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Sunday. 5.20.07 10:53 pm
See, I have friends everywhere including China or Hong Kong, specifically. I've managed to find one of those friends by going through my old emails. The original blog that the email linked to was abandoned, but thankfully, my friend put up a link to her new one. It's xanga.

So I may actually keep up my xanga blog afterall. Thus, my HK friends know what's going on with me. However, I will have to keep my English complexity to a minimum because there is always a chance that we'll lose contact again if one cannot understand the other. I already have trouble with her page because it's all Chinese, much like Kuri-chan's new 'tang blog. =P Besides, she/they could count this as a way to pratice their english. ;)

But of course, I shall try to communicate with her about it. She may not 'recognize' me at all. Eh, I shall see.


p.s. The package hasn't come yet. Well, it's Sunday so DUH. But I can't wait for it to come~! >.< I mean, I hope it comes...

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Oh, yes, one more thing...
Saturday. 5.19.07 11:14 pm
I forgot to mention: my widget. You can contact me and all my subscribers in one go by using my widget. ;) Just use your phone and text "UP SDOTTY" or "ALERT SDOTTY" with your message afterwards. Send it to 41411 and voila! You're done. You have just contacted a dot who-knows-how-many miles away. Good. job. ;D

Wow, imagine if all of us got together on one widget...we'd be contacting everyone across the country, across the world. Awesome.

So...I found somthing to give my mom. Remember how the trip was a bust? I knew it was going to hang over my hea and she'd bring it up sometime soon/far/who knows? I went around looking for things online (just looking really) and I came across this site. I browsed a bit, picked something, contacted the owner. After a series of emails, my money has been sent and I will be getting the package/envelope/li'l box in the next few days. ^-^ I'll be getting it somethime this week and I can't wait!

While I was typing the paragraph above, self-doubt hit me like hail--hard and surprising and jolting. What if something goes wrong? What if I got tricked? What if I never get anything? Were those testimonials real? But no, I shall not think of these things. I will finish the last drops of my chowder and go to sleep easy tonight.

See ya'll later. Bye.

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Friday. 5.18.07 11:32 am
First of all, I'm in the bathroom typing this. Don't ask me why, I am. So I have no chair and no true stability as I type on the laptop perched on the very edge.

Second of all, ah, yes, my title. I will explain to you my frustration, beginning with several occurrences.

Earlier in the week, on Sat. to be exact, I had taked to V and we had decided that he would burn the dance music for me. I would go get on Fri. (today) afternoon. On...Wed.?, my mother forgets to bring her cell to work and he calls her cell. His voicemail was something to the effect of, "Hey (my mom), I have (theDot)'s CD. Are you free after work to take it?" I actually played the voicemail from my mom's cell through my cell so my mom could hear it at work. Yesterday afternoon: somehow the music has gone over to V's wife, C, and she now holds it for me/us. I called my mother to make sure that 1.) no, she hadn't gotten the music on Wed. 2.)who was getting it on Fri.? We talk it out and she has insisted on getting the music from C herself. Okay.

This morning: I'm sitting by the towels and she's washing her face. We're discussing who's bringing what for tonight. Suddenly, she goes...

She: What about the music?
Me: Aren'y you getting it?
She: No. You have to respoinsible for yourself!
Me: Huh? 0.0 What are you talking about? (I try to stimulate her mind) Weren't you going to Cindy's to get it?
She: No, that's the VCD, not the CD!
Me: What are you talking about?
She: The VCD of last year's performance! It's not the CD. You have to responsible, you know! How can you not get the CD? Tday's the performance and you didn't go get the music? How can you do that? (tirade of how stupid I was not to do anything about the music, la-di-da)
Me: (WTF?) Uh, mom. (stimulation yet again) What were you and Vincent talking about?
She: THe VCD!
Me: (What? So there's a CD and a VCD...) I did talk to V. I talked to V and he's getting the music for me. I'm supposed to get it today!
She: No, that's the VCD!
Me: I talked to V!
She: That's the VCD!
(this goes on~5 min. later~)
Me: I talked to V on Sat. about the music. He's doing it for me and I'm going to get it today!

It's most definitely not cleared up yet, but she's getting sheepish so I know we're getting somewhere. As far as I know, V still has the CD and will be waiting for me at my dance school. And apparently, my mother will be getting the VCD from C today...

A few minutes later~

She: Oh, he called this morning!
Me: ... (Maybe we can clear this up)
She: (on the phone) ...Hi! ...Were you talking about the VCD or the CD?...Uh-huh...Oh...

