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Thursday. 10.23.14 7:34 pm
We have a code system at the hospital {I should get used to calling it a clinic; they're eliminating the departments that keep the hospital licensing upheld} that most hospitals and clinics use; some of them are much more common than others, such as a Code Blue {cardiac or respiratory arrest} or Code Red {fire.} A Code Silver is something you never want to hear because that means there's a hostage situation. All of the codes are bad, to some degree, but most of them are short lived or end up being false alarms.

We had a Code Orange today, which means there was a chemical spill. Now that sounds bad, and as I said, it can be, but it has to be the least interesting of all the codes we have to respond to. In the 4 years I've been there, no chemical was spilled on anyone and nothing more than a cup was spilled. Essentially, security has to just stand there and babysit the area until the spill can be cleaned up. It's more boring than a patient standby; at least in that instance you're watching a person.

This entire week was actually very uneventful. It was like the epitome of security defined. Now that it's over, I'm thankful it was that way. I did want dull and boring. Apparently that's seeping in to every aspect of my life ...

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Wednesday. 10.22.14 8:51 pm
I did absolutely nothing to celebrate the anniversary of my first full day in Seattle. I came home, took a nap and have been sitting in front of the computer since. It hasn't stopped raining, which is fine; I like this kind of weather. However, I have become acclimated to living here enough that I'm perfectly okay enjoying it from inside rather than doing what I can to be out in it. I was so deprived of the moisture from living in the desert that I went out every chance I got, despite the crappy weather and freezing temperatures {to me 58 was freezing, since it was still a solid 30 degrees higher in Vegas.} Now, 58 just requires a light jacket and if the conditions are right, the sleeves can be pushed up.

I have to go out after work tomorrow. It's not exactly what I wanted to do, but Mother Nature has apparently decided she wasn't going to leave me alone after last month. I haven't needed to buy those kinds of supplies in over a year; hell, I had to ask my sister how much they cost these days because I haven't even looked. It's really annoying. And I thought I had finally moved on from the stress of last month. Clearly I was mistaken.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, to say the least. I'm going to be miserable the entire day and I'll have to deal with whatever bullshit gets thrown my way at work. That place already makes me miserable, without any added features.


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Tuesday. 10.21.14 5:54 pm
I want to steal something. I know exactly what I would take and there would be very little evidence left behind. I won't do it, however, but not because of why you might think. I don't have any kind of moral issue with this. That's not what's keeping from going in to that room and taking what I want. No, I won't do it because karma has a way of biting back way harder than it should. I've discovered this recently and I'm not willing to test its power quite so soon.

Come to think about it, I've never stolen anything of any kind of value. Sure, I've taken home my fair share of tissue boxes and I have a stash of gloves that I didn't buy, but none of those things would be noticed when inventory is taken. The urge to want to steal something has been there, but I'm always afraid of either getting caught or karma catching up to me. So I just sit back and ponder.

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You can't lie to me
Monday. 10.20.14 7:45 pm
The thing about going to a therapist is that you kind of have to tell the entire truth. If you withhold information, details and such, you're only lying to yourself. The therapist is an unbiased party, and a good one will be able to read the signs that you're holding back. You go to them for help; they are there to help you and can only do so if you let them know what's going on.

This guy that I went to is definitely not like the guy that I went to a couple years ago, but it didn't go horribly. I don't think he focused on the wrong things, like the first two I experienced in Seattle, but I'm not sure how I feel yet. I'm going to give it a couple more visits before I make a permanent decision about it. He wanted to see me next week, but financially it's not possible until after I get paid again. I still have to go grocery shopping and pay a couple bills.

It's funny, I'd rather see a male therapist because I feel they would be able to offer a different kind of perspective than a female one. I get that they've all been trained to be a certain way, but the two therapists that I went to in the beginning were female and I didn't like how they handled themselves. Seeking help from a male therapist just provides a better outcome, at least for me it does.

