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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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about you now
Friday. 10.26.07 1:39 pm
i'm feeling super lousy now.
thinking that tonight would be a great night.
think again i'm so wrong, guess its retribution.
ahhhhh i feel like smoking or taking panadol to kill the pain.
there's nothing i can do now.

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a discover.
Friday. 10.26.07 11:54 am
i am super hungry right now.
told myself i have to eat more.
the more food i consumed, the more work out i have to do.
doing 100 push ups and sit ups everyday.
need to do some skipping too but cant find my skipping rope :)

cooked something jus now for supper.
two instant noodles, three bacons and fried eggs.
and guess what, i just discovered that eggs can be cooked in the microwave?!?!
so as the bacons!!! hah i don have to waste time cooking them again.
anw i gotta eat now. hah super hungry.

my creation. okay its simple but nice okay!

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oh yah i wanted to add salt into my eggs.
and how dumb can i be, i added SUGAR.
sigh.. but a mixture of salt and sugar is still not that bad luh. heh

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thank you.
Monday. 10.22.07 2:28 am
someone came added me in msn.
and i think he gave me lots of advice in life.
i really hope that things will work out fine from now on.
not having relationship.
i regret not studying for my PSLE:(

someone said:

dun think too much. however complicated, there's a way. the way is urself. either to end it and let go and breathe easier or persist on and make urself stifling inside and miserable. its ur choice... u shld be mature since ur family environment moulds u to be independent and makes u more mature than the rest. so i guess u can decide wisefully.

yea. study hard! i believe u can. then u got to think again, u knw u need someone to push u and motivate u, if there's No one, u shld self-motivate urself. try to think, if u dun do well for ur N's, O's and cant even get into a poly or college, u will knw ur life is goign to be super tough & tedious. u wont earn as much as ur other friends.. and u cant blame society for needing certificate... because even in other countries, studying is impt and im nt saying going into ITE is bad, but if u knw u can go to a JC or poly, why nt? dun follow the crowd in ur class or pressure ur friends have.. think for urself. Nobody will think for u, so why nt decide the path for urself.

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too lost in you
Sunday. 10.21.07 3:10 am
too lost in you is a song by sugarbabes.
its a old song which is nice.
the song that always makes me emo on you.

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thank you.
Friday. 10.19.07 1:15 am
i would like to thank god for what he've plan for me:)
even though there's ups and downs, complicating stuff.
i'm still struggling through.
trying to be a better person now.

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KT Tunstall.
Thursday. 10.18.07 1:54 am
a picture of me when i'm still a child.
innocent and navie. LOL

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her songs are great.
she's kinda cool too, love her personality, love her voice.
this is of my fav song of hers:)
enjoy, its rather relaxing and chill.

Other Side Of The World

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