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Monday. 11.3.14 10:48 am
Why is it that people do not obey deadlines? The worst are college students. There are deadlines for college applciations,for scholarship applcations, financial aid and special programs. What makes even less sense is that administrators and faculty will "extend" deadlines to accomodate the students. No! You are enabling them to become irresponsible adults! That's what you are doing. If you hand out the syllabus at the begining of the semester they have a whole 2.5 months to prepare. Why are you giving them one more week!!?? You are enabling!I want to help students learn how to succeed in life. If you miss your job interview, they will not tell you, "that's okay just come in tomorrow at the same time." If you are suppose to show up in court and you miss it, the judge will not say, "I understand, le'ts reschedule." Students need to understand what a hard dealine is.

As a parent, I feel bad when my child is so close to finishing and just needs one more day. But, I'm not going to ask him/her to beg the teacher for one more day. I am going to get on my child for not preparing sooner, not starting sooner, not proof reading their work, checking the ink in the printer, etc.

That is me just showing that I care for my child and the child of another. I want to help people learn how to help themselves in see the world for what it really is not for what it isnt. Am I wrong? Should I encourage them to challenge the rules at every opportunity?

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Back in business
Tuesday. 6.16.09 10:11 pm
School is out and I have been rather busy, therefore I will have a lot to write. I am of course going to blog about things that happen to me daily, some marvelous, some not. Either way, there is alot going on this world and a lot to write about.

Come back and visit again soon.

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Obamas new Anti Smoking Bill?
Monday. 6.22.09 5:42 pm


I am sorry,but I am really disturbed right now. With all the trouble in Iran right now eyes are looking upon the US for help. But the good news is that today, Obama signed a new ANTI SMOKING bill. Way to go. All eyes are on America and we are talking about changing our smoking law?? One key provision in the new law bans candy-flavored cigarettes and the use of other flavored smokes that might appeal to teenagers. Ads aimed at young people also are banned.

The article goes on further to say that Obama was also a teenage smoker, however he is known to have bummed cigs from employees since being in the White House.

As if this law is going to change anyting. Let's focus on the larger issues of global concern.

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How lucky can you be?
Monday. 6.22.09 11:31 pm

On Monday, June 22, Linkin Park will be appearing at UCLA for a private show. Entrance to the show was won through a KROQ competition. Doors to the show will open at 7pm where check-in will last until 9pm. Linkin Park will be preforming a small set, however, it has been confirmed that this will not be a full-length set.

My daughter (Jordan) has tickets to go to this event tonight. Her bf won the tickets through KROQ. Two days later, he won tickets to WARP TOUR 2009 in Pomona also from KROQ! Spread some of that luck this way. How lucky can one dude get? (Hey, don't you be looking at my daughter as a prize neither!)

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Deals on the Net
Wednesday. 6.24.09 11:21 am
I recently stumbled upon some deals on the net and wanted to share them with my friends. I actually shop at these sites so it is not just some promo. One site is woot.com. They have just one deal per day. Sometimes it is really good.(hence the term WOOT.) It varies from day to day but it is usually some electronic of some sort. The other day I purchased a 4GB thumbdrive on 6/15/9 and received it yesterday, 6/24/9. Not bad on the delivery I guess but it came from Texas. It was brand new in the box and I LOVE IT! I usually carry more than 2GB of data or transfer more than 2GB at one time. It has a USB connector that flips up and folds back. This helps when transfering photos from my camera. I still need to use my card reader but once I transfer it to the thumb drive I can move it from location to location without the hassle of opening my camera each and everytime. I could email it, or upload it to photobucket but this is still much easier. It was a good deal for the price. It was only $4.99. I love it and I wish I had a photo to show.

Anyhow, I visit the website everyday for new deals. I am satisfied with their service and I like their products.

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Tattoo and Beer
Thursday. 6.25.09 3:23 am
Ok, my 19 yr old daughter is mad at me for not allowing her to get a tattoo. I am sorry. I can be very liberal about some things but I draw the line on marking your body with ink.

Steinlager and wasabi peas are the only things saving me right now.

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Marvelous Flip Flops on SALE at Walmart
Thursday. 6.25.09 3:49 pm

Found a MARVELOUS deal on flip flops for summer at the WalMart website. Woot!

Walmart offers several flip-flops at lowest-we've-seen prices. At $2 per pair, most are at or near lowest-we've-seen prices. Shipping adds 97 cents and sales tax is added where applicable.

I've got to get me one of every color and style! Hooray for summer!

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Michael Jackson RIP
Thursday. 6.25.09 6:26 pm

I cant believe that Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. RIP!

Pop star Michael Jackson has been rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest.

The singer was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his Bel Air home at about 1230 (1900GMT), media reports say.

Unconfirmed reports on TMZ entertainment website say the 50-year-old star has died.

The paramedics performed CPR on Jackson as the ambulance took him to the UCLA medical centre, officials say.

Crowds have begun to gather outside the facility, whose emergency centre has been roped off by police.

The star was due to begin a series of comeback concerts with an appearance at London's O2 arena on 13 July.

He has a history of health problems and has not completed a concert tour in 12 years.

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