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Friday. 6.1.07 4:42 pm
Oh.My.God. My birthday's coming up. Next week. I'll be seventeen! If you had asked my earlier in the week, I would have said...

"My birthday's coming up. *sigh* I should be happy, but I'm not. I feel more like...sad, unhappy. When one is asked one's age and one answers 'Sixteen!', the questioner automatically goes 'Ah, how young.' Whereas when one says one is seventeen, the question exclaims 'What a big girl!'. I can't be myself so easily anymore."

It may not seem like a big difference, but I've noticed it in others' reactions to my age. I'm pretty...observant. I see things, ie: looks, expressions, gestures, especially the eyes. The eyes are very open. The reason why I get so annoyed and frustrated sometimes--and angry--is because I can see exactly what they're thinking as they lie to my face. And obviously I can't be obviously angry, beacuse then they'd know I knew what they were thinking or I thought I knew what they were thinking. *sigh* Did I just get totally off topic? Yes, I did. Anyway...

My birthday is next week. Up to you to guess when. >.> Though there is an easy way to figure it out...won't tell you. XP Anyway, I was reading an article this morning about how the New York State Assembly passed a bill on Thursday making it illegal for retailers to sell violent videogames to minors under 17. It suddenly hit me that maybe being 17 wasn't going to be that bad. And so my spirit lifted. A little.

@Katrina: You deserve the choco anyway~! ;)
@crz4manga: Yes, yes, teach me! XD I wanna leech!

See ya'll latah. *wave*

--First to wish me a happy birthday: kKaMa67 the wonderful. ^-^
Third was...my dad. He called just now. Just remembered I'll bet. XP

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Wednesday. 5.30.07 4:22 pm
Seriously, how hard can it be to eat a banana? TT.TT My tongue and throat hurts. I can barely eat anything! And my braces keep biting me, I mean, my cheeks. ={

We don't have enough liquid in this house! I'm crazy thirsty and I just finished the last of the orange juice--which we wouldn't have in the first place if I hadn't gone and bought some.

I blame this on the weather. It was so coold and now so hoot. >.> Ugh! And it's not just me, either. As my gran puts it, her mouth is 'sour'. My aunt's mouth isn't much better. I believe I heard my ma complaining the other day. ^-^ How wonderful.


p.s. Chocolates to Katrina-dear, Kuri-chan, sweet Sylphie, and mighty-patient crz4manga. I finally have IRC! All because of them. Enjoy your choco-mountains!

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Monday. 5.28.07 9:56 am
I'm going to return it. Mommy doesn't like it. At least that's my reason to the owner. Why complicate things?

@Dilated: who else would it be? *eyeball roll*

So...today's Memorial Day and my entire "vaca"'s been wasted. There's nothing for me, but to follow her around like a silent, obedient rabbit. Only she's forgotton my name is Bunnicula, my eyes are red, and my teeth are mighty sharp. ^-^ So I'm not defenseless afterall, eh? ;) Kekeke. Oi, I just went 'kekeke'. >.> A very Chinese sound...

Anyway, I'd forgotten that you can't send things out on a Federal Holiday. Nothing to do,b ut to wait until tomorrow and hope the extra day doesn't make a difference. *cross fingers* Bye~!

the Dot

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It's here!
Wednesday. 5.23.07 11:57 pm
I got my package~! Only thing is...she's making me feel bad about it. ={ I got her a present and she's making my mood go waaay down and I'm doubting myself. I may or may not return the item after all. And get a refund! Though of course, there's the 5% restocking fee and me having to send it back through priority mail+insurance. >.> *sigh*

Wish I had pictures for you. It looks so much better than the pics online. =) Gorgeous. Only know I'm not sure if they're worth it. >.> Grr. Hmph. Ah, whatever. It's an impulse buy! My first. ;) How proud~! TT.TT *cough* Yeah. XD

I'm going to bring it to this store I say this weekend. It does appraisals for old stuff. Well, it says antiques, but things from the 1940's qualify, right?

