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Documentary/New Widget!
Friday. 5.11.07 11:43 am
I had started an entry last night that would have been wonderful. Remember how I said I still had secrets to tell you? Yeah. I had watched a documentary last night that left me amused, in a state of acceptance (somewhat), among other things.

It was a documentary on Independent Lens about Jimmy Mirikitani, an artist who lives in New York, and filmed in 2001. He's a Japanese-American who had survived WWII, spending years in an internment camp. For many, many years afterward, he wanted nothing from this country. His homeland had betrayed him. He turned away his Social Security, saying, "No, no. I don't need it. I don't need U.S. passport, either. I go back to Japan. I die there." He finally got his S.S. in 2001.

Originally, this entry was going to be private, but there's no need now. I won't delve any further. I won't divulge my secret after all. Not this time. If I continue, it could be contrversial and turn to politics. Bleh. No need for that.
So it's just me sharing a documentray I found interesting. ^-^

Another part of the film is about 9/11 since it was doine in 2001 after all. We catch the connection between Mirikitani-san and the innocents who other Americans rage on as guilty for it.

Anyway, look down there in the bottom-right of my page, will you?

---- New Widget! ----

You can subscribe to my textmark! I will be able to send a message, an update or whatever, to everyone at once. ^-^ Not to worry, I will NOT get your phone numbers so don't get scared I'll be calling you up at odd hours. XD And you won't pay anything extra besides your normal texting rate. Example: I have a text/IM thing on my phone for...200? mssges for a couple of dollars per month. And that's all I pay. No extra fee subscribe or get the messages. =P

I wasn't sure if you guys would go for this, but what the heck. Tell me what ya'll say.

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The Unknown
Wednesday. 5.9.07 9:43 pm
Future. My plan was always to go to college, grad school, get out/get a job, and have fun! Finally, for the first time in my life.

Maybe I'd take a year off to go abroad, join one of those programs and gain a new valuable experience that I couldn't possibly get anywhere else. ;) Just go with it. See where it leads me.

Same look to the rest of my life, too. It seems that the goal of my life is to enjoy myself, to have fun, to be happy. Is that wrong? I don't think it is. Doesn't it seem so? Just the way it sounds out loud, on 'paper'...=P

I was going to...my plan, that is, is to: go to college, major in English, then go pre-law, go to law school. That was it. Graduate and get a job, somewhere, somehow. ;)

I've always had numerous interests=numerous possibilities for life. So this plan was/is my plan and safety net if I find or don't find my life's calling. *shrug* Heck, whatever. That's how it is.

I've been focussing a lot on dance and always wondered if I could go big o it. I've been watching programs, episodes on Nova, documentaries, things that further my life's intelligence, my mind. And now I'm wondering, not for the first time, shall I be an anthrpologist, an archaeologist? I've always had an interest in history. Only this time I'm thinking of the prospect a bit more seriously.

Hmm, who knows? Only God. Maybe not. So long now! *wave*

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It was a bust.
Sunday. 5.6.07 8:57 pm
Pointless, really. What am I talking about? Funny you should ask. I'm talking about how effort and frustrations and sweat and pushing oneself aside for others (at least on my part) including a certain 6am wake-up for an incredibly early rehearsal was all for naught. Yes, you got it.

We didn't perform after all. It was supposed to be last night. Didn't happen.

---The entry I meant to put up before babboons interrupted me---

As I sat in my seat on the subway with my bags someow balanced upon my lap, I pondered about how lucky I was to have a place to go and rant and tear up in perfect company. NuTang. *grin* Yes, you! Thank you for being alive and being the only reason I am as well.

Anyway, it was a bust and it doesn't really matter anyway. Saturday morning, afternoon as well, we hadn't even finished the dance. I had gotten us multiple rehearsals and they were absolutely stubbornly lazy. I repeated myself over and over again the gravity of the situation and yet they couldn't find it in themselves to do it. I would've have pushed, gotten aggressive at it if I hadnt know for a fact that it would only make them stubborn-er, if that was possible, and absolutely refuse to do the dance at all.

Oh, that stupid wench...S, I mean. Oh, I didn't mean all the girls, only two others besides myself anyway, but mostly S. C only followed her example, because she is only a pre-teen after all. ASNd when one is faced with two people one closere in age to you and the other farther in age, it is only natural one would edge away from the latte towards the other. *sigh* Oh, well. No matter.

I would have written this earlier, but I got caught up in West Side Story, the one starring Natalie Wood. AndI am writing this way, because I am partially, well, more diverted by The Lost Prince on Masterpiece Theater at the moment. So you really must forgive my strange language for now. ^-^ Good night.

