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this disgusts me...
Wednesday. 9.27.06 10:49 pm
I saw this story in Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan's blog, but I knew about it before then since it was happening in Colorado. It was all over the radio...but it extremely frustrates and saddens me. I cannot believe there is filth like this in the world...

Basically, the rundown of this is some guy walked into Platte Canyon High School and took a classroom hostage...he had 6 hostages total at one point, but he was slowly releasing them all throughout the day. He had a gun and what they think may be a bomb, but they're not sure. Anyway, the cops broke into the room at about 3:30 or so in the afternoon and the guy shot one of the girls (and fatally wounded her) and then he killed himself.

BUT...this news article just shocks me...I cannot believe that he was doing this to his victims! What a sick-o!

High school hostages were sexually assaulted; shooting victim identified

6:24 p.m. Platte Canyon High School counselor Jim Orcutt helps a student who got off a bus that transported students to Deer Creek Elementary School to be reunited with their family after the hostage situation at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey.

Keyes underwent emergency surgery about 4 p.m. after being flown from the school.

The full horror of the days events are still emerging. A knowledgeable law enforcement source who spoke on the condition he not be identified said that the gunman sexually assaulted some of six female students who were held hostage at the school.

The gunman has not been identified. He carried a handgun into the school about 11:30 a.m. and fired a shot into the ceiling as he took over a second floor classroom.

Authorities negotiated the release of four of the girls one by one over the course of the afternoon. An unknown number were sexually assaulted before they were released, the source said.

One of the two hostages who were not released, a 16-year-old junior, died after being shot by the attacker when police burst into the room about 3:45 p.m. to end the stalemate.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said he made the decision to send officers in to end the stalemate about 3:30 p.m. because the gunman had given a 4 p.m. deadline. In a Wednesday night press conference he was asked if he was second-guessing himself.

"Yes, I eventually have to go face a family who’s daughter is dead," Wegener said. "Yes. What would you do?"

The sheriff said his own son was in the school building when gunman took over the school.

Wegener said the man shot at officers who stormed into the classroom, then shot the victim and then killed himself, as officers rushed in.

The other remaining hostage was pulled to safety by deputies.

The sheriff said investigators have some leads on the identity of the gunman but are not yet certain who he was. His body remains in the school.

He said the gunman talked with negotiators and released four of his six hostages one by one until negotiations broke off around 3:30 p.m.

The gunman ordered all of the male students out of the classroom when he took over, and made all of the girls stay, according to accounts from students in the classroom next door.

Authorities found at least one suspicious device that looked like a bomb and are still checking the school.

The school sits in a narrow, winding canyon carved by the South Platte River about 35 miles southwest of Denver. and shares a campus with Fitzsimmons Middle School. The two schools have an enrollment of about 770 students, with 460 in the high school.

Superintendent James Walpole said there will be no school Thursday or Friday at the schools because the campus is a crime scene. Counselors will be made available to students and staff, he said.

Communication among the law enforcement agencies on the scene worked better than they did at the Columbine shootings April 20, 1999, when officers with various jurisdictions were unable to talk to one another because of incompatible radio systems.

The Metro Area Communication vehicle was sent to the scene to help the multiple agencies communicate. The technology in the truck allows the different radio systems to be patched together to create one large radio system.

"It was purchased for this very reason, when you have a multi-agency incident," said Sonny Jackson, spokesman for Denver Police Department. "This is the first time it has been called out of the Denver area."

The U.S. Department of Justice purchased 25 of the trucks for cities across the nation. One of the $500,000 vehicles was sent to Denver about a year ago.

"It's a better means of communicating," Jackson said.

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such a great day!
Wednesday. 9.27.06 7:07 pm
WELL, except for the work part...but ya know...work is work.

I left work and drove to Midas (since I wasn't busy after work tonight...and I didn't really have anything else to do) and they were able to look at my exhaust. Sadly, my muffler decided to be crunched, and obviously, the tail pipe was M.I.A. They said it looked like someone backed up into my muffler or something (or I may have backed up into something...I don't remember doing anything like that)...either way, they only had to replace the one muffler versus the 2 and the other stuff looked fairly new (BECAUSE IT IS!)...so cutting the one muffler off and making a new tail pipe, cost me about $400...that was depressing. I repeat, a Volkswagen is not an economy car! Gas mileage...maybe...repairs, FUCK NO.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, they were so speedy about the whole exhaust thing, they replaced it for me right on the spot. I didn't even have to wait (I was surprised they had VW parts in stock...lol)

SO, that was my big spending money thing today.

In other news, since the baby didn't want to be cooperative yesterday, I made an appointment at First View Ultrasound to go see if the baby wants to be known on Saturday. I'm doing it mostly for my mom since she's so up the butt about knowing what the baby is (I don't blame her...I'd probably want to know as bad as her if I were sending out invitations). SO, I'm hoping the baby will not be hiding on Saturday at 5pm in the afternoon. He/She will be made known!!!

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Tuesday. 9.26.06 9:16 pm
what the hell....

I might as well jump on this xlinks bandwagon too!

http://www.exlinks.net/[email protected]

You can just click the link above...and then have fun :)

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and the baby is...
Tuesday. 9.26.06 6:09 pm
still a mystery!

I had my ultrasound and the doctor spent about 10 minutes or so doing the measurements and we looked and looked AND LOOKED for the gender, but the baby just wasn't having any of that. There was a bunch of the unbilical cord between its legs, so it was hard to tell if there were little boy parts...or little girl parts...the doctor was leaning at 60% girl at one point, but then we saw this mysterious little package that he wasn't sure was part of the unbilical cord or not.

