate about this as me and want to stop this injustice from happening...type a letter here to the Canadian govt to ban seal hunting!! How would humans feel if their baby was taken from their arms, bashed over the head with a bat and skinned alive, left bleeding to death on the cold snow...

Please join the petition...let's doing something to stop this!It's not right..

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presentation madness!
Wednesday. 4.13.05 3:47pm
mood: relieved! *phew*

I just had my presentation yesterday with my group mates, who are all guys btw! It was about international mgmt in Myanmar. Even though the topic was rather ordinary....I couldn't help but crack up during class! It was embarassing!!! It was cuz my group mate had gone before me, and he convinced us and himself that he is very confident in speeches. But this time he kept on repeating the same words over and over again. I just started laughing when he passed it onto to me to speak. I was like giggling and couldn't stop, which made the class laugh with me - or AT me!

Don't u just hate that? When you get the worse case of giggles, and you don't mean to. I kept on looking over at my other group mate, Ck, and whenever we would make eye contact we would just crack up!! It was such a bummmer speech...cuz we weren't really prepared. But I reckon my part was fairly ok. :) When nervous...all you do is find comedy ;)

There were also ppl at the back of my class taking photos of me!! With their Phone cameras! My friend CK said "dont look yet, but i think they taking photos of you". I didn't pay attention, but then realised they were and felt kinda intruded in a way. Cuz they taking photo and sending to god knows who!!! And I dont even know them!! I was about to bust their cam, but thought who gives a shit. Just smile and be flattered they wanna take pics. hehehehe...dun wanna be stuck up about it....but it's nice to feel some what attractive :p Plus my groupmates so nice, they said they are lucky to have the chance to be in my group! wahhhhh!!! Hope they protect me from the FREAKS! LOL! Plus there are 3 m'sians including me...which makes it hella cool, cuz we always refer back to home.

I had woken up at 5:30am to drop my parents off at the airport. Kinda sad...then again, freedommmmm!!!! :p Hehehe..work was good, but after presentation was even better ;) Cuz I got to see Fernando after 9 days of absence! awwwwwwww... Miss him so much...we had our usual tues night in with THE OC!! I dunno what I would do without my boo, he keeps me at ease...sane and down to earth. :) I love him so much for that...

Yay I have the day off work!! But it sucks cuz I had to go to tne Industrial Relartion Comm to observe a hearing. It's either uni or work... :/

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E-von's market price
Sunday. 4.10.05 9:11 pm
I am worth $1,742,034.00 on HumanForSale.com

Anyone would be scary to receive offers...hehehe. This is a really cool and funny site I got from Koban. But he is worth more than me!! No fair! lol!

You guys should try it out,...and let me know how much can I purchase you for..haha

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Missing person
Saturday. 4.9.05 9:14 am
Missing person - that would be me! Hehehe. The whole week, for every night I have been out! Crazy huh? 3 nights at uni, one night at Tiff's place and then last night at Subi eating Woodpeckers pizza with Yoshie (my homestay student) and my bro's friends, Emily and Ting. It was rather strange to have dinner with my bro's friends, cuz he is not here and we are HANGING OUT!!! It's funny..

The only person I have caught up with my group is Tiff, and that was briefly at her house. We got talking and I realised that I have been so busy that I have been unable to keep in touch with my friends. The only thing I do is email them!! And that shouldn't be the way.. It is making them feel as if I do not like them anymore...cuz I don't spend time with them. But I didn't know this was in their hearts. I am a very clueless person when it comes to feelings. It's true! I cannot read what people are thinking and rather they say it so I know how to react... I feel guilty and terrible about not giving them attention...

My parents are going to China and M'sia next week! LUCKY! This is their first time, and I think it is a BIG THING for them. It's like returning to the motherland, but the next generation (us) doesn't feel like we are connected to there. Maybe one day I will take my own trip back to look for my roots. :) This means FREEDOM! Parents not here...hopefully it will not be as stressful as last time!

I'm at uni again!! And it's saturday...hahaha...Im sick of this place. Plus Yoshie is leaving for Japan today.. :( Will miss her. Ahhhhh it is nice to get international students to stay with you...but whenever they get close to you...it is so sad to see them go!! I don't wanna cry today - I won't! *sobs*

Have a great weekend everyone!!! PARTY TIME! hehehe..

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Being more male or female?
Saturday. 4.2.05 12:00pm

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

Eh...this quiz wasn't really that interesting, but give it a go if you as bored as me. hehehe. I knew I was more female :) But the description is close to the truth..

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the REAL celebration ;)
Sunday. 3.26.05 4:18 pm

Group pic, most of my bros friends, mybbro n Ron are in the front row with Emily

Family pic -frm left Wayne, Papa, me, mama, kohkoh

Tiff, Michelle and me after a few drinks :p

Pink ladies - me and Jess

My childhood friends frm Primary school - Gail, Michelle and me

My soul sister - Danae and I

Tiff & me tipsy O_o hehehe

The day of the party had started off with me waking up at 6:30am, my body and mind started to work straight away…because I knew it was going to be a long day! So much to cook, to prepare made me crazy! At one point I was left home alone to cook and then I heard a noise. I ran so quick into my room, locked the door and phoned up my dad. The house was just sooo quiet and I thought there was a robber in the house! My heart must have been so jumpy that day cuz it was beating so fast and anxious about the party’s turn out. Silly girl!

Tiff and Yo came over to help me…and without those girls I could not have such an awesome party! I was so glad they came, it really made me feel like things were in control. The weather looked bad, cuz it had been drizzling and I prayed to God for it not to rain at night. My mum asked me to sleep or take a nap in afternoon because I would be staying up quite late. I could not! With so many things to worry about!

We went down town to pick up the sushi platter and last minute groceries and liquor at 4pm. It was also a dilemma cuz Tiff was not able to find someone to take over her shift at work! And she is one of the most important people of the party…in the end she stayed anyway. At 6pm my friends shooed me away from the kitchen to get myself prepared. I just couldn’t leave until the cooking was all done. But I had to cuz my family was coming over to take photos with the cake. Then people started to arrive and I really begun to let myself enjoy what I had planned.

Gail was on the DJ mixer, Tiff & Yo with the new Kenwood smootie mixer. Hehe It was so nice to see everyone there. Having a good time! I didn’t eat much but drank a bit. So sorry to those people who I could not attend to during the night. I felt bad for leaving some people bored. I was soon legless…haha as predicted, but not fully smashed! Gail got me to make a speech and I could hardly remember what I said! My older bro was there and so were his friends. Everyone was mingling and that was great! Ron came over and mixed up his flaming Lamborghinis which left many of us sick! Haha. My poor boo had 2 to himself! We cut the cake and sang happy bday..got pressies. But the main thing that made this so memorable and happy for me were my friends and saying that they had an awesome time!

By the end of the night most ppl had gone home, Tiff, Michelle, Gail and Fernando stayed over and helped cleaned up in the morning. Those 3 were probably the most ill from it all..haha Tiff can hold her drink as usual! I was sick early but sobered up during the night so it was a memorable 21st ;) One thing I do remember most was me and Michelle crying, it was funny but sad at the same time. We have been friends for 15 years and haven’t been in contact very much. But I will always love her and we will be friends forever. Whoever is my friend will never be forgotten! Then I was crying also cuz my bro’s friend told me to tell my bro about going out with Fernando, as it is almost a year. I felt bad for not telling him..and my parents too. Maybe it is not as bad as it seems. That was enough to trouble my mind the whole weekend. :/ But besides that I had a wicked 21ST birthday thanks to everyone who showed up :)

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