So...my fellow 'tangers, here's a question for any 'tang jewelry appraisers out there:

Exactly how much are Victorian Revival 14K Gold Cameo Dangling Earrings worth? In excellent condition. Gorgeous. Oh, and are from the 1940's.

Get back to me. ;)

p.s. I have 24 hours to tell the owner I wan a refund...

p.p.s. Kudos to Chloefoxx, Southern, LostSoul13, Someones_Muse, Princess_00, Xboyz, and last but not least, Merrick. ;) Thanks guys.

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Mah comeback.
Wednesday. 5.23.07 11:40 am
In response to dear theZebra's concern:

"re:Petition--I recieved the petition from family friends in HK. I know about the switch years ago. All I know is this: don't be so sure that the U.N. can't do it. Forgive my saying so, but 'white'/those in higher positions(such as UN) have a lot more power than we do. All it takes is their official declaration. Today's generations don't appreciate history all that much and eventually those holding on to the older language will become fewer.

I don't think it does any harm to sign the petition. At least they'll know what we think about it."
--second half of my comment to her

That's what I say about it. Just thought I'd throw that out there. ;) So ya'll can continue to sign the petition if you wish. And don't if you don't. ^-^

Online petition - Say NO to United Nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008

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*IMPORTANT* Outrageous!
Tuesday. 5.22.07 11:42 pm
I am extremely upset and angry at this turn of events. The U.N. wishes to abolish the traditional Chinese writing!

Here's the link where you can read more: Online petition - Say NO to United Nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008

This is ridiculous, completely absurd! You would no more delete our ancient writing than make Latin vanish from the face of the Earth. We are one of the oldest living modern civilizations with a living, breathing language! Think of the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Mayan inscriptions on their temples. It is a vital part of who we are!

What they are proposing is to delete the old, more complicated language for the simpler version. It is none of their business! I'll bet they wouldn't go to the Arabs and say, "Hey, can you change your langauge and histroy for us? Thanks!"

I'm definitely signing this petition. I hope you do, too. Please check out the link above. It's important!


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*Note to self*
Tuesday. 5.22.07 12:59 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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A reunion of sorts.
Monday. 5.21.07 10:39 pm
Oh. My. God.

I met another old friend today. Well, this time I really met him, rather than cyber meeting. Anyways, the 'omg' is for his sudden appearance.

His mother had found us earlier on this evening, but her son had gone off to who knows where. I knew he had changed because his mother had been bragging about his fashion sense (snakeskin boots ring any bells?) the last time I'd met her. I hadn't seen him in years. So with that in mind, I knew he had changed, but not to what extent. At around...7? 6:30, 7, 7:30, I turn around and there he was. This tall lanky fellow leaning against Auntie M.

Here comes the 'Oh. My. God.' part. The second I laid eyes on him I wondered if we'd be having girly talks cuz, well, he looked gay. I came back to my senses though and knew he wasn't. I mean, I've known the guy for years and his attitude was definitely not oriented in that way. He's more in the rock 'n roll style now. Y'know, 80's-ish.

Big puffy hair, but by no means an afro. Black outfit--pants that hung so I could see his hip bones. And when he took pictures with us...y'know how rock stars 'hang' over their fans/friends, whatever? Yeah, that pose. Always half bent and 'hanging'. *eyeball roll* Oh. My. God.

First reaction was: He's gay. Second reaction: I really wanted to laugh, but managed to keep it back. While he was facing me anyway, I laughed a little behind his back. ;] Eh, he laughed, too. He laughed a little after the hugs were over. Guess we had the same reaction. Well, who knows about the first one. I'll bet that wasn't the same. XD Hah!

But still, it was hilarious. The change was so...complete? Eh, not really. He's still the guy I knew...over a decade ago. I didn't think it was that long, but wow, it has been. 0.0

Yeah, that was the highest part of my day. Heh.

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