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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
School. Other
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Sunday. 9.24.06 3:56 pm
Okay, I thought I would share my photo of the mountains I just took from outside. If you look hard in the background there, you can see the snow we're getting in the mountains. There's a set right behind the ones on the Front Range that are just getting TONS of snow :) It's beautiful!!!

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Sunday. 9.24.06 1:25 pm
You know, laundry really sucks. I'm sitting here doing it today (because I need towels and underwear) and it just seriously SUCKS! Granted, it takes about a minute to load the laundry into the washer and dryer, but it's folding it or hanging it up that is just so time consuming and the part that I really hate about it!

BUT, alas...I do it because I want clean clothes and good smelling towels!

On this clothes topic, I've been going through bins of clothes that I still have from 3 years ago that don't fit me anymore. It's depressing to see that I used to fit into those clothes, but at the same time, do I really want to wear those clothes again? I mean, most of them are from when I got out of high school and I think at this point in time, I've sort of outgrown some of that style. I still like the jeans and all that, but some of the shirts and stuff...lol...maybe it's because I'm so used to wearing business casual clothing and all that. All I freakin wear now is button-up shirts and slacks/skirts.

Ah well...I still can't believe I have not invested in a damn antenna! I'm still not watching football and I'm starting to go through withdrawls!!

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this is neat
Sunday. 9.24.06 1:44 am
I'm sure some of you may have seen this, but I thought it was cool and being pregnant and all, it was interesting to see how the body changes.

WOW...I can't believe that is happening to me!

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Saturday. 9.23.06 11:19 am
I woke up this morning and was absolutely freezing. It could have gotten down to freezing last night or whatnot, but I don't have the heat or the A/C on in my house, so either way...I woke up and it was chilly...46 degrees when I checked. Somethin tells me this year that Denver might get snow...and you know, just my luck, we're gonna get some massively huge snow storm or some horrible weather and my baby is going to decide "Hell, it's time for me to come out!" I really hope my boyfriend decides by winter time prior to the baby's due date that he decides to want to live with me. I'd prefer that he was driving me to the hosptal to deliver rather than calling an ambulance and paying out the ass for all that. I suppose I could call my best friend who lives a minute up the road...we'd be offroading it all the way to the hospital in her 4x4, but at least I know we'd make it there in harsh weather (and bad terrain...lol).

Here's a photo of some bad snow in Denver, granted, this was 1982, but still...we've not had a horrible snow since March of 2003 (they had almost 3 feet of it...I'm so glad that was before I moved here), so I can only imagine that since we've had 3 years of mild winters, we'll probably have a huge snow storm...lol

Why am I thinking about this? I'm probably just setting myself up for disaster anyway...haha

But anyway, my boyfriend's at work all day, so I'll probably go visit him sometime on his lunch. Since I hardly see him anymore, 30 minutes of time is better than spending no time with him at all (since I think my house is like poison to him or something...he never comes over here). You'd think he'd want to see his pregnant girlfriend, but alas...it's usually me sitting alone most times. I think I saw my best friend more than I saw him for a little while there. Since she's been moving, I haven't seen a whole lot of anybody...and I can't really help her move (even though I would love to), but I'm not supposed to be lifting a buttload of stuff. HELL, if I can carry 7 bags of groceries up a flight of stairs by myself, I think I could probably lift some of her stuff (they won't let me)...

I think I might go get my viola from my boyfriend's house. Here's a picture of a similar Knilling viola to mine, but not the same. Mine's about 7 or 8 years old, so...hehe (which reminds of that old violin we had in the music store...it was so old, it stated that it was made in West Germany on the inside, so we know it was older than 1989...and it had sat in there...it was a beautiful violin)...

I've really had this urge to just play it so bad, and it's sitting over at his house. I'm afraid of breaking the A-string though. I know it's out of tune and I'll have to tune it up, but at the same time, I was doing so a while back and the A-string kept breaking. To be honest, I was not enjoying buying a new $14.00 A-string every time the damn thing kept breaking. There must have been a burr or something in the fine tuner, so I took it off and the strings haven't broken since, but even so...I don't like to drop that much money every single time I tune the thing. Granted, I'd rather break an A-string than a C-string (which hardly ever breaks), but that string costs over $30.00, so I'm happy to be breaking the cheap one...lol...why do I have to buy the expensive strings?? Speaking of breaking strings, it was right before a concert and we were tuning up and my G-string broke (yes, sounds dirty) and do you think I had an extra one...haha...so, here I am, walking around, asking people for an extra G-string...it was sort of embarassing.

I've been having a horrible sneezing fit this morning...which either means, I'm going to get sick...or allergies have finally taken me over...my eyes are watery, my head is congested, and I've sneezed about 50 times in the last 5 minutes. I'm gonna chalk it up to a cold coming on...DAMMIT!!!

I'm off...have a great day everyone and if it's sunny and nice, get out and enjoy the day! It is painfully obvious that summer is over or almost over, so get out and enjoy the last bits of it while you can!

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Friday. 9.22.06 6:07 pm
Okay, it's not really exciting...but at least I'm done working...and it's Friday, which means 2 whole entire days of doing whatever the hell I want during the day and not worrying about deadlines! WOO!!!!

I keep thinking about my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I really really REALLY want to find out what the baby is, and I'll finally get to do that on Tuesday. Talk about waiting for something SO much it's all you think about. I can't believe that I didn't want to find out what it was at first, but the anticipation would have killed me!!! So, that's on Tuesday...