A lot can happen in the next two weeks. There's also a possibility of nothing happening in the next two weeks. Either way, I still feel like I'll have a lot to talk about the next time I go see him.

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What are the odds?
Sunday. 10.19.14 4:54 pm
It's getting to be late October and we've actually beaten the high record for today. My phone is registering 74 for my current location. Seattle {I think the thing is based out of SeaTac airport} is registering at 71. The record high for today was 70, back in 1995. Go away summer!!! You had your time! Let the best season ever take over and do it's thing. You'll get your time again. I promise.

In searching through Craigslist ads today, I discovered one of the greatest things: washer/dryer combos. An all-in-one washer and dryer! Most of them don't even need a ventilation system! I can't afford to move yet, but I must get one for my next apartment. If I don't have any kind of obvious space for one, I'll make room for one dammit. Granted, it does take longer for you to complete a load of wash because you can't run the washer and dryer at the same time, and because the drum tends to be a bit smaller due to the compact nature of the appliance, but I don't care! It's one that would be perfect for me in my future place!

Other than that little tidbit of excitement, the rest of the day was uneventful. I thought about going shopping after work, but when the sun came out and the temperature started to rise {Seattlites are rejoicing at this seemingly 'pleasant' autumn day} I knew that I wouldn't be going anywhere after work. Instead, I came home and napped. Now I just have to wait another hour for the sun to go down before it feels right again. Who knows, maybe I'll go shopping after ... no, just kidding. I'm very much staying planted inside. The odds of a spontaneous event happening to cause me to leave my place between now and work tomorrow morning are about as high as this type of weather happening this late in the year.

Time to scour the interwebs and see what there is to occupy my time until I have to go back to bed.

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Saturday. 10.18.14 9:01 pm
My friend was able to find a ring that his girlfriend would like. He doesn't really care much for it, but his tastes vary from her's and I had to keep reminding him that he was buying for her, not himself. She likes the bigger, flashier rings so he picked out one that fit that description. He still wants to look around, but if he doesn't see one that he likes, then he's already got one picked out.

After that, we stopped at the mall. He went to get food, since he hadn't eaten all day, while I went in to Spencer's to pick out more jewelry. I got a new set of 4's, a set of 14g tongue bars. They're bioflex instead of steel so not only are they a smaller size, they're much lighter than what I've been used to. There's a clear one in the set, though, which is what I wanted for interviews and such. This way I can keep the piercing without the risk of it being seen. Despite the fact that most people didn't know I have my tongue pierced, a few people would notice the flash of silver in my mouth. I'm kind of nervous about accidentally biting it, though, because I have a bad history with plastic bars. I bite down on one of the balls and it would break. Hopefully this bioflex stuff is as strong as they say it is.

I also purchased silicone plugs and I love them! They're a bitch to put in, because they're squishy, but they look really cool once they're in. The ones I have are supposed to glow in the dark, but since my hair is down when I'm at home, they won't be getting much light exposure. I have a set of green ones in now, but there's also clear in the set for job interviews. The clear squishies are less obvious than the clear plugs. The problem with these is that I like them enough to make it difficult to want to take them out to put in the new wings I got or the organic wood ones that I bought the beginning of the month. Oh well. Maybe I'll just throw them all in my purse when I got to the party and switch them out as the night goes on. See if anyone pays attention. I'll need the squishy ones to sleep, though, so those are a must bring.

Anywho, after that we headed back so that I could drop him off before his girlfriend got home from work and I made my way to Downtown so that I could meet up with randomjunk and her boyfriend for dinner. It was amusing trying to coordinate where to meet because I had no idea which garage they were parking in, but we met up just fine in front of the sushi place. It was their first time at a conveyor belt sushi place and I'm glad they liked it. It was fitting because that was the first place I had eaten out at when I moved to Seattle. The food is good and fairly inexpensive so it's never a bad choice.

Once dinner was over, we parted ways and now I have to get ready for bed for work tomorrow. Here's to hoping tomorrow doesn't completely suck.

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