Hehehehe. There is no VCD. Hehehe. Miss I'm-better-than-anyone-else has beeen shown UP! But of course, it won't last. It didn't. Almost from the sec. she put down the phone, she got snappy with me. Just because you're embarassed, doesn't mean you can treat me the way you do.

She thinks that in order to keep order/control/power, she can never be wrong, she can never say sorry. If you had a bad day and got sharp with your children, thus, making him or her tear up, it's okay to say sorry. It's okay, "Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. Mommy didn't mean yell at you." Hugs 'n Kisses and the little girl will be smiling again. Is that so wrong? There's very little that a girl needs to be happy, to smile, to laugh.

Hah. It's funny. I can take discipline. If I went to Military school or the army, heh, I'd last. Most definitely. I want to go to private school, boarding school, military school, the army. I wonder why is that? Anyway, she's said this before, "I really to disicpline you. Be strict." I laughed. I can take discipline, but she's not a goood one for doling it out. She doesn't get that. *sigh* She doesn't get many things...I see and no one else sees. ELEH.

Gotta go. Buh-bye~!

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Early hours...
Friday. 5.18.07 12:20 am
So...performance is tomorrow. ^-^ Turns out I may not be paid after all. *shrug* Whatever.

I have a lot to do. much is on my mind, crowding the little alleys available and complicating the maze even more than ever. I must remember *counts fingers* costumes, make-up, spears, plates, two pairs of shoes...what else? Ah, my contacts! And, my hair stuff--bun net, extra bobby pins. Then, I have to go pick u0p the music and headdresses tomorrow...I better not forget! >.< Eek. It would be horrible if I did.

And on top of that, I have to remember the new positions for the dance. It was so annoying how CZ wouldn't cooperate. She kept complaining about how cold she was even though she had wanted to stay in that part of the park. I had wanted us in the grassy area, in the SUN, nice and warm with no one blocking our way or vice versa. I wanted to rehearse for real so we would know exactly what to do. But no, she didn't want to and we got confused several times over this and that. *sigh* But we got it done. Pretty much.

Well, we walked about a mile up to 14th St. where we saw the Strand bookstore and they were having a sale--books from $.48-$1. ;) I had a couple of dollars in my pocket, she had none so I bought a couple of things for us. I found most of them, got some good stuff--Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Homer, 'Society & Democracy in Gemany', a Law book, a book of primary documents. Good work for a day, given my time limit. I want to go back soon and peruse the offerings more diligently for treasures I could have missed. ^-^

Ah, well. I've got to get to sleep. Big day tomorrow. ;)

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Wednesday. 5.16.07 5:24 pm
I have officially squandered my allowance. Well, the word 'squandered' implies that it's all gone to hell and every cent has been spent frivolously. I doubt my meals and metrocards go under those categories. Nonetheless, it's all gone.

I pooled the bucks from all those months together and tried saving it. But things kept coming up, over and over until 5 minutes ago, I used my last cent for my afternoon tea. Whoop-ee.

But it is nice. A cream cheese, turkey, carrots, cucumber, spinach on seven-grain bread. Plus, Doritos nachos and Arizona green tea. ^-^ Pretty good. Yummy. Only I have no more cent-s, let alone dol-lars.

Anyway, I have a little challenge for you: anybody able to tell me what's wrong with my layout? Why are my double mods lopsided? The right mods are stuck on the bottom below my entry/comments. Gimme your theories! Cuz I need the help. ;P


--First chapter of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, thus the third book after Twilight, is available in the Special Edition of New Moon!

p.s. Don't forget my widget.

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So much to talk about!
Monday. 5.14.07 4:29 pm
Oh my gosh, I have a lot to talk about. Please refrain from commenting about the phrase I used in the beginning of the prev. sentence.

First of all, the trip was a bust. We ended up spending a lot of time on travel rather than play. According to my calculations, we should have gotten there by one, two at the latest with However, I'd forgotten one thing. Mother-master and her miraculous hearing, or lack thereof. Instead, we got there by 3 o'clock and C had told us she was leaving at 4:30pm. How wonderful.

Second on the list is that my mother has hit a new low! It's incredible the way she got so freakin' dramatic over nothing. It's a hilarious story. Okay, let me get started...

So a little conversation about who should ask for directions got out of hand. Sorry if I didn't want to go into a shady Psychic/Tarot reading shop for directions and there were plenty of other shops around. Her reason was that this was my trip and I had brought them there, therefore I had to.

I turned a corner, went into a Sports memorabilia shop, asked for directions and go it. I came out, said crossly to my mother, "You don't have to come if you don't want to." C and I turned and began walking. She was always slower than us so we didn't notice anything at first. As always I turned around after a couple of steps so she could catch up. Know what I found? A little child called my mother walking away in the other direction.

