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Tuesday. 8.25.09 2:20 pm
so today one of my coworkers asked me to get them some soup from the hot food bar at the grocery store across the street. they gave me three dollars. so i went and got the soup, and when i got to the cashier, it was interesting that the container of soup totaled exactly three dollars. that was pretty strange.

for the first time, my bank has requested that every branch in every region in every state fill a quota for checking accounts. it's all part of this big promo where you can get some cash for opening an account. we normally open 17 checking accounts a month, and we are the busiest branch in the whole company. now, we are being asked to open 31 a month. are they NUTS?

people these days hate bankers, and think that they are getting all of their money. well let's get something straight: i'm not a high roller. i'm not one of those dumbass CEOs that decides that they will take a bajillion dollar bonus this year because they are special. if people are already skewed about banks, and bankers, then how do they expect us to double productivity?

a tumbleweed might as well waltz by my office door. this place has been dead for months. we're screwed.

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no friends.
Monday. 8.24.09 3:44 pm
i think it's hilarious that if you have no friends on nutang, then in place of their avatars, it says "I have no friends." dave should add a crying emoticon.

i think i'm going to work on a new layout for my page when i get home tonight. i don't know where i can put my graphics online once i design them. help?

currently listening to: the flood by escape the fate

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Saturday. 8.22.09 11:25 am
so i'm falling a bit behind schedule of my leisure activities. i haven't had much time to do a vlog about my trip to colorado, and i am not sure when i am going to have a chance to do it.

i also haven't been animating at all lately... sucks. all work and no play makes me a dull boy.

i'm at work right now, and i'm probably breaking company policy by blogging during work hours, but websense isn't smart enough to block nutang yet. suckers.

i worked a concert at rash field in baltimore. i already know what you're thinking, and you're right; there couldn't be a worse name for a place where an event is held. rash field. i got one just thinking about it.

there were some pretty shitty bands there, bands like vs. the earth, flipside, and the bridge. yeah, they all sucked. okay, vs. the earth didn't suck, but i guess that since they played first, the last two acts made them look like they were part of this big cluster of awful. vs. the earth should've played last.

flipside is this awful cover band that likes to ruin songs. everytime they started one, i was like "oh, i love this song!" and as soon as the singer started scratching fingernails on his vocal chord chalkboard, i wanted to vomit.

we did have an advertising rep there that was very nice. he bought me and the n-dub crew drinks. i asked for a jack and coke, and i ended up getting this disgusting drink that end up mostly being whiskey. proportion control, people, come on. i don't care if you're a temp bartender. jesus... i felt sick after half a sip. not the ad rep's fault though. he was a really cool guy.

i also tried a guinness draft for the first time yesterday. have you ever seen those commercials or movies where two lovers run toward each other and then embrace? that was me to this beer. and i'm not a big beer drinker. i actually enjoyed the taste all the way to the bottom of the glass. i don't care what alcohol content it has (it's deceivingly low). it's good.

i also got sushi with bretch. there was a place called edo sushi a few doors down from tir na nog (the irish bar we stopped by). i guess i should ellaborate more on what i did yesterday, or at least give a slight background. i'm jumping around here.

the bank that i work for is doing this huge ad campaign because we're finally able to offer people money for opening an account with us. i got to leave work early yesterday to go to the concert we were sponsoring. there were torrential downpours, so before we could set up our tiny ass booth, four of us walked around the baltimore harbor for a bit. that's when we went to tir na nog, and edo sushi, and then the concert with the ad rep, shitty drinks, and mediocre music.

this blog is a mess. i don't care.


currently listening to: never take us alive by madina lake

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Wednesday. 8.19.09 1:58 pm
hiya nutangers. back from colorado.

saw some sites, did some walking, ate some food.

i'm going to do my trip as a video blog, i just haven't had the chance to create it yet. i will post a link when i get it done. sorry if this post is disappointing.


currently listening to: bye bye bye by further seems forever

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Saturday. 8.8.09 10:36 pm
going to colorado, brb.


currently listening to: band on the run by paul mccartney

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Friday. 8.7.09 12:50 pm
that'd be funny if i took a random person's blog from nutang and just sang it, and then posted it on youtube. i think i might.

not for a while, though.

i've gotta prepare for my trip to colorado. we leave this sunday. oh yeah.

whatever you think it is we're gonna do out there, it is EXACTLY what we're doing.

i did have a conversation with my groin earlier, and he did say that he's not pleased that we will be, at least once, riding a horse. sorry, groin.


currently listening to: welcome to oblivion by madina lake

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