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be on the lookout.
Friday. 7.24.09 12:03 pm
i'm thinking about investing in my creativity. what do you think?

i want to do something i love. and i love to animate, and write stories, and sing songs. alright, let's say i like it as a friend, but i want to get to know it better, and perhaps develop a better relationship.

so a friend and i are going to write stories. and animate. and sing songs. and it's gonna be glorious. be on the lookout for a new website from me.

if you have any creativity, and would like to invest in me, perhaps you could write some stories for me. let me know! i'm on AIM nearly 24/7 @ thethaitanic. leave me a message. or, if you're lucky, i'll actually check my email [email protected]


currently listening to: we won't back down by escape the fate

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Thursday. 7.23.09 9:32 am
wall-e is so good.

i watched it for the third time last night. the first two times i watched it, they were consecutive days.

i didn't see it in theaters, regretably. i didn't think it was gonna be that good. can you blame me? the trailers didn't show anything that warranted spending $10.00 to sit next to some guy who is going to tap his foot on the rail in front of both of us for 90 minutes while crunching on peanut M&Ms and laughing to his friend any time anything, and i mean anything, can be made into any type of sexual innuendo.

"heh. that chick has boobs."

sorry, i got off track there. that was my experience when i went to see public enemies.

anyway, wall-e is great. if you haven't seen it, i strongly recommend going out and purchasing it.

don't ever, ever, ever see a movie called "garage days." it might as well be called "garbage days" as long as your pronounce the vowels the same. if you stick that in ("heh. stick that in.") the dvd player, you'll be begging for a splash of scalding hot water to the face.

anyone else have movies that should stay in the eject position?


currently listening to: folkin' around by panic at the disco

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Tuesday. 7.21.09 10:12 am
did anyone ever see that movie blindness?

it's a movie where everyone goes blind.

oh, and it's pretty bad.

you could probably sum up the entire movie just by reading the title.

and, ironically, it made me want to gouge my eyes out.

one of my friends stated that there is some metaphoric message about psychological blindness, and i'm sure that it's true, as she has better insight on these types of things than i, however, it seems like a stretch, and i feel like my 12th grade english teacher probably came up with that symbolism.

i guess that you get what you get, i mean, who can argue with top shelf actors like julianne moore and mark ruffalo, of fame from such great films like 13 going on 30 and the forgotten.

again, ironic, as this movie will soon be forgotten.


currently listening to: how to fix everything by bayside

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warped tour.
Wednesday. 7.15.09 1:59 pm
warped tour was pretty f-in' rad. i would describe it in full detail, but it's better if you experience if you experience it for yourself.

one of my friends described it best:

"you show up with clean clothes and white socks, but when you leave, your socks are brown and you are covered in dirt, and sweat, most of which isn't even yours."

so good.

bands i saw: chiodos, scary kids scaring kids, streetlight manifesto, hit the lights, madina lake, escape the fate, bad religion, nofx.



currently listening to: you'll be a corpse... by the sleeping

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Monday. 7.6.09 9:54 am
so yesterday i was playing a $5 texas hold'em game with six friends and myself, and i didn't have any cash on me. the payout was $20 for 1st, $10 for 2nd, $5 for 3rd. since i didn't have any cash on me, i decided i should probably at least come in third, so i don't have to pay.

now, i'm not really the best at poker, but i played my ass off last night. somehow, i made it to the final three, so then i decided that i could play around with my chips. i almost was defeated, but i doubled up on pocket rockets. boo-yah!

so i made it to the final two, and i was in the lead. i tried overbetting when i had a straight opportunity after the flop, but i ended up losing a ton of my chips by not hitting anything.

i doubled up again soonafter, and was all but one or two pots away from victory. my opponent bet everything. i had the 6 and 8 of <3, and decided that if i was lucky enough i could beat him. i called. he had j and k <> (i think). the first card of the flop was the 7 <3. that's the best card i could've hoped for. a 9 was also in the mix. the turn offered nothing. the only way i could win was with a 6, 8, or a 5 for the straight. the dealer flipped the last card...


the cliff's notes is that i won. what a miracle.



currently listening to: D&D by stephen lynch

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pipe dream.
Tuesday. 6.30.09 9:37 am
so i'm thinking about sitting down and writing a book. probably a pipe dream, but i'd like to do it.

i've been trying to pick up hobbies other than playing video games. it's working. i'm getting pretty decent at playing the ukulele. i recently read a book (perks of being a wallflower) and it was pretty much the first one i've read since freshman year of college. also, the best book i've read so far in this lifetime. i never really laugh out loud or get emotionally involved in books, but this was an exception.

maybe i'll start writing. i feel like there are a lot of things that i have to say. hell, you're interested. you're reading my blog, aren't you?

don't be mistaken if you think i'm giving up playing video games, though. helps my concentration and dexterity. (XBOX Live user - halfthaiALLMAN)

be seeing you.


currently listening to: more than a feeling by boston

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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