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some pics from last night
Sunday. 5.1.05 1:39pm
Here are some pics from last night's party at my place.It was small, a good catch up session with the girls...and guys :) Hhahaha after all we are still young ;)

Michelle and Gail starting the party up on the DJ mixer

Fernando and me finally take a nice pic...

The girls from Lumen!..from left - Tash, Heidi, Gail, Michelle, Danae, Me and Mel

Mel and I hiding from the camera

Shy Mel and her Bf JOhnno...

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Party tonight at my place ;)
Saturday. 4.30.05 11:27 am
I'm at uni right now and waiting for the rest of my grp mates to arrive. I don't like them very much and they dont like me either. I wish these stupid university units would stop having grp work, cuz it seriously sux! I always get caught up with the ppl who want to dominate everything....and I just dont get along with them. A group is meant to feel comfortable working together in a project and enjoying hanging out, becuz we shall be spending a majority of time with each other. I hate this...I wanna go home right now..

Surprisingly I woke up at 8:30 when had gone to bed at 2:30am. I was out with the girls, Yo and Tiff last night, once again at the cafe ORIELS. It was nice to sit and chat with them and chow down our salad. We got to catch up a bit. Then we went to King's Park which is known for the make out place...hehehe. We saw sooo many cars jumping and moving. Then there were shitty bogans taking grass. And one guy even approached our car to ask for a condom! Ewwww... hehehe...and it was funny cuz we saw the whole thing, this guy had no shame and his girl too...just romping about on the grass. A show to watch of course! Tiff, Yo and I couldn't stop laughing...we could see his white arse in the dark! lol! I can't believe aussies can be soo wild! hahaha...

This is the 2nd time already I have seen a couple 'do it' in a public place! They must have found it exciting to have us watch and giggle at them. :p What a night! Then Tiff freaked me out by driving through the dark woods of Kings Park, I was seriously scared by the eerieness of it all...like there could be ghosts flying around. Totally freaked me out!

Anyways tonight there is a party at my place. I'm quite tired so I dunno how it will turn out. Gail and Mel are helping out heaps. I just cant wait to catch up with them and my boo...miss them very much. This short week has felt like such a long one!!!

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end of freedom once again
Tuesday. 4.26.05 7:05 pm
mood: pre-sick
I'm starting to get used to my parents being away, hehhe...that sounds sooo bad. But I am learning to fend for myself. I an independent and dont need to rely on them. Washing the clothes isn't too hard, and cooking isn't hard either, I have mastered those. The only thing I think is grocery shopping, that is a skill! You have to sift through the 10 grocery catalogues that come through the mail to find out which has the cheapest milk. It's just so hard!!! Hehehe I rather the philosophy of shopping is to go, see and buy. :) But if only I was that rich... why can't it be that easy? Money does solve a lot of problems but not all of them of course...and it tends to create probs too.

*cough* I think I am getting sick. I woke up at 6am this morning to drive to the airport to pick up some students and then went home and rushed off to work. Nobody was in Finance so all enquiries were directed to me. Can't complain though cuz the day went by quickly... :) Mum and dad are coming home tonight..around 1am! So I can see why I am getting ill...too much strain on my body!

The long weekend was nice, got to catch up with Michelle, Gail, Mel, Jess and Danae at the Groove party :) It was really nice to drink baileys on ice at Gail's house, which is a really girly beverage...it was fun! I also got to spend quality time with my boy to celebrate our one yr anniversary, we kept it simple...not too big. I was so surprised to see a card from him in my work bag this morning...I guess he must have slipped it in there when I wasn't looking. :) Gave me a huge smile on my face.

I'm sooo glad it is a short week... can't stand these wintery mornings...dark, cold and dreary. I want the SUMMER to come back *sobs*. I love my sunshine cuz me a sunshiney person :p

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Thursday. 4.21.05 11:11 pm

Isn’t it a bit scary to think that China and Japan may go to war, looking at the decline in their relations. I saw the news the other night and the Chinese protesters were really voicing out their opinion about Japan not owning up to their history in school textbooks. It looked frightening, that they were boycotting Japanese products and destroying anything that was linked to Japan e.g. restaurants, billboards, embassy etc. This seems to be one of the very few protests the Chinese govt will allow their people to openly express. It shows that China was truly hurt by the Japanese and what they had done to them.

I know it isn’t right to ask for an apology from a nation, because majority of the Japanese population now focuses on peace and harmony, many are young people who were not involve in the war time atrocities. I think what China want is an apology from someone, possibly the prime minister and to add history to the textbooks of students. Why would Japan try and hide this from their young generation? I think it makes them stronger if they can accept what they did…so the whole world can move on. Atm it is truly weakening the political power Japan has in the Asian region.

Me as a 4th generation chinese person, my great grandfather was from China, my grandfather from M’sia, my mother from M’sia and me in Australia, may not affect me as a Chinese person. But more of a citizen of humanity… why can’t we be honest and why can’t we just forgive each other? Why do people have to have their pride in these situations. I guess if world leaders don’t have their pride, their countrymen would think they were weak and powerless. But this purely a struggle of governments, the Chinese people have no such resentment towards the Japanese public.

I’m sure many of us Chinese have used Japanese products, have Japanese friends, love Japanese culture, it is just harsh to disregard Japan now…there must be some other peaceful way to co-exist!!

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To my boo...
Friday. 4.22.05 6:42 am




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Almost one year!
Monday. 4.18.05 6:35pm

Can u believe this is the only nice white n black ppl clip art? And it's Christmas! Hehehe..maybe that cant really be me and F, cuz he has a shaved head and I am not white! :p

Our first year (me and my boo) have gone by so fast! It's nuts! I can't believe we have been together for 12mths...cuz before him I didn't think any sort of rship with me was possible. hehehe... I had such a low self-esteem, clueless about life, who I really way..until I met Fernando. I know it sounds pretty corny..but this guy has transformed me into someone who I can be proud of, and also he has made me all mushy-like. I was well known as the ice queen, hating particular things that radiated romance...now things are different ;) It's gonna be our first yr on fri...usually I'm not keen on these anniversaries, but it's exciting anfd cool this time haha.

This entry is a definite contrast from my last. I hope I did hit the hearts of most about the issue in Canada about those baby seals. So sad! It really infuriates me. And thinking about it makes my heart heavy. :/

I'm so glad I got to catch up with my girls Tiff and Yo on the weekend. I was feeling sad and guilty about not cherishing our friendship and ignoring them. Cuz I want to be a better friend than that. We had a sleepover on sat...and it was so comfy..and all my fears of them being mad at me went away. We still the same...still my girls. :) Then speaking to Gail last night on the ph and hearing her so troubled and stressed about her studies in KAL made me feel sad again...cuz I could not be there for her...but still remain supportive over the ph and through emails, I wish I could reach out to all my friends when they need me the most. It's so hard though when 70% of your time is dedicated to your job and uni. Imagine getting married then 98% will be with family, work, house etc!!! OOOOooo scary thought!

Hmmm...marriage...what a funny topic at the moment for 21 years olds like me. hehehe. Can't wait till the long weekend ;) It will be excellent for sure :p And just got a postcard from mum and dad today..so nice to have them thinking about us ^_^

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