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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Delivery beauty
Monday. 12.9.13 3:32 am
What the hell?

My college mate posted a picture of his new baby with his wife in the labouring room. Instead of admiring how cute the baby boy is, I was glued to the wife who was lying down.

My god. She has time to put eyeliner before going into the delivery room?!

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What life is?
Saturday, December 7, 2013
I just finished reading a journal article and it somehow sent me chills. It simply echoes what David Suzuki, a well-known environmentalist, said recently humans are just part of the experiment.

Yea, the experiment. What if this experiment is to see who becomes successful and who is not? If you didn't become rich and powerful, the mastermind won't see your worth? What if the game to become successful and rich by a certain benchmark is to see whether you are worth to be a member of an elite society?

I was in a bookstore recently... and a psychology book caught my attention. It read loudly "How to be happy?". And the journal article...

If we are really part of an experiment, then it has created jobs like psychologist and many more.

I suddenly feel the direction of our world is heading to is very bleak....

We may say destiny is up to me design.. but what if our future is already written somewhere. Otherwise, how did the Naadi reading can tell one's future from family to career???

What did the reaper say in the last wrapping sentence in the Book Thief?

"Humans haunt me."

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Dead Poet Society
Friday. 11.29.13 8:08 pm
Well, oh well, why didn't I read the Dead Poets Society book sooner?

I should have borrowed that movie when I had the chance in college. It's a very good material. No wonder my friends were raving about it.

It makes you think of life and education on the whole. I finished reading it at 8 am today and it left me pondering in the train carriage.

The lesson in the story still applies today: Shouldn't education make us think? There are already experts in this world highlighting that our current education is very outdated. It no longer accommodate current generation of mindset. Knowing this and yet we are not doing anything to change the system. Why oh why?

Do we still need slave thinkers now? And why? When will parents release their insecurity amongst kids that they have to score in their exams to be the society's creme de la creme? Why are we still pursuing something so superficial? Is it important?

I remember how my mother screamed at me when I was not paying attention to studies when I was just 5. She said "At this rate, you are going to be a whore" over and over throughout my primary age. Lesson here is never underestimate a young child that he/she doesn't understand your words. Children do especially in this era. Poor mother who put in so much to eradicate the creativity in me. I pity my sister who listens to my parents so well that I find it hard to ascertain which is her true self until today?

When disaster happens in one life, what would you do? In the story, the parents and the school blamed on the teacher for creating a thinker. But the truth is humans are coward. We prefer to lie to ourself so we could continue floating in our comfort zone until we cradle in the earth.

Top schools produced top students. Correct. I think this is better: Top schools produced creme de la creme slaves! There are a bunch of people who are so obsessed with the three ingredients that what drove this world inhumane... do not need thinkers. And if you are one, can it feed you? Sorry mate, we are running out jungles.... Oh I wonder how's the society in The Village doing now... right... they are in a reserve. So they are save, but are we?

With the pace we are on now on humanity, I believe there is going to be a major crash and clash in our world and I don't want to know what and how it will happen.... If the world is gonna be like Startrek and a handsome guy gonna say macho-ly like "I am Khan" I don't mind, but I will be damning myself for I will be too old for that hunk. Ok. Collagen, here I come.

This book to me re-advocates creativity in us. I shall try reading the original version.

Blame Him!
Not me
for her broken heart...

Hey, there's a poet in me! Actually, I love reading poem when I was back in primary. I wonder why... but I was drawn to it and I usually won in poetry recital in school. But for once I have never written one!

And so... I will try writing my own poem. But wait, I shall try reading poems first...

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Being saved
Friday, November 22, 2013
A friend of mine has been victimised by the Yolanda typhoon. She lost her mother to the event and now recuperating in a nearby city.

My friends and I were happy and thankful that she survived. We all have collectively donated money to assist in rebuilding her life.

I only found out about her disappearance when my friend expressed his concern one night. And the next day many friends posted picture of her with the usual 'have you seen her?'

That night I suddenly tapped into her and saw images of her floating by her house roof. I didn't feel any heart beat from her, and I fear for the worse. I was not very sure to believe my visions, but I sent out my invocations to the universe to save and protect her. She had a 50-50 chance of living, and I could not share this fear with my friends. What good will it do?

And I'm glad she is now alive though now she is grieving for her mother.

I never intended to ask about where was she during the event, but a mutual friend informed me that she washed away, which sent a chill to my spine.

All I could do is to send her distant healing...

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Tuesday. 11.12.13 6:26 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Park and top secret mission
Friday, November 8, 2013
I recently meditated and received an answer to my question. It was really weird because the answer is the park next to my house.

I'm going to try doing what the universe told me during meditation. I'm not sure if it's going to work but I'm excited!

Secret mission in progress!

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