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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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All entries for 2006
12/26/2006: My 3 day weekend.

12/23/2006: Gift giving.

12/22/2006: Mind of Mencia


12/16/2006: Where have I been?

12/09/2006: Only the minimum.

12/08/2006: untitled

12/07/2006: untitled

12/05/2006: Public restroom experience.

12/04/2006: Closer to my goal!

12/02/2006: Baffled.

12/01/2006: Where has my week gone?

12/01/2006: Why me?

11/30/2006: Wash your hands.

11/28/2006: Something is very wrong...

11/25/2006: Do you dream in different languages?

11/22/2006: Sex, deception and Taiwanese vs. Japanese.

11/22/2006: Psychos, houses and mother-in-laws who can be considered psycho.

11/20/2006: Big trucks + me driving = 90% change of accident

11/17/2006: Blogmad.net

11/16/2006: WTF!

11/15/2006: Angel and Vic Zhou

11/15/2006: Vengeance is best served slow.

11/14/2006: There needs to be a time limit rule...

11/13/2006: Mars.

11/10/2006: Where is the rain!

11/09/2006: The cleaning ninja!

11/08/2006: Confession is good for the soul.

11/07/2006: Over priced movies and kids.

11/06/2006: Marie Antoinette.

11/03/2006: Uneasiness

11/02/2006: Dirty looks...

11/02/2006: Menopause Fairy where are you?

11/01/2006: WOOT!!

10/31/2006: All in a name...

10/31/2006: I feel the love!

10/30/2006: Personal space.

10/29/2006: Finally done!

10/29/2006: Password protected recipe.

10/28/2006: Almost there.

10/27/2006: Appropriate gifts.

10/27/2006: untitled

10/26/2006: Behold the power of QVC!

10/25/2006: Do you want fries with that?

10/24/2006: Random thoughts.

10/20/2006: Fickle and can’t seem to learn...

10/18/2006: I want...

10/13/2006: Finding happiness in hectic times.

10/11/2006: Being responsible SUCKS!!

10/04/2006: And then there was none...

09/30/2006: Only to be single...

09/22/2006: Free at last!

09/14/2006: My mom always did tell me not to stare at people...

09/12/2006: Manga, homeless, Jun <3 and lack of sleep.

09/10/2006: Karma.

09/07/2006: His ears must have been burning.

09/06/2006: Bangs head against wall...

08/31/2006: Hot water.

08/22/2006: No pain, no gain!

08/17/2006: Mixed feelings...

08/15/2006: Buyer beware and why I dislike UPS!

08/09/2006: Hobo Stew.

08/07/2006: Oh to be so close and yet so far away...

08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

08/05/2006: In need of a maid...anyone willing to work for free?

08/04/2006: Say WHAT?!

08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

01/25/2007 7:06 PM
Weird sort of feeling.

I’ve been in a weird sort of mood since my ever lasting headache started last Friday. While it has lessened it’s still there and I hate it. It’s not bad enough to go home, but it’s there and being a regular pain in the you know what. I wish JMC was around, JMC would understand what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of headache people like us think will progress to a migraine, but never does. It sticks around like a bad habit that’s hard to get rid of. >:(

A few days ago our President gave us a notice on a reminder for some things mentioned in the employee handbook. I already knew all of them since I’m the paranoid sort and thought I’d get a test on it when told to sign a paper saying I read it. I mean what better way to test the honesty of your newly hired employee then to see if they really did read what they signed saying they did? Like I said I’m a paranoid sort of person. XD I soon realized that this may not be a “refresher”, but a sign that one of us is going to get sacked soon. Since I always feel I’m the worst employee when a hint like this is given. It’s kind of sad when you feel like a fraud because of the recommendations you gave to the company. I seriously think my bosses from my old job were on crack when they wrote about me. XD

Because of my weird mood I changed all of the music on the Animanga Radio to just a mix of everything; rock, pop, instrumental and slow songs. I know a pure abuse of power huh? :) Last night when I was “watching” American Idol one of the last people shown was a guy who dropped out last year. He sung one of my favorite songs from Neon Genesis Evangelion “Fly me to the Moon”. He sung it in the pop remix sort of way, kind of fast paced instead of my favorite version which I have in the radio, but I still liked his voice. I was a bit sad though that they did not let that one guy who has a rather high sounding voice. He was amazing. I can somewhat understand why, but to say that any guy who doesn’t have a deep “guy” voice isn’t an idol is silly in my opinion.

