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The Boogeymen are coming
Monday. 12.7.09 11:25 pm
...and tonight I find myself in a terribly compromising situation. Seriously, how did I let this happen? It's kind of nice for my ego, but since when did my massive head need any more girth?

Well, the prescribed solution is to "pretend it didn't happen." I'm down with that, if it works. Probably safest all around.

If I can do it.

Also, lunch today was simply epic and I wish I could bring my camera to school.

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My phone is broken
Saturday. 12.5.09 2:01 pm
And I'm trying to fix it myself. Software issues and all that. I would love to know how the issue happened in the first place.

Just read Eldest for the second time. Now I'm going to read Brisingr for the first time. Wheee

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The Little Prince
Friday. 11.27.09 11:30 pm
My breath kind of reminds me of bananas. What gives?

Thanksgiving was pretty fun, I suppose. All we did was have two of Mom's friends over for dinner. Not as bad as it sounds. Great dinner, too.

I haven't hung out with the guys in a while. I am beginning to miss them sorely.

Our school football team, which started out with a TERRIBLE record, just beat SPHS, the defending state champions from last year. 24-6 or something. I bet all the kids who were trash talking me at ATC (even though both the other schools have completely LAME swim teams, which is what I worry about,) are feeling really sheepish right now. Championship game should be good, assuming we make it to the finals.

I just ran through the entire archive of Dr. McNinja cartoons after reading The Little Prince after reading Eragon (in under 2 days) after reading The Elvenbane, etc. I miss reading. Dr. McNinja hardly counts as heavy reading, but it's something I did to wile the time away because I can't get my hands on the rest of the Inheritance cycle or the HalfBlood trilogy. So basically I'm pacing my room looking for books to read. Can you believe this? Because I can.

Makes me miss Mt. Gallant. I read at least 1000 books during my six years there. It was so simple back then...and there were some half-decent stories, too!

I don't like Keener as more than my bud. I do not know why people are assuming that. It's a silly assumption to make.

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Sunday. 11.22.09 11:23 pm
This weekend was kind of disappointing.

It occurred to me that I don't need people for me to dump my wild stories and epiphanies on. That's why I adopted my red notebook all those months ago...but it fell into disuse when I found that I had somebody to talk to.

That, of course, has largely changed. Sometimes I have thoughts that I want to share that are too menial to blog about but will fade away if I don't tell someone. And these days, there's rarely somebody to tell.

It's OK, though. My red notebook was a bit lonely.

It's sad how events can cause things as menial as my profile pictures to become just a LITTLE bit awkward. I mean, come on. I should be able to use one of my old pictures without thinking, "Ehhhhhh...."

Saturday was completely without action. I was waiting for Kyle to get off work at 9:30 so we could hang out for a while, but at the last minute his mom vetoed. So then the day felt like a double waste.

With all the setbacks my group has faced in Video Productions, I don't know how the teacher expects us to finish our video tomorrow. But she apparently does. Tomorrow will be stressful.

AAAGGGHHHH This is so frustrating it's not even funny.

Oh, I heard a miracle this week. That was special. It was both miraculous and good news, which is usually a good combination. :P

Let's see...what else...

Emotionally torn, check, stress, check, random awesomeness, check. That's it. I really just wanted to update this thing.

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