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For Fans of Cyanide and Happiness
Monday. 8.27.07 9:32 am

I had a couple ideas for comics so I took a swing at it with MS Paint. This is what came out.

Warning! : Foul language and gore. At least on one of them.

First Try. This really happened on my first drawing attempt too. heh. Not the killing, mind you, but I really did flood the whole panel with green because I hadn't closed the guys torso.

Second Try. Me naturally making fun of how much I suck at drawing.

I welcome comments. Even if it's just to say "That sucked!" or "You're not funny!" or "How tall are you?!".

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Charity (The How's and the Why's)
Thursday. 8.23.07 9:57 pm

New (not really new, just fresh) Music - 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins.

As soon as I move to Vegas, I’m gonna start a charity blog. I’m gonna set up a paypal account, have a “donate” button, get some ads and banners to get revenue (to go into the fund) and I’ll probably mostly be putting my own money in it for the first few months.

Every month or so, I’ll give the money to someone who needs it, take pictures (if they let me) get some general info about them and post it on the blog. Then start over.

That’s the plan anyway. I’m honestly a little fuzzy on how to go about doing that stuff and so I post this to try and get some feedback from you guys.

1 ) How often do you think it’d be good to give the money away? Every month? Every two months?

2 ) Anyone have any good suggestions of how to find people to give the money to? My first thought on that is to have a list of churches to call, because they’ll all probably have a list of families that need money.

Um. I can’t think of any other questions... Does anyone know any of the legal things I’d have to deal with? Do I need to register as a charity? Or does it not matter so long as I’m just giving the money away? Do I need to give receipts to people who donate?

Oh! Also. Anyone have any good suggestions on what to call the website?

Any feedback I get will be great. Thanks guys and gals.

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