I sighed, told C to wait there for me, and retraced my steps. I went all the way back to the SIR (Staten Island Railroad) station where I found her leaning on the railing halfway down to the platform. When I walked up to her, she turned he back to me and said, "I'm not talking to you." This was nothing new since she always throws tantrums and I have to go after her/deal with it. That line of hers has been used many, many times. I went on to my usual routine to weasel her out of it.

Then she started asking for an apology. "Say sorry." "Say sorry, mommy." This being Mother's Day, I complied. Three times. Of which she claimed she didn't hear and demanded it again. "I didn't hear you." This went on for quite some time. Of course, I didn't say it again after the third time, because she was being ridiculous and I wasn't going to waste my breath just so her ego could be happy.

Eventually, it got to this: "If you don't say it Im going to jump." She motioned at the railing and the tracks beneath. I chuckled and basically said, "Go ahead." I mean, who was dumb enough to go through with the threat?

*** Note: I'm...laughing. Ooh, I can't breathe properly. Ah. ***

Oh, wait, I know the answer to that. My mother. (Oh, god, my tummy's starting to hurt.) She starts to climb up the railing (Oh...) and (oi, geez) lifts her leg over it. I'm staring her and grinning. When she starts to straddle the railing, I lift my hand to my mouth and play tattletale.

"Hey, there's a woman trying to jump onto the tracks!" Well, something to that effect. I was a little...preoccupied at the moment. (Hah!) She immediately came down and started shaking me. Kinda like "How could you say that?!" "Shut up, shut up!" I just doubled over with laughter. I bent down and held on to the rail for dear life as I gasped.

Oh my gosh. Seriously, who the heck would do that? Besides my mother? Go jump the tracks because they 'didn't' get an apology, which may I remind you she did? Seriously, imagine if she had a boyfriend who wouldn't give her a teddybear, she'd go jump a bridge. It was hilarious. A new low for her. XD Hah!

I couldn't stop laughing and gasping as we made our way out the door. Oh, god, it was crazy. Hahahahahahaha. *shakes head*

Oh, and that wasn't the only thing. Later on, she treid to argue with me that our Metrocards wouldn't work in Staten Island? Why? Cuz it wasn't a part of New York. Uh, yeah, it is! Hah!

Oh, funny day, funny day. But by no means, a fun day. Though I did go to Karaoke dinner for Mother's Day with my dad's side of the family last night. C went in my ma's place cuz her allergies had been creeping up over the week and er eyes + nose were red by then. Well, she hadn't wanted to go in the first place. Whatever.

Heh. That's a story for the years to come. Hah!
the Dot

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Dance, dance, dance!
Saturday. 5.12.07 11:07 pm
Oh, goodness me...I'm mighty tired. *yawn* Big day tomorrow. I'm bringing my mom to Staten Island for Mother's Day--the Great Hills Park! Sand, grass, sun...boating, I'll bring a badminton set, we'll have a great time. I'm sure of it. Besides, it isn't just going to be the two of us. My friend's mother went to China for a whole...month? and she's not going to be back until June so C is left all alone. We asked her and she's coming, too. I got off the phone with my gran about an hour ago and she said yes. ^-^ So that's four ladies going to have a girl's day out. =]

Oh, and I have another performance coming up. We'll be doing Peking Opera Weaponry (where I get to beat a girl back with a stick, er, spear) and a Xin Jiang dance. ^-^ Maybe I'll have pictures to post up.

I also got a DVD of my performance for the Downtown Dance Festival. I think that's what it's called...I don't remember, it was last summer. Let's see if I can get it up.

That's all for now. Ta-ta!

p.s. I will remind ya'll once again...for those of you who didn't see it: I got a new widget. Check it out and subscribe. ;) Buh-bye.

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Saturday. 5.12.07 12:42 am
I think I'm sick. More specifically, I have an irritation in my throat. Bronchitis? Maybe. Dunno. May go to doctor tomorrow.
Imagine a dry mouth with a thick coated tongue and pain like a huge fishbone stuck in your throat every time you swallow.
--->That's me.<----

Anyway, don't forget to heck out my new WIDGET. Quote from prev. entry:

"You can subscribe to my textmark! I will be able to send a message, an update or whatever, to everyone at once. ^-^ Not to worry, I will NOT get your phone numbers so don't get scared I'll be calling you up at odd hours. XD And you won't pay anything extra besides your normal texting rate. Example: I have a text/IM thing on my phone for...200? mssges for a couple of dollars per month. And that's all I pay. No extra fee subscribe or get the messages. =P

I wasn't sure if you guys would go for this, but what the heck. Tell me what ya'll say."

End quote.


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