My mom was so excited...and then I had to tell her that it was 50/50.

In other notes...the baby decided to be shy and not show its face at all. It was facing backwards, so the doctor couldn't get any of the facial measurements that he needed or anything. My mom said based on the sheer fact that the baby was being shy, it must be a girl ;)

I wish I could tell her that was right...hehe...now to look into getting those gender ultrasounds before I go out to Washington. I'd like to at least have some pictures or SOMETHING to show people when I go home. We'll see...and if money decides to be on my side :)

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Monday. 9.25.06 10:48 pm
was lazy as usual...lol

I didn't get around to the car place (surprise), but I wouldn't be able to do anything with it until this weekend anyway. It's not like I can get to work without a car. The bus would take too long...and it wouldn't even drop me off anywhere near my work (I'd have to call one of those short buses to come pick me up to drive me a mile or so to my work from the bus stop...that's a little lame, don't ya think).

Either way, I'm hoping that maybe I can drop it off Friday night and they can work on it all weekend or something *crosses fingers*

But yeah...other than that, it's been a night of rehashed memories...nothing more.

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Monday. 9.25.06 12:54 pm
Hehe...here's my little update, but first...I thought I'd give a little comment for everyone who gave me suggestions of names (or was just plain wondering).

randomjunk: I still don't have any definite names picked out, but I'm sure once I know what it is, it will be so easy to figure a name out. It'll pop right into my head.

Silver-Dot: I really like the name Robin. I think I like it for a girl more than a boy, but it would work really well for a boy too. It's such a cute name!

Etheracide: Hehe...one definite vote for a girl (my personal choice). Watch, my luck, it's gonna be a little boy and then I really won't have any names in mind.

Invisibleinkling: When I find out, I'll let you know first so you don't have to wait too long!

Princess_00: Yes, I'm so glad he could come. It makes the experience so much better when you can share it with everyone involved!

But anyway...I went out and bought my VHS tapes at Wahlgreen's. It pisses me off that they only come in 4 packs...what the hell am I going to do with 3 extra VHS tapes? I don't even have a damn VCR. My hope is to somehow figure out how to transfer it to a digital file and be able to upload it so I can share it with my family and friends (okay, I'm really excited...I need to show everyone), but I don't know where I'd be able to do that. I wish they came on a DVD...hehe

When I first walked into Wahlgreen's, they had this big SUPER display of Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers. I initially walked by them thinking "Oh, those are so cute...but I must resist my urge to buy Hello Kitty" and then I walked over the video tapes. Ugh...by the time I left, I needed to by the Hello Kitty box. Granted, I didn't buy them for myself because I don't need a Hello Kitty collector box of PEZ dispensers, but I bought it for this other lady at my work. Her and I are like the Sanrio spokespeople or something...lol...she's all Hello Kitty everything and I just need to buy the letter sets. There's this store I go to in Washington all the time down by the Great Wall Mall (in Kent) and even though I don't live there anymore, they still know who I am when I come in. I think that's sort of sad that they still recognize me even though I come in about once a year. I think I have a problem...but I need this paper!

After work today, I have to stop by Midas where they're gonna look at my exhaust to see if I need more than just that tail pipe reattached. I am hoping that they tell me that YES, we can just reattach a tail pipe and you'll be good to go. My luck with this damn Volkswagen, they're going to tell me that the whole entire thing is shot and I'm going to need to replace not one, but both of the mufflers...and why don't they just throw the catalytic converter in on top of that to blow $1000 out of my bank account. That is what I'm thinking is going to happen, but I can cross my fingers that they'll just reattach the pipe. I can dream, can't I? They're only open until 6, so I've gotta do some rushing to get over there...in rush hour traffic nonetheless. I think I'll make it...I just don't want to sit at Midas for an hour after that. Did I mention that I hate my car? Does anyone want to donate theirs?? I'll gladly trade you my hunk of junk for another equally crappy hunk of junk with cheaper repairs. I think that sounds like a good trade!

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Monday. 9.25.06 12:51 am
Okay, I was just über excited about this...

since my boyfriend worked extra late today, they're going to let him out of work at 4pm on Tuesday so he can make it to my appointment!

The monkeys shall rejoice for me!

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Sunday. 9.24.06 9:46 pm
I accomplished a whole lot of nothing today. I was doing laundry, but then got side tracked and only did half of it...lol...talk about doing things half-assed! I think I'm the queen of half-assedness or something. Now that I think about it, my mom told me I did thinks half-assed...ugh...this is going to be a lifelong thing! I don't even think it's that...maybe I just have a short attention span...lol

It's almost Monday...and then Tuesday! I'm excited about my doctor's appointment if you couldn't tell. I don't know how I'm gonna make it through the whole day Tuesday! I get out of work an hour earlier than I normally do, but I'll be a bundle of nerves, I swear! At least it's one of my slow days at work...I don't have to worry about processing a bajillion authorizations that day...just e-mailing a bunch of idiots who didn't submit their bills correctly. I call that less stressful...lol

Just curious...what do you all think I'm gonna have (just a hunch guess I suppose)...SO FAR, on my message board, I've got a 50/50 vote for boy to girl. hehe...I was hoping for a landslide victory to...maybe...GIRL, but it's not working out that way.

This is so cool! The baby must know I'm talking about it because I could actually feel it kicking me really hard and I could feel it on the outside! My boyfriend is really missing out, I tell you!

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