Because of what’s going on in Airi’s life I felt the song I’ve picked to scroll is very appropriate. I thought I’d never use the song, but because of all of the losses she’s had recently I felt it was one of the few things I could do. Honestly while I love the song because it’s so pretty it’s connected to one of the most depressing series. Unlike Berserk where it’s only depressing at the end because the series was dropped I feel SaiKano is depressing from the first episode and just leads you down a path of sadness and despair with a deep intense feeling like there’s no hope and you should just kill yourself before it’s too late and you no longer have the strength to. I mean even their “happy” ending isn’t happy...how crap is that? If you’d like to hear the song you can also find it on the Animanga Radio.

For a twist of irony and to end this blog I asked my boyfriend to pick up some meat and Roasted Honey Nut Skippy peanut butter so I could make dinner for us. (The peanut butter is for work; it seems the jar I brought is almost gone and with so many saltine crackers and apples the need for more is great.) Because of my weird mood lately and to cheer me up he bought me a large Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar. I adore dark chocolate, but since he doesn't I rarely buy any when buying sweets. :)

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01/24/2007 10:00 PM
Do you want to get married?

Do you want to get married? That was the question my boyfriend asked me last night when we were getting settled in to watch Sumomomomomo...mo. (The anime would have been ok if it wasn’t for the lead female. Her face reminds me of a fish and her hair style doesn’t help either. I’ll write more on it later though.) When we got together we already knew we’d get married. We are in it “for the long haul”. The set up we have with my mom was supposed to be temparery and we agreed that until we were truly on our own we wouldn’t get married. Since you can’t find a 2 bedroom/living room/dining room and kitchen with a nice large fire place apartment for $300 bucks needless to say we are still there. XD Since we will be moving soon his question did not surprise me. He wasn’t asking me to marry him since that was done years and years ago; it was very sweet and romantic. The conversation that followed went like this:

Me: Of course! /snuggle
Boyfriend: Why?
Me: *long pause* I love you so of course I want to marry you! *flutter eye lashes and smile*
Boyfriend: That’s really why?
Me: No.
Boyfriend: So then what’s the real reason?
Me: Better taxes! *big smile*
Boyfriend: Why weren’t you more truthful?
Me: Last time I told you, you said I was unromantic! Why do you want to get married?
Boyfriend: The same reason. *smile* Is that the only reason why?
Me: No, there’s also lowering how much we pay on health insurance and then I could put your expenses on my cafeteria plan! When people have been together as long as we have a piece of paper won’t change the commitment they have to each other. It’s so sad that people put so much faith in a piece of paper as if it’s going to give the couple a strong long lasting commitment to each other.

I jokingly told my boss at our Christmas party if my boyfriend and I wait two more years we can get married on our 10th anniversary! XD That’s right I’m probably the most unromantic woman in the world when it comes to the traditional things. I think my boyfriend picking out a card and giving it to me is more romantic and thoughtful then spending a bunch of money on Valentine’s Day. I find him more thoughtful and loving when he brings home my favorite candy bar or ice cream “just because” then when he takes me out to dinner on our anniversary. While I do like Valentine’s Day, I find it very commercialized and for women to expect a gift just because of said day and how society or their friends feel about it is very sad. It also shows their boyfriend or husband must not be doing the “little things” during the year or that they put more weight into gifts on a recognized holiday rather then when their boyfriend or husband does nice, sweet and thoughtful things out of the blue. Needless to say we are not doing anything for Valentine’s Day, but we are going out to dinner on the 15th, our anniversary. :)

One of my boyfriend’s co-workers’ wife told him she wants to do something, but doesn’t want to go out and they can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before or after. I told my boyfriend the solution is simple. All large restaurant chains now have their food to go. He makes the order ahead of time telling them when it needs to be ready. Gets a good bottle of wine or whatever she likes the most to drink, a scented candle (lavender is usually the better neutral choice), do a little research on flower meanings and color meanings and order a decent sized bouquet and for extra “points” add a romantic chick flick he could endure (look to see how long it will run is key). While it’s run of the mill to do most women will find it very thoughtful and sweet. :) If it happened any other day besides Valentine’s Day I’d find it very romantic, sweet and thoughtful.

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