So very truely yours, everlasting,

p.s. Oh, my. For the first time in my life, I almost--almost--signed my true name at the bottom of this, or letter or whatever it is I had written. Hmm. Shows how much trust I put in you. How much you all--and this place, mean to me. Hmm. You must be very surprised and happpy, eh? Ah, well. I've got to get on. Ta-ta!

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Wednesday. 5.2.07 9:26 pm
mood: content
listening to: Chinese radio
watching: (about to) Lost

*siiiiigh* I snuggle deeper into my make-believe blankets as I type this. I feel as comfortable as a hibernating bear. Mmm...

Oh, special twizzlers are to be given to dear Zanzibar for giving me such a great move! I mean, without her...I wouldn't be here with an award for the world's greatest choreographer! *tear* I'd give here a hug if it wouldn't squish her in my great embrace. I mean it. Kudos. *bow*

Ah...we were to have rehearsal today. Only one of the girls didn't show up and I had lent her my CD on Sunday...>.> Nothing got done. And we were supposed to fix the positions and try to finish the dance. *sigh* I would have been more than happy to do something about it today, but no, no, S wouldn't move her big behind to do anything. She listened to the radio on her boombox, changing the station every few minutes. It went from pop to reggae to espanol to rap and her shakin' what god gave her the entire time.

I watched the old ladies on the park bench cuz I had no jello. I did have some strawberries, grapes, and two kiwis though. She ate most of it. I had a little baggie of cranberries, or craisins, too.

Ok, Lost is finally on and I have some leftovers to enjoy. Peace!

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A Choreographer's Update
Monday. 4.30.07 4:24 pm
Ooh, I love that word. *shiver* Hah, I'm kidding! Well, it does make me feel special. ;)

Anyway, we picked a song last week, but changed it Saturday morning. We went on to the dance routine and got the beginning down. We met after my teaching seesion yesterday and perfected the beginning and a bit of the middle. I think we've got at least half of it down already. ('-^)=b

However...one of the girls called today, she's grounded so she's out. That makes it the three of us. Originally, I was just going to choreograph it because I have class until 7pm, but now they say the performance should be at about 8pm. So I guess I'll make it. Though my level of Saturday exhaustion is still under consideration...>.>

Anybody got some suggestions for me? Any special moves? Things you like, wanna try out, etc.? All are welcome!

the Dot

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Friday. 4.27.07 7:14 pm
I'm hungry and I wanna eat meat...where's my meatball? Nothing to talk about, life is boring. Here's a blogthing that will give you a peek into my soul.

Your Psyche is Red

You are bright, bold, energetic, and intense.

Your upbeat, zany energy inspires those who are down.

Spontaneous and playful, you also have a courageous and fearless side.

When you are too red: you are angry, overprotective, and truly scary.

When you don't have enough red: you are depleted and lifeless.

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SIGH. sigh...
Tuesday. 4.24.07 10:13 pm
I am...how to say, crestfallen. An imaginary manga-version of me would be crying salty streams down my cheeks right now. Why? Because it means that Asians, or Chinese in my case, are not even close to achieving the admiration that so many non-asian ladies have, in the public eye. America's Next Top Model? NO. Pussycat Dolls: Search for the next doll? NO. Of course, we do have to take the last two standing into consideration. Ms. Melissa R. is most definitely Asian and it makes me proud that one of us has gone that far, to the final TWO, no less. But...she did not win. I hoped against hope for so long and I was finally relieved of that anxious burning oh-SO-heavy burden upon my chest. *sigh* I can only hope that next time, we'll go ALL. THE. WAY.


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Long time no...read!
Monday. 4.23.07 10:19 pm
Hoo, boy. I've been gone a few days and suddenly I'm logged outn of NuTang. Barely remembered my password, too. >.>'' Anyway...

I've been hired as choreographer! Well, to be hired, you must be paid, but still! I'm choreographer! Not officially or to some big-ass production/company/show, but whatever. There's a Mother's Day dinner event coming up and I'm choreographing hip hop as one of the main attractions for the night.

Granted, I'm a folk dancer, but what the heck, I'm still a dancer, right? I had performed for them(the organization hosting this) before so they called us again. ^-^ This time I'm choreographer. Ooh, how I love saying that word...for now, at least.

Sooo...first rehearsal/meet is this Sat. at 10am. We've chosen the music, unlessone of 'em decide tehy don't like it. We've got about four of us so far, but one is still awaiting approval of de guardiannes.

More later. Toodles!

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