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i have sinned.
Tuesday. 6.23.09 12:14 pm
forgive me nutang for i have sinned. it has been one year since my last confession.

if you don't remember who i am, well, i don't mind at all. my name's sank, and it's nice to meet you, or re-meet you, or whatever.

i just celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 11th. it was fun. i recommend playing trouble while drunk.

i still work for a bank, but now i've got a shiny new office. if you ever stop by arbutus, md, and you don't get stabbed, shot, or mugged, then feel free to stop by and see me!

i'm excited for warped tour this year. there isn't a specific band that i'm creaming my pants to see, but i haven't ever gone before, so it is very thrilling to finally be able to. hell yeah!

obviously a lot goes on in a whole year, but i can't remember every detail. if you have any questions about my life, feel free to direct them to my email, [email protected], or visit my facebook, via www.facebook.com/thaitanic.



currently listening to: save the cheerleader by i see stars

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love is...
Monday. 6.30.08 12:16 am

so good.


currently listening to: love is... by bo burnham

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Wednesday. 6.25.08 11:46 pm
in rage, he ripped open his pc tower and unplugged everything. the disk drives, the hard drives, the cpu.

"damn you!" he screamed to the heavens.

"what's this?" he murmured to himself. he had found the video card, and stripped it from it's place. he dusted it off for nearly half an hour, and reinserted it.

one by one, he plugged each cord back into place, and although there were many cords left hanging when he was done, he closed the tower anyway.

he pushed the power button.

the computer powered up.

"yes!!!" he exclaimed. quickly, he signed into xp.

username: scott
password: *******

"what the..." he started, as the screen flashed and scrambled, and the computer shut off.


he ripped the computer back open, and yanked out the video card. blowing as hard as he could, like paris hilton convincing a record label that she has musical talent, he convinced himself that there was more dust to be removed! he shoved the video card back in, and turned the computer back on, only this time, he entered bios setup and enabled the fail safe default components! fixed

THAT'S RIGHT. i got the other computer up and running, no thanks to any forum i read on the internet. i ripped my necessary filed to this here laptop, and now i'm good to go. ha ha! k bye.


currently listening to: water under the bridge by the wedding

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i like dirt
Wednesday. 6.18.08 11:26 am
i'm having computer problems. my other computer (that which has all of my files on it) won't start up anymore. i turn it on, and my speakers go beeeeep beep beep, and the monitor remains idle. it sucks, because i've been working on a cartoon, and i can't work on it today if i can't even start my computer.

the good news is, i have a laptop now. hopefully that means more frequent internet time.

have a good day, all.


currently listening to: i like dirt by the red hot chili peppers

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Sunday. 6.15.08 2:01 pm
hello to those i haven't spoken to in ages.

my computer has been acting up. i have internet access every now and then, but for the most part i don't, so i'm gonna blog while i can.

i recently saw kung fu panda. it was pretty sweet. sha doosh.

it was my birthday on the eleventh of this month. i went out to dinner with my dad and with niki to this italian restaurant, and it was pretty cool. i have chicken parmesan and lasagna combined into an unfathomable combo of kick-assity. needless to say, it was delicious.

my friends threw a surprise party for me as well. that was just yesterday. they caught me quite off guard, considering i've never had a surprise party thrown for me in my life. awesome.

rereading everything i just typed, it seems as if life is going pretty well for sank right now. my cat doc is still alive and kickin'. i'm trying to play soccer as much as i can. my job is going well. summer is upon us. what more could i ask for?

oh, im sorry nutang, i've just been rambling on about myself. what's going on with you?


currently listening to: my worst nightmare by forever the sickest kids

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Friday. 2.1.08 5:10 pm

Please please please please please.


...Not Hilary.


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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