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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 4
3.13.07 at 10:03 am
I can definitely say that yesterday was not all that bad. It was so nice out. I took Aubree out to play in the warm sun. We ran around kicking a ball. I swung her on the swing. She went down the slide. We had lots of fun.

Now that we get closer to spring. I look forward to more days like this. As soon as all the snow is gone, I can bring out her little kid car so she can drive it. She loves that car. It’s a cute little “little tykes” car. I got it on sale.

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Day 3
3.12.07 at 11:41 am
My morning did not even start off that great. I slept until 10am. With a toddler, that is rare. Makes me wonder if I am coming down with something or not.

Aubree must have over slept, she has been a pain since she got up. Sometimes I wonder if she is part monkey. She dangles off things pretty well.

Breakfast has yet to be made. Probably get around to it at lunch time so we can just call it an early lunch. It is not like Aubree hasn’t eaten yet. It’s just me. She does enjoy those bananas of hers.

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Day 2
3.11.07 at 11:39 am
Another day! Not so bad. Besides feeling a little sick. And a lot of tired. Maybe it’s just one of those blah days.

Not all the days are bad. Pay day for PayU2Blog is my favorite day. Unfortunately that only comes once every two weeks.

I also enjoy working on my websites. Especially Demandez L’Ange because I can make everything so random. I especially love doing all the trivia posts. I think that could, potentially, bring back the most visitors to my blog. That is the best part and the most fun of all! It is like therapy to me.

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Day 1
3.10.07 at 11:31 am
Once upon a time… does that really exist? Think about it. Biography’s don’t start that way. The only stories that actually do are fiction and fairy tales. Of course we all know that real life doesn’t work that way.

Will I break the mold? Maybe. I don’t intend to write a fairy tale. I just intend to write. Whether it turns into fiction or a weird form of biography about me, we’ll have to see.

My goal and my story is a simple one. One hundred words, one hundred days. The story that forms is the best part of all.

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