Um...I still haven't called anyone about my car, so my luck, I won't find anyone who'll be willing to reattach a tail pipe in a week's time...let alone one that will do it cheaply :( Woe is me...it's all my fault though. I shouldn't bitch about something I procrastinated, so essentially, I created this mess for myself.

GRRR...I just asked my boyfriend if he had Tuesday off because he knew that was my doctor's appointment...and no, he doesn't...I told him about it a month ago! Please make sure you don't have to work on Tuesday the 26th...dammit...that fucking pisses me off! The one super important appointment that would be the most interesting and all that, he's not even going to be there. Now I just want to cry...

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Thursday. 9.21.06 6:27 pm
Seriously...is this week over yet?!?!?!

At least there's one more day of hell left and it consists of me wearing jeans to work and being comfortable. So, I guess, that makes it about 50% okay. Now, if the tremendous piles of paper would only go away, I'd be all set! You'd think I was building little models of the Rocky Mountains will all the masses of paper I have sitting on my desk. So much for paperless billing, my ass. I don't think the word paperless exists in any accounting department.

But, in other news...my best friend finally got a job at a firm that will actually let her be an interior designer (finally, someone's degree is getting them somewhere...lol). I met her in college and we both were in the same program and she graduated about 6 or 7 months before more and got a job at an Interior Design firm. Unfortunately, they shoved her in the "CAD BITCH" position and she's never advanced anywhere else. She's gone on dozens of interviews, but it's obvious no one really looked at her potential and she never got a call back. WELL, it was her lucky day today! She can finally quit her crap job and do something that she'll enjoy doing! I'm so happy for her!

Me, I'll be stuck in a dead-end accounting job going no where because I graduated from college with a degree in Interior Design. Ugh...the only reason I stay there at that job is because I have insurance through them and I sort of REALLY need it right now. They give me 2 weeks paid vacation and 40 hours sick time (which really comes in handy too). BUT, I seriously don't get paid as much as I deserve for taking the bullshit that I do from so many people. Yeah, yeah...if I disclosed my salary, some people my bitch at me and stuff, but I make less than $25,000 a year where some people are making upwards of $30,000 or more to do something WAY less stressful as me. It's depressing...

Okay, I'm gonna quit my bitching...I've done enough of that today.

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Something different...
Wednesday. 9.20.06 8:57 pm
Well, I saw this thing on randomjunk 's blog and I thought "I WANT THAT!," so I went and made one.

It's that thing-a-majig that's playing the music and stuff, but I put other stuff in it too.

If you mess around with the tabs on it, I put some more pics of myself on it and I also put a video I made in one of my classes in college. The video is not that impressive, but hehe...it's a video. We basically had to take shapes from a 2D cad drawing and then make them 3D, and we had to design this building out of these pieces we were making from the 2D drawing. The only thing we could do was rotate the pieces and extrude them to different heights and crap. That's what I came up with...lol

The crazy thing, every single person was using the same 2D cad drawing and we all came up with different buildings and all that. Basically, my video is about 30 seconds, it took over 24 hours (I would say more around 30 to 36 hours) to render the entire thing. It was nuts...and it didn't help that the first one that I made, I stopped at this one part in my building that took almost 20 minutes to render one frame. That sucked...and I was stuck in that spot for about 30 frames or something...most likely something like 70 frames probably.

I definitely give those animation people props...lol...it's some hard work!

Anyway, I thought I'd give randomjunk credit for the player though since I love it

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Tuesday. 9.19.06 9:43 pm
Well, tonight I worked a little longer than I thought...and it gave me a change to talk heart to heart with my boss (I think we needed it)...

I had made the comment to my boss earlier in the day that I thought it might take some time out of my day to possibly eliminate that one step in my process or possibly, just shorten the process...and this girl that sits next to my boss said something really snotty...she got up right after she said it and walked off. The look on my boss' face was priceless. She was like Regardless, I took out part of this step and I think it will help cut down on the pointless things that I'm doing.

Anyway, I waited until that girl left work and went over to my boss and explained to her WHY I didn't ask for help. I mean, every time I go ask for help, someone like that lady chimes in with some snide remark. To be honest, I might be able to get my work done during the day if people were not constantly interupting me. I constantly have people coming to my desk, asking me questions...people calling me on the phone, asking me questions...people e-mailing me, wanting me to do somethign right now...It's like I can't start doing anything without being interupted by something or another. She does not get interupted during the day nearly as much as I do and I honestly think my job is a bit more strenuous than hers. She prints out spreadsheets all day and status' invoices...whoop-t-frickin-do. I have to talk to flaming retards all day...that right there should give enough of an explanation. GRR...

So, three hours after I usually go home, I started my journey. I must have been in a shitty mood on the way home. I was zoning out half-way and then I was speeding all over. This bastard decided he needed to honk at me when a light turned green at a red light...I seriously thought he may have wanted to see my middle finger because I was gonna flash it. Damn people ruining my drive home. The light just turned green you jerk...he was in such a hurry to get to a whole lot of nowhere...

Now I'm eating my bowl of Lucky Charms (the generic kind, of course...too cheap for the real stuff). My tasty dinner...and it's the same dinner I've had for the past 3 days in a row. Maybe if I was motivated enough to cook, I would...but eh...it really sucks cooking for one.

At least I have something to look forward to tomorrow. My boss is treating my whole department to a baseball game. We're closing the department at noon...and then we're all heading to the Rockie's game. Granted, the game will probably be mediochre, but hell...I'm all for wasting the rest of the day at a baseball game than work (because, we still get paid )

Okay...I think I've done enough

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