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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
first day as a Virgin Production Team Member
Thursday. 8.10.06 6:43 pm
mood: tired to death
listening to: a favor house atlantic ++ coheed and cambria

working for the first time is not very easy. 9 am - 5 pm of august 10, 2006 was my first day @ unigistix. official first day of first job, where i actually signed a bloody contract! ;p *amazed*

i work as somehwat like a packer of cellphones, specifically Virgin Mobile. yes. isn't it a bloody coincidence that i'm in VIRGIN MOBILE?!?! oh well. back to the experience. it was all fun at first. learning2 pah... btw, there were 4 new people and i was the only filipina. they were all indians. a bad thing is: i work at another warehuose, where there's only like 3 other filipinos. and di sila bata. soooo i had to work my butt off, thinking of the things i could buy when i get my salary! yehey! $9/ hour. that's okay for a starter like me. first job in what, 8 years. Then of course, i could always resign if i want to. Plus, it's not that i;d be staying here for life. this is all until classes start. 1st week of september. i'm out of there. Actually, i enjoyed my job. Touching all those beautiful Virgin cellphones. sigh i'm in heaven... :)

(FYI: i'm a techie. so there.)

And so... that's about it for my first day in unigistix, wc by the way, im still having a hard time remmbering. haha ;p

note: i still have no friends, except for this indian girl who i really thought was a teenager. but turned out she already had a husband!!!

the embarrassing moment i forgot to put bcoz i was too embarrassed but thought anyway, "what the hell": i accidentally left my shoes, bag, lunch as in all my belongings in the other warehouse and somebody else had to get it for me. OMG. it was sooooooo embarrassing. u have no idea how much. go work at a warehouse and leave your belongings intentionally to see how much.

BY THE WAY: Safety shoes are so not fashionable.

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1st day!
Thursday. 8.10.06 5:42 am
in a rush here! off to work! wheeeeeeeee////

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what i like about nutang
Wednesday. 8.9.06 8:27 pm
mood: *still hung over from job interview...

hmm..what i like abt nutang is the "homey" feel..yeah...certainly not what i felt from my other "failed" blogs...wekwekwek yeah. corny but true. yepz. yepz. yepz.

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i have a job!
Wednesday. 8.9.06 4:17 pm
i have a job now! will be starting tmorow...whehehehehe

but this means i would not be opening my webbies and emails and all internet related stuff..boohoo...oh welll...hehehheheh!

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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