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where were we.
Monday. 11.5.07 6:26 pm
where were we.

so i got a promotion at the bank that i work for. now i'm a customer service representative. if you want to open an account, i'm the guy to do it.

let's see.

i got a kitty. no, it wasn't to just make up for the fact that i lost the other one. it was because kittens are awesome and i wanted one.

his name's doc. he's freakin' sweet.

i'll post a picture when i feel like it.

let this entry shed some hope on all of those readers out there that i have neglected... i'm sorry that it's been awhile for my posting of a blog. this one's for all of you.

*raises a glass*


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Saturday. 8.11.07 11:47 pm
so this kitty started wandering out in front of my house last thursday. i took it in on friday, because it was cute, and i wanted to keep it.

me and niki went and bought supplies for it, to take care of it. we had set a vet appointment for monday.

the kitty was doing well all weekend.

by sunday night, it had lost most of it's energy. i don't know why.

by monday, it didn't do anymore than lay around. poor thing.

when niki and i went to take the kitty to the vet, it died as we walked out my front door.

i've taken a lot of time into thinking about the reasons for why the kitty deserved to die. i can't think of any. was it just part of "god's" plan? if it was, and i'm sure that's what a lot of people will say, then fine. if that's the case, "god's" an asshole, and i'd sooner flaunt my two middle fingers in front of "his" face and burn for eternity than spend a single day in "his" "heaven."

rest in peace, kitty. i miss you.

currently listening to: closer by sound the alarm


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Tuesday. 6.19.07 11:10 pm
whenever i'm feeling blue, i just realize, wait a sec, im the BEST!

so, if you're ever feeling blue, just remember, you're second best!


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Sunday. 6.10.07 11:02 pm
let's see.

went to the farm to prematurely celebrate my birthday. it was fine, though the beach was full of flags that indicated "no swimming whatsoever." that was a shame. sonic's good, though.

just saw ocean's 13. it was pretty good, though there were some holes that should've been filled in the end, if you know what i mean *winks*.

and, in u.s. standard eastern time, it's gonna be my 21st birthday in about 55 minutes. it's mildly exciting. however...

i have to work tomorrow. total downer. oh well.

currently listening to: where are you now? by the hint


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Thursday. 5.17.07 12:02 am
i want to remix some more rock songs. it's fun.

give me suggestions. i'll do my best.


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piece of pie.
Tuesday. 5.8.07 7:52 am
i've always found it difficult for me to eat more than one piece of pie. however, that piece is always spectacular.


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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