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Hie, i'm Liyun
DeviantART: http://liyun.deviantart.com
Art films, Indie music, Photography, Cinematography, Bookstores, Movie Posters, Wong Kar Wai, Cam Archer,
Short Films, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana
Manu Chao
Saturday. 10.17.09 4:43 am

Manu Chao is so dope.
Me Gustas Tu is one of the Hit songs among
liting, boonchew, derrick and me. lol Catchy chorus.

He's sucha a weirdo. lol

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2 good movies = 1 roller coaster ride
Saturday. 10.17.09 3:20 am


Should have slapped myself for not watching City of god earlier
Pam, Shihao and Howie have been depicting the goodness in
this movie and urge me to watch. I officially watched it yesterday
night and from today onwards I will be in the City Of God mode like
how shihao, pam and howie does it to me everytime when i try to tell
them i've recently watched a brillant film, fixed reply "city of god is better"

Some jesus soul has uploded city of god in youtube.
i downloaded torrent though, better quality.


Watched Klass yesterday night too, i really like the way
how the whole movie was film in a amatuer kind of way, seems
really realistic, im a sucker for school violence theme movie and this
is a good one. The ending is the heaven, i watched it for 6 times.

I saw this youtuber commenting on the ending of the movie.
Cracks me up totally.

redsbr (2 months ago)
you orgasmed watching this scene..
then you know the meaning of justice.

I downloaded torrent too, im really into quality shit. lol

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Ugly humans.
Thursday. 10.15.09 3:34 pm


I gave a total stranger 2 dollars, he told me he was starving and needed
money to buy food and because I've got quite a few dollars in my wallet,
i would be a total fucker if i can't spare him just 2 dollars, so i gave it to him.

I guess people at the back of the bus probably think im stupid.

Anyway, when this total stranger got up the bus and sat down on
the seats, everybody got up and leave because he was behaving weirdly
But i don't get why people should leave, its not like he's going to sit on their
faces. I mean he might be weird but he's not physically harassing anyone and
I don't think there's a need to leave, its damn rude. Just so you know they
have fucking feelings too, spare a thought for people like them.

Ugly Humans.

Yesterday, a roach rested under my feet and i'm amazingly calm
but the roach is probably half dead, because derrick shoot it twice
with rubber band. Totally cruel. lol

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Tuesday. 10.13.09 10:41 am

Headed to derrick's place, engaged in meaningless conversation
and laughed at senseless jokes. A pretty lame afternoon.

Did art when peijun came over, she owned at drawing she's
really good at art, but she hates it and i don't get it. lol


I want to watch TOY STORY 3! i'll try my best
not to die in any freak accident before 2010 June 18.
I'm a big fat kid in heart, yah and in real. lol

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Monday. 10.12.09 10:04 am


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Monday. 10.12.09 1:57 am

I want some new friends, that needs me in their life.
Im a big time loner.

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Sunday. 10.11.09 9:38 am

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Saturday. 10.10.09 10:48 am

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